CH 9 – WK 1 Day 5 (Thurs) – Purrfect Bonz

thank goodness for coffee.pngCameron is sure thankful that there is lots of coffee this morning. Last night, Rudy was quite a handful.

After bathing and feeding Rudy, Cameron thought that Rudy would be tuckered out from his excitement of being adopted. Uhhh….noooo…. Rudy decided to explore his surroundings.default bush.pngIt all started with this innocent looking bush. Yep, it attracts those pets, especially Rudy. All night, Rudy kept going in and out, in and out of that bush chasing something. And always coming out fine.oh no rudy has been hitten by a squirrel.pngBut then it happened, Rudy tangled with something in that bush and that something bit back. A squirrel. Rudy got bitten by a squirrel. Now Cameron has to treat Rudy at the pet rudy has green gool coming from his mouth

rudy is sick.pngRudy the adopted dog is now the patient. Oh, it’s 2 am in the morning? No problem. The clinic is open day and night, especially if you live on-site. Cameron drags himself out of bed to treat poor Rudy.4 symptoms take temp first.pngRudy has 4 symptoms and lets Cameron check him.examining fur.pngCameron thinks he knows what this disease is, especially since it involved a squirrel.squirrel scratch fever level 5 vet.pngYep, just as Cameron thought, it’s Squirrel Scratch Fever. Cameron gives Rudy a Feelgood Serum shot. All better. Now, Rudy, get some sleep!since cam was up might as well make treats.pngSince Cameron was awake anyway, I had him craft some treats. Earlier in the evening, he had a brand new….cam bought a vending machine.png…vending machine delivered. Ok, well, a slightly dented, nearly new version. Now Cameron can sell treats at the clinic. I’m excited!

Cameron makes quite a few treats and a relaxation serum and I realize it’s almost morning. Ahh…who needs sleep? Cameron prepares himself for the day and opens the clinic. Mark-up is 150%.first patient thurs bart jr.pngCameron also hung a few “environment 1” pictures in the reception area. It must have worked because Catarina Lynx thinks that Cameron’s clinic is a great looking clinic.


One other thing that I learned is that you can “allow” and “disallow” patients throughout the day. This way you don’t get a waiting room full of patients with their star level deteriorating. This does not close the clinic for the day, just temporarily puts a hold on any new patients. Cameron is trying this out today to see if the star level will be better. bart jr is healthy.pngCameron meets Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Jr. Catarina just wants to have a check-up for Bart Jr. There are 5 symptoms and Bart Jr. is indeed healthy. To keep him that way, Cameron gives him a preventative shot.she leaves with a 4.pngSo, the “allow/disallow” on the check-in podium seems to work, as Catarina leaves with a 4-star. Next up is Brent Hecking and his dog, Rosie. Cameron “disallows” new patients while he is tending Rosie.give rosie the big relax shot.pngRosie is already pretty stressed, so Cameron decides to use a relaxation serum shot. Three symptoms to the disease.rudy seems to be affected by the shot he keeps getting up and falling over.pngWhile Cameron is examining Rosie, in walks Rudy and sort of slumps down on the carpet beside them. Rudy was acting strangely and went to get up and then fell down again. Maybe it was a glitch in the game, or perhaps that serum Cameron gave him was really strong and Rudy is kind of woozy.

Cameron diagnoses Rosie with Swamp Mouth and calms Rosie down again before administering an essence of placebo treat. Cameron also “allows” new patients when he has the correct pleasing catarina today.pngCameron has to do a bit of a mop-up from all the icky stuff left behind from swamp mouth disease. Yuk! His next patient arrives. Catarina Lynx and her cat, Josie. First visit, she loves the place, and now, she’s not happy with how the place looks. There is no pleasing her does an eye exam.pngThree symptoms and Cameron starts with an eye exam. Yum! Yum! Treat, good kitty. Josie looks a bit woozy and Cameron thinks it might be Woozykittyitis. And he is right! A shot of eudomonia concentrate should cure it. Catarina is very happy now and leaves with a 4-star. Cameron looks around and wonders where Rudy has gone.who needs a water bowl when you have the toilet.pngBefore his next patient, Cameron has a chance to fill up the pet food dishes and heads to the back to the restroom. Ahhh……that’s where Rudy is…. Who needs a water bowl when you have a toilet to drink from. Right? I guess this is bad behavior, so Cameron lectures Rudy about drinking from the toilet bowl.there he goes again.pngRudy wanders off to his favorite place. I hope he doesn’t get into another squirrel fight.wasn't fast enough with the allow checkin.pngAs Cameron rounds the corner, there are two patients waiting. Oh darn!  I wasn’t fast enough with the disallow patients on the check-in podium. First up, we have Justin Delgato with his cat, Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Sr. who has very red looking paws. Cameron tries to get Bart Sr.’s fun up a bit by using a laser pointer.

I wonder if there is any relation between Bart Sr. & Bart. Jr. Did the Delgato’s sell a kitten to Catarina?look at catarina cat it is scared.pngHave a look at Catarina’s cat. The poor thing jumped when it entered the reception area and the cat’s thought bubble had a speaker with a red line through it. I think it is afraid of music. Poor kitty.why is catarina in the exam room.pngStep right up Bart Sr. Ummm….why is Catarina in the exam room instead of the waiting room?

Bart Sr. has 3 symptoms to the disease and Cameron is quick to diagnose Blazing Tootsies. Parasite Killer Spray to the far everything looks good.pngThe clinic has now been open for 8 hours, but Cameron has been up most of the night. He is starting to get really tired. Catarina just wants a check-up for Cleo and Cameron finds that Cleo is healthy and just needs a preventative shot. Catarina leaves with a 3-star and Cameron closes the clinic.

Now to find Rudy. Cameron figures that Rudy is in his favorite spot. The bush.this cant be good.pngThis doesn’t look or smell good…..rudy sprayed by a skunk.pngAhhh….Rudy….you look really dirty….and, well….you stink buddy! Like you’ve been sprayed by a…..oh no! Rudy has been sprayed by a skunk!

skunk spray

taking my stinky skunk pet for a walkCome on Rudy. Cameron takes his stinky, smelly, skunky Rudy for a walk. Rudy looks quite happy about that, leaving a skunk cloud in his wake. Ahhh….Rudy….what next? Let’s hope that Cameron gets some sleep tonight. Until tomorrow.thurs eod.png

Purrfect Bonz was open 9 hours and Cameron had 5 customers.  Service visits were $1,010 simoleons and with treats sold Cameron made $1,135 simoleons. The clinic has excellence in the wait time due to the allow/disallow of new patients. Clinic is at 2 stars. Is it possible the clinic went down 1/2 star?

Author’s Note:

I think that Rudy’s middle name is trouble. First he gets bitten by a squirrel, then he drinks from the toilet bowl, then gets sprayed by a skunk. I am finding out all kinds of things that can happen in the game with the “troublemaker” dog trait. Rudy sure does keep Cameron on his toes. Cameron will have to find a way to keep Rudy out of trouble, if that’s at all possible.

I am not sure what happened with the star rating and how it dropped. Oh well. Rudy is planning a reno of the clinic this weekend, once he cashes in all the treasures he has found. He heard rumor that the Caring Paw already has a surgery station and has used it somewhat successfully on one of the patients. Cameron can’t let anyone else win Dr. Paws’ contest. He will have to work harder if he wants to become the new vet at Brindleton Pawspital. What to do….what to do….




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