Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Runaway Pets

hNK dopts kiaHank is here to tell you about the heart-wrenching story of his runaway pet, Kia. After the puppies were born, Hank might have been spending too much time with them and somehow Kia was feeling sad and lonely.

Yes, dogs and cats can run away. It can be a random act, or it can happen because your pet’s needs aren’t met. When Hank got this notice, I was in a panic state. Kia had run away!

oh no running away

If anyone ever played The Sims Online, then you would remember when you put a “rare” pet on the lot, they would sometimes run away….but, they never did come back. I thought that this would happen to poor Kia.

Hank scanned the entire area with no sign of Kia what-so-ever. I thought she was gone for good. But rest assured, your runaway pet will come back.alert for kia.pngTo help the whole simworld look for your beloved runaway pet, you can post a “lost dog/cat” alert using your phone (or computer).why did kia run away

Even with this done, it doesn’t stop Hank from searching everywhere for Kia.runaway feelingWhen you have a runaway pet, you get the sad moodlet. But after 6 hours, your pet does return.welcome back kia.pngAnd here is Kia back again. Hank tentatively gives her a treat and tells her how sorry he is for neglecting her.reunitedSo, 6 hours of sadness that Hank experienced over Kia’s running away is replaced with 6 hours of happiness on her return. Hank is sure happy she is back!smelly pet.pngHank wonders what adventures Kia had when she was away. She is certainly smelly and needs a bath.kia loves hank.pngSo, if you have a pet, know that a pet takes responsibility and if your pet is sad, they could runaway, and you could be in the same, sad situation that Hank was in. So, feed, bathe, play and love your pet.fighting a squirrel.pngAnd soon they will be back to their old self, saving the simworld from squirrels.


don't  be a runaway.png~ LOST ~

Have you seen this dog? Last seen running along beach in Cavalier Cove wearing shark fin life-preserver. Please return our Daisy to us.

So if you think you see a stray and think it’s a runaway, report it to your local SimsASPCA and help a family find their furry friend again.


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