CH 10 – WK 1 Day 5 (Thurs) – Caring Paw

bernce trying to teach buttercup to fetch.pngBernice and Buttercup are up early on Thursday morning, and Bernice plays with Buttercup a bit. She is actually trying to train Buttercup to fetch, but Buttercup isn’t co-operating and kind of just looks at the ball wondering what to do.feel the love.pngJust two more days until the weekend, and then Bernice can spend all her time with Buttercup exploring more of Brindleton Bay. She has also hired a construction crew to do some much-needed renovations on her clinic. But for now, she just wants to “feel the love.” Ahhh….good doggo.checks her garden.pngBernice waters and weeds her “nip” plants and they are doing well.tate wanders by.pngAs she is heading over to a dig spot, Tate wanders by, so she stops for a chat. Maybe this weekend, Tate would like to spend some time with them, too. He is single afterall.davon chatman and prissy.pngWhere has the time gone? It is already afternoon when Bernice finally opens the clinic. She sits down to eat a bowl of peas (she randomly chose this from the fridge), when Davon Chatman & Prissy arrive as well as Catarina Lynx and Doc. Time to get to work!just mopped up the drool from prissy and now doc is using the kitty bin not great rating for reception area.pngBernice talks to both Davon and Catarina, bantering about their pets. But Catarina seems in a rush today, and soon her 3-star turns to a 2-star. Better look after Prissy, since they were here first.definitely have to move the kitty litter box.pngOh Doc! What a putrid smell coming from that litter box. That can’t help the reception area star rating. Ugh! Bernice will have to attend to that after she checks Prissy.prissy what have you done now.pngDear, dear Prissy, what has happened to you? Davon looks pretty sad, but Bernice reassures him that Prissy will be fine. Prissy’s disease has 4 symptoms.4 symptoms.pngBernice goes through all the checks for Prissy and discovers a case of Squirrel scratch fever. A shot of feelgood serum cures Prissy.goes to a 4 star.pngWith Prissy cured, Bernice tries to clean up all the drool that Prissy left behind before she sees Catarina and Doc.

Well, here we go again. With a 2-star over her head, Catarina huffs out the door with poor Doc trailing behind her. Gone. Again.  I didn’t think that Bernice took that long with Prissy, but obviously Catarina wasn’t waiting around, so Bernice lost a patient. This happened in the last chapter, too. Sheesh she is impatient.

With some time on her hands, Bernice empties the kitty litter box and places it outside.someone came in clinic to buy a treat.pngWhile Bernice is finishing mopping the reception area, Catarina comes back with another one of her cats.

Someone also came into the clinic and bought an item from the vending machine. (She was too fast, so wasn’t able to click on the name)catarina is steamed and so we give josie a relaxation shot.pngEven though Bernice greets Catarina right away, Catarina’s star drops to a 2 almost immediately. With Josie on the exam table, Bernice uses the relaxation serum on Josie and gets right to the exam. She does not want to lose Catarina again.this is a new one.pngI am not sure why Catarina went to talk to Bernice’s catnip plants, but while she was doing this, Bernice discovers that Josie has Prismatic Poop Plague. No worries. Bernice knows that a biscuit with Medicine X will cure the disease. Another patient cured.kent higginbotum and sage de la cruz.pngTwo more patients come in at the same time. Sage de la Cruz and her dog, Kona and Kent Higginbotham and his cat, Furball. If you recall, the last time Kona was here, Bernice tried to mate Buttercup with him, with no success.2 patients waiting and buttercup wants to be taken for a walk.pngFirst up is Kona, and Buttercup is having a thought bubble of going for a walk. Sorry, Buttercup, have to take care of these two patients first.while examining kona reached level 7 of the vet skill.pngWhile Bernice is treating Kona with magmafied organs, she levels up to Level 7 in the Vet skill. Yeah Bernice. And yes, Buttercup still has that walk thought bubble over her head. Just one more patient and she can close the clinic.furball  has mad quite a mess in the reception area.pngThe reception area and most of the clinic is a mess from Furball drooling everywhere, so Bernice takes a moment to do a mop-up.doesnt look too happy about wait time.pngKent is not happy about the wait and is now at a 2-star. Furball is not happy, either, and keeps getting on and off the exam table.furball got off the exam table and is obsessed with my fridge.pngFurball seems to be obsessed with Bernice’s fridge and keeps running over to it. This happened twice and it was very irritating.i have had it with this cat giving napnip.pngSo, the third time this happened, I had it with this cat. With no relaxation serum left, I thought I would try the napnip again. So, I had Bernice give Furball napnip. Look at poor little Buttercup, so sad, all she wants to do is go on a walk.fianlly furball is cured.pngYeah, Bernice finally got Furball on the exam table to discover she had mild repugnitis. A spray with some parasite killer spray has her cured. Finally! Davon is excited, too and leaves with a 3-star. Bernice closes the clinic.

I guess poor Buttercup didn’t think she would be going on that walk and has a quick nap.furball is hanging around for some food.pngWow! Did Bernice work through the night? Is that the sun coming up already? Furball wants to hang around. I guess she was hungry, but Buttercup beats her to the food bowl.FINALLY BERNICE CAN TAKE BUTTERCUP FOR A JOG.pngAfter an exhausting night, Bernice can finally take Buttercup for a nice jog to the beach.BUTTERCUP IS SO HAPPY.pngButtercup is one happy dog when they get back, and Bernice is thankful that she can finally get to bed. For a few hours at least.thurs clinic closedCaring Paw was open 15 hours and Bernice had 5 customers. 1 lost patient and 1 customer bought a treat from the vending machine. Service profits are $973 and with the treat sales, $1,073 simoleons for the day. The clinic remains at 2-1/2 stars. Her bedside manner was excellent, but there are still problems with wait times and the clinic ambiance. Bernice levelled up to Vet Level 7. She has 3,930 perk points.

Author’s Notes:

It is very frustrating when you have a pet patient and they get on and off the exam table. I have had this happen one other time, and not sure why this is. Maybe the pet is scared of being examined. Thank goodness the napnip seems to work to calm the pet down.

And Catarina Lynx is becoming one of Bernice’s most impatient customers. Twice now she has huffed off with a 2-star over her head.

These two issues, other than mopping up after pets, are very frustrating. Some activity to do in the waiting room may help with Catarina’s impatience, but not sure what to do about the pet getting on and off the exam table. Need to make more relaxation serum and give it to them right away to relieve the pet’s stress.

Other than these issues, I think that Bernice is doing really well in the clinic and is already at Vet Level 7.


4 thoughts on “CH 10 – WK 1 Day 5 (Thurs) – Caring Paw

  1. I love seeing your pet doctor adventures. One day I’m going to try this career. I’ve done the medical doctor all the way through but I’ve never done any of the rest of them all the way through but this one looks fun. I know one of my minor characters .. could one day maybe become a major character loves pets. She Rolled that for her aspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. It actually doesn’t take that long to get the vet skill maxed once you get going. The length of time it takes is that I am blogging. That is what takes the time, and taking screenies.


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