CH 11 – WK1 Day 6 (Friday) – Purrfect Bonz

realized i didnt have an outdoor trash can.pngWelcome back! It’s Friday and I realized that Cameron didn’t have a garbage can on his lot and there was garbage in the waste bin in the reception area. Who knows…maybe that is what all those sims were complaining about. But no more, because Cameron does a quick clean-up.

Everything is neat and tidy. Oh…you’re wondering where Rudy is? Oh…well….rudy saying hes sorry.pngAfter giving Cameron such a hard time yesterday, Rudy tries to make amends, and behold, he finds a little gift for Cameron. Ok, so Cameron forgives Rudy. I guess there are more things in that bush besides squirrels and skunks. Good doggo.geoffrey landgraab buying something from the vending machine.pngCameron opens the clinic. Today it’s a 200% mark-up. Cha-ching! Let’s hope he makes lots of simoleons. While he is filling up the food bowls, Geoffrey Landgraab stops by to buy something from the vending machine. I didn’t know the Landgraabs had a pet!see the glowing paws of our 1st patient.pngCameron spies the red paws of his first patient walking across the lawn. Yes! You guessed it. Catarina and one of her cats. She just looooves this clinic.doc and catarina hotfoot 5 symptoms.pngWasting no time at all, as soon as Catarina checks in, I disallow new patients and get Doc up on the exam table. 5 symptoms to find out that Doc has HotPaws. Catarina remains at a 3-star, but still has that hysterical “what are you doing to my cat” look about her. Indeed, she has that look when the cats come in for a mere check-up. All cured!abby post and woofers.pngOur next patient is Abby Post and Woofers. Ummm….Woofers, did you carry that bowl in here? Who ate all the food?woofers checking chart.pngUp on the exam table, Cameron checks Woofers chart. 4 symptoms and Woofers is a really good dog during the exam.squirrel scratch fever 148 pm.pngWoofers has Squirrel Scratch Fever! Look at Woofers expression! Like, what? I have what? Rewind. Nothing that a little feelgood serum can’t fix. All cured.a moments peace and now everyone shows up.pngIt is now 1:48 in the afternoon. Only 2 patients cured so far. It takes forever to diagnose a pet sometimes. A moment’s peace and then everyone shows up at once!javon zuniga and tofu and blue.pngJavon Zuniga and Tofu show up first, and Cameron gives Blue a pat on her head.pyrotoes antifungal spray.pngTurns out that Tofu has Pyrotoes and some antifungal spray cures him. Everyone seems happy with the clinic today and Javon leaves with a is tired and rests on the bench.pngAhhh…Blue is so tired, she is having a nap on the couch.4 symptoms stressed calmn pet.pngCome on Blue. Time to see what ails you. Justin Delgato comes in and Cameron has the calm Blue down twice during the exam. Another patient cured.2 more patients and blue is asleep.pngCameron takes a bit of a break, or tries to…but two more patients arrive at the same time would never guess that cam just cleaned the waiting room.pngOh look at the waiting room. You would never know that Cameron cleaned it up 5 mins. ago! It’s a mess again.farrah ramos and cleo.pngFirst up is Clara Ramos and Cleo. Cleo is drooling and has green goo coming from her mouth. And Clara isn’t the happiest with a 2-star over her head.super dooper swamp mouth.pngIt looks like swamp mouth….but even worse….it’s Super-duper swamp mouth! There is only one cure for that, and it’s surgery, and unfortunately, Cameron doesn’t have a surgery station. Another reason to do a renovation this weekend. And so, unable to cure poor Cleo…dreaded cone of shame.png…Cleo leaves with the dreaded Cone of alexander and tanner.pngThere is only one more patient, and Cameron tries to clean up a bit before Teresa Alexander and Tanner come in the exam room.cute cat but sick.pngTanner is a cute, but sick cat. And Tanner’s eyes are almost criss-crossed.did i make a mistake taking my cat here.pngTeresa is sitting patiently in the waiting room wondering if she had made a good choice in bringing her precious Tanner here. A 2-star is circling her head.squirrel scratch fever i love this doc.pngBut thank goodness Cameron is quick with his diagnosis, and Tanner has squirrel scratch fever. Tanner is totally in love with Cameron now.rudy gift bearer.pngWith the clinic closed, Cameron heads out to find Rudy. And there he is, bearing another gift. Umm….Rudy did you get sprayed by another skunk? Rudy doesn’t seem to be the only one smelling like a skunk…my new dancing patner.pngBut Cameron doesn’t care. It seems that Rudy wants to be his new dance partner. And their one dance pretty much tires Cameron out….and so ends the day.pngAnd so ends another day at the clinic….friday wk 1 last dayPurrfect Bonz was open for a tiring 18 hours today. Cameron had 6 patients. Because of the use of allow and disallow new patients, Cameron got excellent in his wait time! Yes! He made $1,885 from patient visits and $125 from treats for a total of 2,010 simoleons. Cameron’s best day yet!

Author’s Comment:

At the end of week 1, Cameron has $4,527 simoleons was open for 52 hours and had 23 patients. His average hourly rate was $87.05 simoleons/hour.

~ Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge Progress ~

  • Purrfect Bonz is at 2-1/2 stars
  • Cameron is at vet level 7
  • He has adopted a dog
  • He has planted all 4 varieties of the “nip” plants. Some have evolved and are at “Nice”
  • Rudy is a Simstagram Influencer
  • Cameron found 3 feathers towards the feather collection

7 thoughts on “CH 11 – WK1 Day 6 (Friday) – Purrfect Bonz

  1. Awww this is adorable! (And it totally makes me wanna get Sims4, after all. I’m still playing 3, because apparently I’m cheap and I still enjoy it… but this looks awesome.) And I love the way you are telling the story.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for reading. I really liked playing Sims 3, too, but when Sims4 came out, I became addicted. Downloading from the gallery is so much easier than in Sims3, that was a plus. Ok, so I am addicted to every Sims game that has ever come out! lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha right? At the start I definitely waited for the price to come down. And also I still haven’t totally finished playing all the options in the extensions I have. But eventually, I’ll definitely make the switch. Maybe when I’ve finished my own legacy challenge in Sims 3, hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

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