Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Birds of a Feather

Hank is here to tell you all about collections. Well, not all the collections, just about one. The feather collection. The one that you need to complete for the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge. You have probably been wondering, where the heck do you find feathers?finding feathers.pngSometimes, you get lucky and you just find them. That is what happened to Hank the first time he went jogging. There they were just lying on the ground. But then he couldn’t find anymorepatches found some feathers.pngBut, the best thing to do is to get your pet to find feathers. Since Patches has the hunting trait, Hank sent her out to hunt. And being the good dog she is, she came back with feathers. Yes, it’s that bush on the beach where squirrels and skunks hang out. But also birds. and feathers.

Now, no offense to Patches, but Hank has heard that cats are better feather collectors than dogs. Sorry, Patches. stray followed them  home.pngWith that said, Hank adopted a cat. This is Bruno. Bruno’s traits are Clever, Skittish and Friendly. Let’s hope he will also be a good collector of feathers.you cn  have your pet chase birds.pngAnother way your pet can get feathers is to “Command to Chase Birds”. Look at Patches go! And look at all those feathers! But sadly, Patches didn’t collect any feathers.good patches.pngBut Patches did bring back a gift for Hank. Good Patches!oreo not chasing birdsLet’s see if Bruno has more luck. Well, it seems that since Bruno has the skittish trait, there is no interaction to “Chase Birds”. Obviously, there are certain traits that are better than others to do some feather collecting. Ok, well, Hank still loves Bruno, but he has to adopt another cat!oreo at the beach.pngLuck is with Hank today and he sees a lovely black and white cat….hank and Oreo at the beach.pngMeet Oreo, a stray that Hank decides to adopt. Oreo has the frisky, aloof and curious traits. Let’s hope that Oreo can find us some feathers.these birds are bigger than oreo.pngHank commands Oreo to chase birds and it works. And my, these birds are bigger than Oreo…sure enough she got some feathers.pngAnd sure enough, Oreo gets some feathers! Good Oreo!

collection of feathers

Here is what Oreo got! Although it is tempting to sell the feathers, keep them.12 FEATHERS TO COLLECTThere are 12 feathers to collect for the Feather Collection. Some of the rarer feathers, like the parrot feather, Hank found on Deadgrass Isle.WHEN YOU COLLECT ALL THE FEATHERS

Once you get all 12, you can construct a feather trophy! Isn’t this an amazing sculpture? Worth $2,500 simoleons.

After Hank got The Sum of All Birds statue, he didn’t keep the feathers anymore. He just sold them. Did you know that selling feathers is profitable? Feathers are worth $25 simoleons for the Pigeon feather all the way up to $200 simoleons for the rare Spotted Sixam feather. Beats digging rocks and harvesting! Hank can make a fortune in no time.turns out that Geoffrey Landgraab has really taken to Bruno.pngAnd an interesting thing also happened at the beach. While Hank was there, his old buddy Geoffrey Landgraab came by and absolutely fell in love with Bruno…geoffrey landgraab fell in love with bruno.png…and it seemed that Bruno really got on with Geoffrey. Geoffrey had never seen a more beautiful cat. In fact, I think Bruno liked Geoffrey better than Hank (I know, hard to believe!) So, being the good buddy that Hank is, he asked Geoffrey if he wanted Bruno for a pet. Geoffrey didn’t hesitate to answer, Yes!

[To do this, just go to Manage Worlds, click on the household you want that has the pet, and bring up the family that you want the pet to move to in the second window. No horrible putting pet up for adoption again with all the sadness associated with it. Just a mere click, and Bruno is now part of the Landgraab household].bruno will be very happy with his new family.pngSo now the Landgraab family have a pet, and let’s just say that Bruno will be a very spoiled cat at the Landgraab residence. I think Geoffrey bought out an entire pet supply store just for Bruno. Ahhh….Geoffrey really does love his furball.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to add more pets into the pre-made households? Check out this youtube video by MyInnerSim.



5 thoughts on “Hank and Patches Doggone Diggins’ – Birds of a Feather

  1. This is a great post, I love Hanks little side story. Plus I’ve not seen the owl statue and now that I have I want to collect feathers to get one 😀
    Aww you gave me a shout out too 😀 That’s so sweet of you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading. Yes, when I saw your Let’s Play of making pets for the pre-mades, I thought that was a great idea. I wanted to share it with others because I thought it was really good. And, so, I kind of incorporated that in Hank’s story.

      Liked by 1 person

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