The Wolf Pack Challenge – (Backstory)

meet rusty.pngRusty Wolfe was by no means a loner. Why he had put in an application for this job is a mystery. And even though he loved animals, especially dogs, he was not someone who really wanted to take care of six dogs in the wilderness all by himself. But, in all the job applications that he had filled out, this firm….the Agency…was the only one that would hire him.

Hire, was a loose word, more like he would be participating in an experiment to see if he could live off the land with his “wolf pack”. He would be participating in something called the Wolf Pack Challenge and he would be heading to a place called Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay. Living off the land had certainly appealed to Rusty as he loved the outdoors, plus the incentive of owing his own home had an appeal as well. For if he completed the Agency’s challenge, he could end up with a very nice home worth $50,000 simoleons.

Rusty had been told by the Agency that the “wolf pack” consisted of six dogs, and all of the dogs had exceptional hunting skills, which would be needed on the island where he would be staying. Rusty needed to ensure that they were fed and looked after. Although the agency didn’t go into detail about what breed of dogs they were, the dogs sounded superior and Trevor was really looking forward to meeting his “wolf pack”.

The Agency told Rusty that he could collect, fish and garden to earn funds, plus send his pack out to “hunt”. Rusty seemed relieved about that. If the so-called “wolf pack” couldn’t bring in the simoleons, at least he could rely on himself to do it. shredder the raccoon.pngThe Agency also warned Rusty about a wild territorial raccoon, named Shredder, that has been known to be mischievous. The Agency had said that the raccoon was aloof and shouldn’t bother Rusty, but Rusty had to keep his wits about him. Anything could happen on the island, but if the raccoon died before Rusty built his house, Rusty would have failed and the challenge would be over.boarding the boat.pngWith only the clothes on his back, and clutching the $2,000 simoleons that the Agency had given him, he boarded a boat to Deadgrass Isle.dusty crisp amd his ragtag wolfpackIt was a short boat ride to the docks and the crew immediately set off again. As he looked around, Rusty saw some dogs bounding down the docks towards him. This couldn’t be the “wolf pack” that the Agency had talked about.

But as Rusty scanned the island, these seemed to be the only dogs around, each bearing a tag with his name on it. There must be some mistake here. Rusty looked out towards the water, but the boat was already too far away to call them back. These dogs had hunting skills? Looking at them all now, Rusty had his doubts. Rusty shook his head in dismay. This was not going to be an easy task.


Wolf Pack Challenge created by LilSimsie, Hatsy & Stephosims. #Wolfpack

Author’s Notes:

My raccoon is an adult. The Wolf Pack Challenge also gives an option to play your raccoon as an elder. I did try this with another sim where the raccoon was an elder. The raccoon died on Thursday of the first week. So, I don’t know if playing this challenge with the raccoon as an elder is at all possible. Just my thoughts.



Next Chapter – Ch 1 – Meet The Wolf Pack


9 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge – (Backstory)

  1. This looks like loads of fun! I sort of feel like my dogacy has turned into something like this, as poor loner Lucas lives with six dogs and a cat! But, I guess, being a loner, he’s happy with his four-legged companions!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to following this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That last pic with all the dogs cracked me up! Not hunters indeed. I’ve watched a few YT videos of this one but never too far into it. This should be entertaining for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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