The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 1 Day 1 Sun: Arrival – Meet the Wolf Pack

meet the pack.pngRusty surveyed his surroundings and from what he could tell, Deadgrass Isle looked like  a gorgeous island. The only way on and off the island was by boat. He was basically stranded there. Apparently, Rusty was not allowed to leave the island other than to take a sick dog to the vet on the mainland. Rusty had been given a signal flare which he could use to summon a boat for that purpose. He hoped that none of the dogs would get sick.

He was also told that a boat would come by the island once a week on Sunday to check on things and deliver mail and supplies. He had been given a cooler with a few supplies in it to get him started.some finds on his lot.pngNot far from the dock was his deeded lot. Rusty thought that maybe there would be a  little cabin or shack to start, but when he looked around, there was no structure. He did see some items at the back of the lot. A few tools, some wood planks and other building items. There were also some bowls and a few bags of dog food. That’s a start. He would look through that later and perhaps build a temporary shelter.selfie.png

Rusty was also documenting his time on the island, and so he decided to take a starter photo shot of himself. With that done, it was time to meet the pack and put their hunting skills to the test. Some of the dogs looked like they could be good hunters.aspen our st bernard.pngOne of the larger dogs was heading towards him topped in a red plaid bomber hat with ear flaps. Rusty looked at the dog’s tag and read that his name was Aspen. Aspen was a St. Bernard and Rusty knew that St. Bernards were loyal, but they also tended to be couch potatoes. St. Bernards were used to help save and find lost and injured travelers, so Rusty had high hopes for Aspen.rusty sends aspen off to hunt.pngRusty took a few photos of Aspen, who gained 16 Simstagram followers. Rusty sent Aspen off to up was Duke.pngAnother dog came towards Rusty and he recognized this breed of dog. It was a Bloodhound and the tag said his name was Duke. Now this was his type of hunting dog! Duke even had a little tactical vest on. Bloodhounds were “scent hounds” and natural sleuths. They were also quite vocal, and Rusty hoped that Duke wouldn’t be howling at the moon all night. Rusty took a few photos and it seemed that Duke had camera appeal because he instantly gained 108 Simstagram followers and became a Simstagram Starter! In fact, Rusty was notified by Think Pawsitively Pet Products that Duke had won some rewards and they would be delivered by the Agency on their weekly boat stop! Rusty couldn’t believe his luck! He sent Duke off to hunt and hoped that Duke would be his prized hunting dog, too.go fifi go.pngRusty looked down at the next dog nearest him. Seriously? A pink poodle….with the name…umm…he squinted his eyes to read the name…FiFi! This dog was part of his wolf pack? Rusty took a few photos and sims reading his blog must really like Fifi because she instantly got 106 Simstagram followers. Well, Rusty knew that poodles were smart,  friendly and easy to train, and the Agency had said that the dogs were all hunters, so Rusty decided to give Fifi a try and sent her out to hunt.thunder.pngRusty turned and met the blue eyes of his next dog. Thunder was a very active, adventurous Siberian Husky. Huskies are known as the “escape artists” of the dog world and could escape from fenced areas, squeeze through the smallest of holes and chew any type of rope. Huskies could also perform on a minimum of food, which would be quite handy for Rusty who had limited supplies. Rusty took a few photos and Thunder gained 10 Simstagram followers. Rusty sent him out to hunt as well.

There were now two dogs left. Both were small dogs and didn’t look like they were of the hunter breed at all. The smallest of the two came over and laid down at Rusty’s feet.maxie.pngIt was a Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie named Maxie wearing a big pink bow and a little ruffled outfit. Maxie seemed a bit jumpy and nervous, but was indeed playful. Rusty knew that Yorkshire Terriers were courageous and lively, but also liked to be pampered. Rusty just wasn’t sure that Maxie would be a good hunter, but Rusty would give her a chance. He took a few photos and it seemed that his sim followers were rooting for Maxie as she gained 114 Simstagram followers. Ok, Maxie, go hunt!fif first one back.pngBefore Rusty had a chance to send his last dog hunting, he heard a rustling in the bushes. Much to his surprise, Fifi was the first one back, and she was holding something in her mouth. She had found “the purple pursuer action figure” worth $115 simoleons! scoty.pngRusty’s last dog in his wolf pack was a Scottish Terrier named Scotty. This dog was dressed in a red bowtie and tuxedo shirt. He looked quite dapper, but maybe not for the wilderness. From what Rusty knew about Scottish Terriers, they tended to be a bit stubborn and needed to be brushed, as they were quite hairy. They also didn’t have a lot of energy and were more of an indoorsy dog, but when they were outside, could chase squirrels quite well. Rusty snapped a few shots and Scotty gained 21 Simstagram Followers. Ok Scotty, off you go…find something for me.rusty checks out the bathroom.pngWith all his “pack” off hunting, Rusty saw a restroom at the front of his lot and thought it would be a good time to use the facilities. Unfortunately, there were only toilets inside and no showers.2nd back was thunder.pngComing out, Rusty saw that Thunder was back with a nice surprise on the ground beside him, which turned out to be a “Ball, Ball, Ball” worth $5 simoleons.maxie was a fast little hunter.pngBut also back was Maxie, who had dug up a “Fossilized Sim hand” worth $45 simoleons. She was a fast little hunter. Rusty saw another package lying on the ground and had seen Duke running around there, so it was probably Duke’s find, which was a “Clam It up” squeaker worth $5 simoleons.shredder with feathers.pngI guess Shredder wanted to join in the hunt and promptly dropped some feathers on Rusty’s lot. Quite the find! (duck feather $35, finch feather $40, seagull feather $30)shredder presenting gifts.pngAnd Shredder came back again…with more feathers. This raccoon sure can collect feathers! (cardinal feather $60, seagull feather $30, pigeon feather $25). Rusty decided to keep one of each of the feathers. Who knows, maybe he could make something with them.3 dogs back at once.pngThree dogs came back at once, two with finds. Aspen found a “Whatwasthat” squeaker worth $5 simleons and Fifi was back with another find, this time a “broken fossil” worth $10 simoleons. Rusty sent Aspen and Duke off hunting again.coming down the path was Maxie.pngAnd then, to Rusty’s surprise, Maxie sprinted to the lot with her second find, “Bleep the Robot” worth $285 simoleons. Rusty couldn’t believe it! And by the time Rusty bent over to pick up the find, Maxie was off running again.rusty quickly realized that the dogs would get stinky.pngRusty turned around and looked at Fifi. She didn’t look like a pink dog anymore. She was pretty dirty with a lovely green aura around her. Rusty knew that with the dogs hunting all the time, that they would start to have a more pungent odor. Rusty looked through the pile on his lot and started to build a rustic bath tub out of the wood that was laying there. Taking care of the dogs included bathing them and this rustic tub would do quite nicely.scotty gets some feathers.pngAnd who is that in the grass? It’s Scotty! Oh….look who else can collect feathers! Good boy, Scotty! (crow feather $35, puffin feather $110, finch feather $40).the dogs were working hard.pngThe dogs were doing a good job hunting, so Rusty decided to see what he could collect.  He gabbed a hammer from the pile and hammered at a rock near his lot. He found an emerald worth $20 simoleons. duke what did you find.pngSuddenly, he heard Duke baying and went to discover what was going on. Duke just wanted to let Rusty know that he had found another “broken fossil” worth $10 simoleons. Good doggo.while he was at the shore.pngWhile he was at the shore, Rusty spied an old fishing rod lying beside a rusty boat and decided to try his hand at fishing. It was already late afternoon and he hadn’t eaten since he left early this morning. Maybe he’d catch a nice fish for his dinner. everyone was tired from their big day time to head back.pngThe dogs looked pretty tired from their first day, and it didn’t seem that a fish was on the menu tonight as Rusty was not having any luck fishing. But a nice surprise was that Scotty had dug up another find, a fire opal worth $70 simoleons.sun setting grilling weinners.pngWith no luck fishing, Rusty had to use some of his limited supplies. Rusty had found a little bar-b-q pit and picnic table near his lot and he grilled some hot dogs. That meager dinner cost him $13 simoleons, but it was worth it. Those hot dogs were the best tasting hot dogs he had ever had. When he finished eating and packing up the left-overs, it was time to head back to the lot.and so ends day 1.pngHis “wolf pack” was glad to see him and Rusty fed them a hearty kibble dinner. Even the aloof raccoon, Shredder, came to eat. They had all done a good job today.

Surprisingly, his best hunter of the day was Maxie. Yes, the little Yorkshire Terrier earned $330 simoleons, followed by Scotty with $255 simoleons. Imagine that! The two smallest dogs were the best hunters! Rusty was not going to underestimate these two dogs again.

At the end of Day 1, Rusty had $1,084 simoleons. Rusty also completed Level 1 (Acquaintance of the Animals) of the Friend of the Animals Aspiration.



Next Chapter – Ch 2 – A Little Shack Called Home



13 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 1 Day 1 Sun: Arrival – Meet the Wolf Pack

  1. I love this so much! All of them are so cute – inclusing Rusty 😜 This seems like a wonderful challenge, I’ll read more about it – sadly I don’t have Pets myself 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading MyInnerSim. I have been following your YouTube one as well, but for some reason have now lost my password to my account, so can’t comment on your Let’s Play. I chose a St. Bernard, but even with the hunter trait, they are not very good. I have never seen this dog run once! lol


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  3. My first challenge and I failed. All my dogs died of old age before that dumb raccoon died. I did bring in new dogs when I lost half of them, but than the raccoon died before I could finish the challenge. Bummer!!!


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