The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 3 Day 3 Tues: Make More Simoleons Strategies

eating cereal 2.pngRusty was up early. Even though he had a new cot to sleep on, his back was still sore, and the mattress had felt like it had been made out of cement. Maybe there was a way he could make a new bed. He would look through that junk pile and see what he could find. Right now, Rusty was gearing up for the day eating some cereal and thinking of ways to make more simoleons. what colorRusty’s wolf pack was up, too. Was it only Day 3 since he arrived? Look at the pack! They all look the same color from the ground-in dirt that is on them. Gone is the pink from Fifi’s fur and Aspen’s white chest is more grey than white. But who has time to bathe them? Rusty really needs to spend some one-on-one time with a pet a day, but he really needs them to go hunting and make some simoleons.

But first, Rusty had come up with some strategies to make more simoleons. Because Rusty was limited to collecting, gardening, fishing and sending his pets to hunt, he had to think of some creative ways to make that $50,000 out there Scotty.pngStrategy # 1: Rusty was going to have the pack get their “poop on”. Yep, you heard right. He was going to turn his pet’s poop into simoleons. Did you know that pet poop is worth nothing when you try to sell it, but put it in the Nanocan Touchless Trash Can and that poop earns you $80 simoleons. Use the interaction with your pet of “Ask to Go Potty” and Cha-ching! Simoleons on poop command. Of course, this also leads to a lot full of pee puddles, but Rusty felt he could deal with that. Can you believe that Rusty found one of those trash cans at the back of his lot in that junk pile? So, first order of the day “Ask to Go Potty”. Umm….Scotty…look out for Thunder’s waterfall.shredder the feather pro.pngOnce that was completed, Rusty sent all the dogs off hunting. Shredder also went off and arrived back bearing the last 2 feathers to complete the feather collection. Yeah Shredder!there it was the sum of all birds.pngRusty was so delighted with the 12 feathers that Shredder had found, that he fashioned the feathers together and made a statue. He called it The Sum of all Birds. Even Shredder looked the birds.pngNow Rusty had been watching Shredder to find out where he was getting all these feathers, and it turns out that just opposite the lot, there is a flock of birds that always seem to land in the same place and Shredder likes to chase them.shredder happy collecting feathers.pngStrategy # 2: Rusty is going to send Shredder over to the flock of birds and “Command to Chase Birds”. Rusty will do this as often as he can during the day to have Shredder collect feathers. Feathers are lucrative simoleon-makers. But, the best thing to do is to wait and collect all 12 feathers over and over again. You see, the individual value of the 12 feathers adds up to $825 simoleons, but the bird statue is worth $2,500 simoleons, a profit of $1,675 simoleons! I wonder how many times in one day Shredder can collect feathers and how many statues Rusty will be able to make.fifi pic.pngAhhhh…look at Fifi. Even when they sleep Rusty thinks that each dog in his wolf pack is unique and special. Rusty just can’t stop taking pics of them. And since he wants to document his stay, he has come up with another strategy.

Strategy # 3: Take more pet pics. As Rusty increases his photography skill, the pics will be worth more simoleons. Simstagram pic quality is poor, normal or outstanding, and the photography skill goes to level 5. Rusty has taken some normal pics which are worth $11 simoleons, and you get to take 5 pics each time. Not much, but it is more than those pet toys the dogs keep finding. Plus the dogs get free gifts for becoming Simstagram celebrities. Duke has already become a Simstagram Starter, and now Fifi is one, too. Rusty can’t wait until Sunday to see what their free rewards are. [Author’s note: Taking a simstagram pet pic takes about 2 sim mins. Free Rewards are Simstagram Starter – Ball! Ball! Ball!; Simstagram Influencer – Embiggened pet sleep station pet bed; Simstagram Celebrity – Petmate programic pet feeder.]

fifi the star

he had also rigged up a shower from a tarp and some pipe that he found.pngAs the dogs came and went with their finds, Rusty had been busy rigging up a solar shower. He had found an old tarp, a few pieces of pipe and some black hose. This way the water could be heated by the sun and he could have a nice hot shower. He hoped that taking a shower would be faster than taking a bath.harvest and plant a garden.pngRusty had also been doing a lot of collecting today, which comes to Rusty’s final strategy. Well, final one for today…his idea is to harvest some of the wild plants he had seen on the island and plant a garden.planting what he found.pngStrategy # 4: One of the tried and true methods of making more simoleons. Harvest the plants on the island and make a nice, profitable garden. Now, Rusty has no gardening skill what-so-ever and from what he found on the island, there are not a lot of plants to harvest. There is an apple tree near his lot, and he also found nuzzlenip, catnip, madnip, napnip, lily, rose bush, bluebell, and snapdragon. There is also a pear tree to harvest which Rusty will have to do tomorrow. But, that’s fine. A small garden is manageable and won’t take all day to harvest, weed and water. [Author’s note: You could also buy the garden pot – cost $50 simoleons & buy all the seed packs – cost $165 simoleons, or the cheapest catnip herb packet – cost $25 and then sell the garden pot back again.] duke helpiing to fertilize the garden.pngThe dogs were pretty excited about the garden, too, and Duke is already helping to fertilize the plants.must be time to feed the pack.pngAnd I guess Fifi is hinting that it’s time to feed the 3 ends.pngIt was a pretty exhausting day and once the pack was fed, Rusty collapsed in a heap on the ground. Scotty trots over and snuggles to him. Do you think it’s just a 1-dog night tonight?


Author’s Note:

I am playing this challenge as if Rusty was really in the wilderness. So some of the things he “finds” in the junk pile, like items to make the solar shower, are because there are no stores around to buy anything. He has to be self-sufficient. Plus, he has no electricity, so he will be using candles and non-electrical items. The Agency did start him off with a cooler, and eating from the cooler costs nothing. I have made a plan that the “Agency” will come once a week to deliver those pet rewards, mail and also to check on things. As a spoiler, they will also give Rusty a catalogue so that he will be able to purchase more expensive items (that he can’t “make”) and have them delivered on Sunday on the boat. So, even though this is a tough challenge in itself, I am making it even harder. So, no, I can’t just go to buy mode and buy a new bed, he has to “make” one, so it will look like something that could be made by hand. So the next bed upgrade would be some type of wooden bed. I could purchase the woodworking table and have him make things….but…because of the rules of this challenge, I wouldn’t be able to sell any of those items. And having 25 knife blocks on the lot isn’t very practical. I hope you like this twist on the challenge.

I find it really hard for Rusty to collect at all and when he does go off the lot, the pack will drop their finds along the way. Then he has to go back and pick them all up. If Rusty stays in one place, the pets can pool all the finds together. I am going to have him try to go fishing, and this is also a good simoleon maker….that is, if he catches any fish…and he hasn’t caught anything yet. The beach area is a good place as there is also a flock of birds there that Rusty can have Shredder chase to get feathers.

Rusty’s house is worth $7,961. I have not opened all the finds as yet, but I am waiting until he reaches $10,000 simoleons and then we will have a house up-grade. I am really not a builder, so I have found some pre-made houses that will look like stages of his house build. The final house that I really like will be downloaded unfurnished at the $25,000 simoleon mark and then he can work on furnishing it from that point forward. When I do this, I will have to put the garden in inventory so it won’t be lost, because those plants just don’t automatically go to inventory. I learned this one the hard way in another challenge. To be on the safe side, I will also put the bird statue and pics on the wall in inventory, too.

Oh, and the reference to the 1-dog night – it is said to be a phrase used by Australian Aborigines, meaning “a night so cold you will need to take three dogs to bed with you to stay warm”. So since Scotty is the only dog curled up with Rusty…it’s a one-dog night. Hey, it gets chilly at night on the coast and Rusty needs to keep warm.

Next Chapter – Ch 4 – The Runaway

16 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 3 Day 3 Tues: Make More Simoleons Strategies

    • Thanks for reading cathytea. I don’t think these are really new tips as a lot of simmers know about that trash bin. But, I actually did add up the value of the feathers and realized, heck, you make a profit it you just wait and don’t sell right away. We shall see how Rusty progresses with this.

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  1. Oh haha, I see you’ve already found out about the trash can 😆 It’s definitely essential.
    Ooh I didn’t know that the owl statue was worth so much. I’ve only been collecting one set of feathers and selling the spares 😂 and I never thought to send the racoon to chase the flock… genius!!

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    • Yes, you don’t even have to get your sim to go over and tell them to hunt or chase the flock. So, they can continue what they are doing, and you just use your mouse, click on the flock and then choose who you want to command to chase birds. So, your sim can be gardening, and won’t have to stop doing that action. It is really great.


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  3. The “look out for Thunder’s waterfall” pic had me laughing so hard! This sure is an entertaining challenge. I think I’d be ready to pull my hair out with all of them and trying to accomplish things at the same time.

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