The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 4 Day 4 Weds: The Runaway

waking up in the middle of the night.pngIt  happened in the night and woke Rusty up with a start. Thunder and Shredder were fighting. You should have heard the noise. Obviously it was loud enough to wake the very tired Rusty from a deep slumber. Why they started a fight is unknown, but there they were in a cloud of dust.thunder and shredder fight.pngWho started it? Could Rusty get there fast enough to stop it?fight w raccoonBut Rusty was too late. The fight was over and it looked like Shredder was the attacker. Rusty was heading over to lecture Shredder about attacking, when all of a sudden….thunder runs away.pngThunder turned and starting running away……Oh no!thunder lost a fight and ran away

Rusty couldn’t believe it! No amount of calling Thunder would bring him back. Thunder was gone.missing pet alertOf course, Rusty put out an alert and he hoped that Thunder would soon be found. Oh Rusty was really sad as he headed back to bed.rusty sad about thunder running away.pngWhen Rusty did get up the next morning, he tried to go about his normal routine, but he was so sad thinking about Thunder missing. This was the first day of his new strategies to make simoleons, but maybe if he had spent more time with his pack, Thunder would still be here. Anyway, Rusty couldn’t dwell on it and had to carry on.2 bird sculptures the strategy worked.pngOne bright spot to the start of the day was that Shredder, even though he was bad by starting a fight, had collected enough feathers for Rusty to build another statue. Cha-ching! $2,500 simoleons richer.rusty fed the dogs and had the dogs get their poop on.pngWith the pack fed, Rusty had them put their “poop on” and collected everything to make those simoleons.teaching aspen to sit.pngAfter eating some yogurt, taking a quick shower and checking on the garden, Rusty had some time to try to teach Aspen to sit. And Aspen was getting the hang of that one. Of course, Aspen did like to sit around a lot, being a couch potato, so no wonder it was so easy for him. With a few training lessons done, Rusty thought he might make another attempt at fishing.rusty would try his hand at fishing.pngSo, he jogged to the beach area, and from there, he called all the pack to him and then sent them hunting. And look at Shredder coming with a gift for Rusty. I guess Shredder was trying to tell Rusty he was sorry for fighting with Thunder and missed Thunder, too. In fact, I think all the dogs were sad because they, too, missed one of their againWith the pack off hunting, Rusty tried fishing again. And, I think I have discovered why he is having no luck. I mean, Rusty doesn’t have any fishing skills, but I would think that if you fished in the ocean instead of the sand, that maybe you would catch something. Backwards fishing. The way NOT to fish. [Author’s Note: This was funny to see, but it is obviously a glitch. Do you catch sand dollars this way?] After fishing practically all afternoon, Rusty still had no luck and didn’t catch anything again. Thank goodness fishing was not one of his strategies.

After collecting all the finds and feathers, Rusty decided to head back to the lot.maxie running with her giftAnd there is Maxie with a gift in her mouth trying to outrun Rusty back to the lot. But Rusty had to make a pit stop.and there was ThunderRusty stopped at the pear tree he had spied yesterday and harvested some fruit. And then he thought he saw a familiar shape on the road near the lot. It was! It was! Thunder had returned!thunder was backRusty was so happy to see Thunder, even though it smelled like Thunder had been sprayed by a skunk. Rusty gave Thunder lots of hugs and played with him as well.thunder returns

thunder had been sprayed by a skunkRusty had Thunder jump in the tub and as much as he tried, the skunk smell and ground-in dirt just didn’t go away. Oh well, at least Thunder had enjoyed the bath and Rusty was sure glad to have him back home. rusty trying to bathe all the dogs.pngIn fact, Rusty was thinking of scheduling a bath day for all the dogs because they all needed a bath. Since it wasn’t quite dark yet, Rusty tried to give Aspen a bath, too….rusty just gave aspen a bath and he looks the same.png….but Aspen didn’t look any cleaner. what was that smell.pngAnd, a little bit later…ewww….what is that smell?so much for bath day.pngOh Aspen! Aspen got sprayed by a skunk. So much for that bath! Rusty needs some de-skunk deodorizer cream for these stinky dogs.lighthouse lightWith the dogs fed and dozing off to sleep, Rusty glanced up at the bright light that passed over his lot. One day soon he wanted to visit the lighthouse. The view from the top must be magnificent. Perhaps Thunder and Rusty would venture together to the lighthouse, as Thunder has the adventurous trait. It had been a stressful day, but Rusty was happy that Thunder had returned home and all was good again.


Author’s Note:

I can’t tell you how many times I get messages stating that one of the dogs has been sprayed by a skunk. So far, everyone except Shredder has been sprayed by a skunk, and poor Maxie has been sprayed 3 times already! No wonder they look dirty and are stinky all the time. Poor dogs. But you know…that bush just beckons them.

I was so happy that Shredder was able to gather enough feathers to build another Sum of all Birds statue. That is a great simoleon-maker.

Hunting went well and the pack came to the beach area where Rusty was trying to fish. Unique finds found today were Purple Protection Action Figure $115 simoleons, Crytunium $75 simoleons, Dr F Mysims Trophy $75 simoleons, Volenton $45 simoleons, and Hematite $60 simoleons. And of course a lot of pet toys.

The house is now worth $9,104 simoleons. Almost time to do a house up-grade. I’m excited!

Next Chapter – Ch 5 – Travel to the Pawspital


12 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 4 Day 4 Weds: The Runaway

  1. Wow Rusty got another owl statue 😄 I noticed when I’ve been playing if the dogs get too dirty they actually need bathing twice to become fully clean lol It’s so frustrating because they get mucky so quickly from hunting for presents. You’re doing great, keep it up 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, well, the bathing…lol With the first tub I bought, the one from debug, I gave Aspen a bath and when he was done, it didn’t even look like he had taken a bath! I think if you have a better tub, the cleaner they get. However, I don’t worry about giving the dogs a bath too much, because shortly afterwards, they are always getting sprayed by a skunk and no amount of bathing will get the skunk smell away. You have to wait it out. Plus, bathing takes a long time when your sim could be doing other things to make simoleons. lol


      • I was watching a Let’s Play and she kept one dog behind when she sent all the others hunting, and then taught them tricks and had one-on-one time with them. I think that teaching the dogs tricks increases the value of their finds. Not sure, though. To be honest, since I have never played on short lifespan, and worried the raccoon will go to raccoon heaven, I am go, go, go for making the simoleons to complete the $50K house. It is daunting because I have read about raccoons dying after a week or 2. My house is nowhere near $50K, so a bit worried.


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  3. I’ve seen a few people post pics of that backward fishing spot on Twitter. So goofy! It doesn’t seem worth it for him to fish eh? Hopefully the garden does well. Although, it sounds like he’ll spend most of his time bathing the dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

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