The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 5 Day 5 Thurs: Travel to the Pawspital

wimpering noises of aspen who was sick.pngThe next morning when Rusty woke up, he was shocked to see Aspen greet him with a glowing red nose and red paws. Oh my gosh! What happened to Aspen? How did he get this way? Rusty quickly went over to comfort Aspen, but it didn’t help very much. All Rusty could hear was Aspen making whimpering noises.comforting aspen.pngRusty really didn’t know much about pet ailments or diseases, but he did know that Aspen was sick and needed to see the vet. Rusty didn’t even know how much it might cost or even how long he would be gone.the earlier he left.pngRusty was worried about Aspen. Near panic set in as he hurriedly put kibble in the pet bowls. He had to get Aspen to the vet quick, but he was worried that something would happen to the other dogs in his absence. They all seemed so needy lately. He decided to rig up some automatic feeders out of some funnels, and wood and string, so that food would come out every 3 hours. He hoped that would work and that they all would be here when he returned.oh that was a powerful flare.pngHe needed to set the flare off. He wasn’t sure how long it would take the boat to get there. The earlier he went to the mainland, the better and the sooner he would return. He lit the flare, and it seemed to be faulty and sort of back-fired on him. He seemed a little dazed and got a faceful of soot. No time to wash up now, he would have to head to the vet looking like he did. He hoped that the Agency would see the flare in the daytime and send the boat.139 and they had arrived at the clinic.pngRusty and Aspen got to the vet at 10:48 am. It was a lot quicker than he thought it would be. As soon as he set that flare off, it was not long afterwards that he heard a motorboat coming across the water. The guy running the water shuttle didn’t talk much, but just reminded Rusty that he could only go to Brindleton Pawspital and nowhere else. He would be waiting at the pier to take Rusty and Aspen back to the island.nice waiting room and he signed in.pngThe vet office looked clean and the furnishings looked fairly new. Rusty checked them in at the self check-in kiosk.rusty thought he would wash up a bit.pngRusty was feeling so grubby that he thought he would wash up in the bathroom. Ahhh…a sink with running water. He splashed some water on his face and washed his hands a few times. It didn’t really help much, but he felt a bit cleaner.rusty washing up aspen eating trash.pngMeanwhile, Aspen was out back making friends….and eating trash from the garbage can. Rusty called Aspen back inside and they waited patiently in the waiting room.dr bjorn.pngJust then, one of the vets came out to talk to Rusty and see how Aspen was doing. His name was Dr. Bjorn Bjergsen. After discussing Aspen’s health, Rusty made some chit chat with Dr. Bjorn and said that the furnishings in the waiting room were very nice. Dr. Bjorn said that most everything they purchased was through mail order and there was a catalog on the table. Dr. Bjorn told Rusty that the mail order company was making a delivery later that day, and if Rusty wanted to order something, Dr. Bjorn could give the driver Rusty’s order. They did deliver to the island, too. Rusty glanced at it quickly and put it in his back pocket. Oh, that sounded tempting!

Wasting no more time, Dr. Bjorn ushered them into one of the exam rooms.aspen being examinedDr. Bjorn was very gentle and calming when he examined Aspen and called him a good doggo. He took his temperature, looked in his mouth, and did some other tests. Dr. Bjorn turned to Rusty and told him that Aspen had Magmafied Organs. Oh that sounded bad!

medicine choices.png

Dr. Bjorn told Rusty that it didn’t require surgery and that Aspen could be cured. Rusty was so relieved to hear this! Dr. Bjorn gave Rusty some payment options for curing Aspen, and Rusty decided to go with the expensive treatment. $750 simoleons gone just like that. But Rusty wanted the very best for Aspen.getting a shot.pngDr. Bjorn administered an Antiviral Payload shot and told Rusty that Aspen should be fine, but that Aspen should probably take it easy for the rest of the day.rusty looked at aspen.pngAspen was cured. All better! Rusty couldn’t thank Dr. Bjorn enough.doc gave him some books.pngThey talked a bit and Rusty told Dr. Bjorn that he really didn’t know anything about pet health. Dr. Bjorn said that with Rusty living on the island, that he should know the basics of pet care. Dr. Bjorn had Rusty and Aspen follow him to his office across the hall and Dr. Bjorn rummaged around in a bookcase on the wall, and handed a book to Rusty. It was called SimPet Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by renowned veterinarian Dr. Magi-Heals.ย Dr. Bjorn said it was a bit expensive, $175 simoleons, but well worth the cost, especially if Rusty had a lot of pets. Rusty thought this was a good idea, and had the book added to his bill.

[Author’s Note: Sadly, there are no books on pet health in Cats & Dogs, but this is the cost of the wall-mounted bookcase, which has this wonderful (fake) pet health book in it *wink *wink]there it was.pngDr. Bjorn also had another item that Rusty might be interested in and they headed outside. It was an old used model, but it would be very helpful in examining pets and held medicines underneath in a lockable cabinet. Dr. Bjorn explained that it had belonged to another sim living on the island with a bunch of dogs, but they had sold everything and left suddenly. It was a deal for $1,000 simoleons and Dr. Bjorn would bring it to the pier for him in his pickup.

Rusty thought about it for a second and about what had happened to Aspen and decided to take Dr. Bjorn up on the offer. Sold!IVE GOT ONE OUT BACKRusty commented on the aquarium and fish bowls in the vet office, and asked Dr. Bjorn if he knew anything about fishing. Dr. Bjorn laughed and said that the other vet was an avid fisherman, but he was off today. Dr. Bjorn then headed to the waiting room and picked up some well-worn dated fishing magazines and gave them to Rusty. Really? Rusty couldn’t believe his luck. Maybe there would be some fishing tips in those magazines.

On the ride to the pier, Rusty again thanked Dr. Bjorn for all his help. Rusty also gave Dr. Bjorn an order for the mail order company. Dr. Bjorn shook Rusty’s hand and gave Aspen a big hug, and waved to them as they boarded the water shuttle.THEY WERE BACK.pngWhen they got close to the island, Rusty was’t sure what he would find when they got back to the lot. He was a bit worried, but when he saw Thunder waiting for them at the pier and all the dogs on the lot, his fears were unfounded. He was happy to be home.scotty love.pngIt was 2:24 pm and still early. Rusty filled up all the pet bowls and gave lots of pets and hugs. His pack had missed him, too.becoming companions with fifi.pngHe even became companions with Fifi. Share the love, girl!

companions with fifi

his garden was parched.pngRusty wanted to stay on the lot so Aspen could rest, but he did send all the others off hunting. Plus, his garden badly needed attention. It was parched. So, while the pack hunted, well, everyone except Aspen, Rusty tended the garden.walls up.pngHe also did a bit of building on his shack and put up some more walls. His new home was looking pretty good. He couldn’t wait until the mail order came tomorrow with some of the items he had ordered. He was excited! But back to work, another wall to go…


Author’s Note:

I really have no idea how Aspen got sick and there was no notice on the notification wall. I had switched screens to watch a Let’s Play on Youtube and forgot to put the game on pause. When I returned, there were things flashing everywhere and poor Rusty had all these actions queued up like energy failure, bladder failure, that just kept scrolling and scrolling. And I had all these messages, that practically all the dogs were hungry, and over some of the dogs’ heads, there were exclamation marks and it said “Your Pet Needs You!” I was thinking, oh no, I don’t want another pet running away or dying. I couldn’t believe it. And where was my raccoon, was he still alive? It was like a disaster movie with everything bad happening at once. And then I saw Aspen with the red nose and glowing red paws…uggghhh…a sick pet!

I thought that was it, I was doomed. I know I could have just not saved that game and everything would have been fine, but I couldn’t remember the last time I had saved. So,ย  after getting everybody fed and Rusty’s needs taken care of, I thought, no, I have to go with it. My own fault for forgetting to put the game on pause. And it might give me an opportunity for something else. Which it did. And that is where I got the idea that Rusty could get some pet health books (bookshelf) from the vet, get an “old” exam table there, and even get some fishing books (Rusty will purchase a fishing book from the bookcase). Plus, the vet had a “mail order catalog”, which would be perfect for quick house furnishing. Basically Buy Mode on a day delay. I hope you like this twist on the story.

Rusty has completed Level 2 – Friend of the Animals of the Friend of the Animals Aspiration.

Unique finds today were Diamond $90 simoleons, fossilized sim hand 40 simoleons, wolfium $55 simoleons, sadnum $155 simoleons and baconite $25 simoleons. Not bad for a partial day of hunting. Oh yes, and dog toys, lots of dog toys.

Next Chapter – Ch 6 – Cabin Tour โ€“ We Have Walls!

8 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 5 Day 5 Thurs: Travel to the Pawspital

  1. I love how clever and creative you are weaving necessary objects and actions into this story. Rusty is a cutie and his wolf pack is adorable. I especially like Aspen, his outfit is so funny! hehe And Shredder the raccoon makes me smile. I think the Devs did a wonderful job with the Cats & Dogs EP. Can’t wait for the day I can get it when I get a new computer.

    This challenge looks like fun too, I’ll have to try it when I can as well. I love starting out my Sims on an empty lot and working to make them successful. Not necessarily rich though. I get bored if my Sims are too rich and have nothing to challenge them.

    Looking forward to the next chapter and wishing Rusty and his wolf pack good luck in the challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading karababy52. Your comments made my day. I really try hard to think about ways to make it seem more real. But believe me, if I fail this time, I am just doing the challenge the regular way and not making it harder for myself. lol I had read about this challenge and wanted to try it, and gave my own Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Challenge a bit of a break. And yes, I (well Rusty and his pack) need all the luck they can get. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no poor Aspen got sick and yikes that vet bill was expensive!! Funny because I don’t earn anywhere near that when I treat sick pets lol
    This story is fantastic, I love the clever ways you find for Rusty to aquire items ๐Ÿ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

    • As you read in the Author’s Notes, I was in shock when I opened that screen and saw Aspen sick and all these other things going on. For the vet, I think if you choose the inexpensive treatment, they give the dog the cone of shame. Not sure, but I just wanted to make sure that Aspen got cured. I think it will be better now that Rusty has the exam table on his lot so he can treat any other pets if they become ill.


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  4. Wow at least something good happened after the unpausing! I’ve had all kinds of crazy things happen when I forgot to pause including a fire and a sim dying! I like your spin on the visit to the vet resulting in some ways to make things easier.

    Liked by 1 person

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