The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 6 Day 6 Fri: Cabin Tour – We Have Walls!

come inside.pngRusty had worked well into the night on building some walls for his cabin. He was very proud of how it looked, and even had time to build some other items this morning before the boat arrived with items he had ordered from the “mail order” catalog. Will you look at that? Rusty has some windows and doors! All ordered from the mail order catalog, of course. Ahhh….but that’s not all…let’s have a look around.a mess collection.pngFirst off, his outdoor kitchen area. It looks a bit of a mess on the lawn, but he did purchase a few items to help with cooking, like cooking utensils, some condiments, and pots. He also made a nice wooden table to hold them all.made this yesterday.pngFrom time to time, Rusty wanted something else to do for entertainment, other than picking up poop. So, someday when his chores were all caught up, if that was even possible, Rusty was hoping he would have some spare time to enjoy himself. So, on a whim, he built a quick horseshoe pit. He didn’t have a forge to make any horseshoes, but, it was lucky that they had some for sale in the mail order catalog. So, he ordered them. Rusty hopes he’ll get to play a game of horseshoes heating for waterOutside, he installed a solar panel and piping to heat up bath water for the dogs. The pipes also extend inside to the…wait for it….indoor bathroom area. He also smoothed out and sanded the tub and it is so much more comfortable now. And on the other side of this wall….bathroom not much.pngTa da! Rusty has an indoor bathroom. He built shelves to hold some items he purchased, like a few towels, cologne, a toothbrush and a few more lanterns. He ordered a small hand-pump wash basin, and crafted a better shower and “drop pit” toilet. The water for the basin and the shower operate from the solar panel piping installed outside. Of course he does conserve water and takes quick showers. Above his sink is a brand new mirrored medicine cabinet which he purchased. It’s empty right now, but Rusty plans on stocking it over time with some first aid supplies. Oh….and yes…he ordered toilet paper! Luxury!little nook.pngIn a little nook area beside the bathroom, Rusty built a small bookshelf to hold the treasured books that Dr. Bjorn had given him yesterday. He also ordered this beautiful lighthouse lamp which glows with a candle. And even though he could have built this chair, he saw it in the catalog and had to order it. It had cushions and was so comfy. Right now this nook is a sitting area, but soon he hopes that this will be his indoor much to the inside but look at this fireplace.pngOpposite the little nook area, Rusty built a stone fireplace This took most of the afternoon to do and he hadn’t quite finished the chimney outside. He was thankful he had purchased so much quick-dry cement. It hard set in just 20 minutes and was pretty secure. It really added a homey touch to his cabin. He purchased the rug that Thunder is sleeping on. It reminded him of his own pack under the moon.look at this great bedThe crowning glory of his cabin was his brand new bed. Yes, the guy from the mail order company had to help him carry it in. And with the new sheets, blanket and pillows (oohhh…they’re fluffy), he knew he would sleep well. He dragged his old rusting cot back to the junk beds.pngAnd speaking of beds….last but not least, Rusty bought some pet beds. After taking Aspen to the vet yesterday, he had spied one at the Pawspital and thought that he would order a few for the dogs. Two smaller ones for Scotty and Maxie, and the larger ones for Fifi, Thunder, Duke and Aspen. It was a nice thought, but the dogs still liked to sleep where ever they wanted.ordering some more items.pngThroughout the day, Rusty kept busy working on his fireplace chimney, doing some woodworking, and tending the garden. All the while, he sent his pack off hunting, and of course, Shredder to collect feathers. He did take time to make a list of some other things he needed, so that he could place another mail order on Sunday when the Agency boat came bathThe afternoon went by quickly, but he tried to spend some one-on-one time with his pack. Rusty gave Maxie a bath in the new tub….fifi roll over.png…did some training with Fifi to roll over…training duke.png…and taught Duke to “Shake a Paw”.renovates and puts his chair on fire.pngRusty even tried some new camp recipes…with disastrous results. Thank goodness the fire pit was not too close to the cabin, or all his renovation work would have gone up in smoke!fire extinguisher to the rescue.pngGood thing he bought a fire extinguisher from the mail order catalog, but too bad he couldn’t save the chair. Oh my plumbobs!


Author’s Notes:

I thought that this build went very well for the next level of building. I had to place everything on the lot in Rusty’s house inventory before I downloaded this build. By the time I sold the mysterious box gifts, some simstagram photos, and poop, he had $11,193 simoleons. Once the build was downloaded, Rusty had some simoleons left over to do a bit of decorating.

Unique items found were prehistoric bird $75 simoleons, turquoise $20 simoleons, perfectly preserved mustache $100 simoleons, enormous trilobite $40 simoleons, and rubber duck $90 simoleons. Rusty also hunted for treasure with a treasure map at the dig site rock on his lot and found a voodoo doll worth $950 simoleons! He also harvested the apples on the apple tree near his lot and sold those, too.

Many thanks to GymeaLillie for creating this build. It costs $9,314 simoleons. I added lot traits of Training Ground, Great Soil and Penny Pixies. Rusty needs all the help he can get!

Honeymoon Cabin $98/day

honeymoon cabin.png

Next Chapter – Ch 7 – Sickness Strikes Again




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