The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 7 Day 7 Sat: Sickness Strikes Again

rusty in the garden.pngIt was nearly a week since he had been on the island. His days were almost a routine now – get up, eat, wash up, send the pack hunting and tend the garden. Now mind you, tending the garden did generate some great simoleons. He had 5 of each of the wild plants he had collected. Most of the plants took 36 hours to flower, with the rose taking 48 hours. The apple tree took 36 hours to bear fruit, and the new pear tree was a slow grower and took 60 hours to produce fruit. Harvesting alone took 2 hours and Rusty made $1,101 per harvest (without the roses or pear trees). Not bad for some free seeds that he found.feeding the dogs.pngOh wait…add one thing to that routine…feeding the dogs…sorry Aspen. Yes, the pack was always hungry, and even when their bowls were full of food, Rusty still got the message that they were hungry. Sheesh!

Today, Rusty was hoping to explore more of the island to see if there were any plants that he may have missed. It was strange that he hadn’t found any vegetable plants, so maybe if he searched again, he would turn up something.MAXIE BLUE.pngWell…that was his plan…that is, until he spotted Maxie! The dog was blue! With a glowing red nose! Hmmm…the glowing red nose…that sounded very familiar. But blue? Had she rolled in something to turn blue? Rusty surveyed the lot…and then he saw….oh no….not Aspen, too!ASPEN BITTEN BY A SQUIRREL.pngYikes! Aspen had this green drool coming out of his mouth and Maxie was a blue, shivering little doggo! Both dogs were sick. He looked around again at the other dogs. Please, please, please, no other dog be sick….please! But all was fine with the rest of the pack. Rusty gave a sigh of relief. And, thank goodness Rusty had purchased that home vet book and old exam table from Dr. Bjorn at the Brindleton Pawspital. He was about to put them to the test.LISTENING TO BREATHING.pngFirst up…Maxie Blue… Rusty had read that to find out what disease your pet has you have to observe your pet and check their symptoms. Rusty tried a few things on Maxie by examining her fur (it was very cold and icy), taking her temperature (she had a very low temperature), and checking her breath (yep, the usual doggy breath). He also looked at other signs of her disease and aside from being blue, Maxie did have a very red nose.WINTERFEST FEVER FIXATOL TREAT.pngRusty flipped though the home vet book, and read that Maxie probably had Winterfest Fever. How the heck did she get that? He happened to have a cure for that in the locked cabinet beneath the exam table, which was a fixatol treat. Maxie didn’t look too convinced that Rusty could cure her, but she ate it anyway. And it worked! Rusty had cured Maxie!aspen what has happened to you.pngAs Maxie bounded off, it was time to call Aspen over to the exam table. Rusty couldn’t believe that Aspen was sick again. Wasn’t it just 2 days’ ago that he had brought Aspen to the vet? Oh poor Aspen. He had a bit of trouble getting Aspen to stay on the table, but eventually Aspen decided to let Rusty examine him. These dogs…pfft….had no faith in him at all!

Rusty looked at Aspen who was looking at him and drooling more than he normally did. Aspen also seemed to move more slowly than his normal slow self. Rusty examined Aspen’s fur and listened to his breathing, which was also very sluggish. And when Rusty touched Aspen’s ears, Aspen whimpered a bit…poor Aspen must have an ear infection. Rusty just knew that Aspen had been bitten by a squirrel…and found something in the home vet book. Squirrel Scratch Fever. That’s it!cone of shame poor aspen squirrel scratch fever.pngUnfortunately, Rusty didn’t have any of the feelgood serum that was the cure for this disease. So, he had to put on the cone of shame. Sorry, Aspen. Rusty will have to order some of that medicine, especially with that bush there. One of the other dogs could get bitten or scratched by a squirrel, too.GIVING THUNDER A BATHWith two dogs sick…well, cured now…Rusty couldn’t risk the spread of infection or any more sickness in the pack. So, he declared it bath day.bath time.pngAfter getting the pack as clean as he could…brushing scotty again.png…and giving Scotty a nice brushing, the day was half over. Rusty had hoped to explore more of the island, but his pack did come first. So, instead, he decided to go for a walk to the beach and scrounge around a bit in the surrounding area.exploring.png

froggy 1.pngRusty went up to a grassy plain near the beach where he had found some of his first plants, and spied a mossy log.

He thought he saw something hopping in the grass….and sure enough…when he came closer….sure enough he found oneHe heard a sound coming from inside…a sort of croaking sound…like a frog…hmmm…Rusty reached in and looked around and came up with a Leaf Frog! What a cute little fella. Rusty decided to keep him and continued on his walk.a secluded beach.pngThis time he went down a narrow trail to where he had found his rose bush. He followed the path around and to the left where it led to a secluded beach area. Ahhh ….look…another log…maybe he would be lucky again and find a friend for his little hopper. This time he found an Eggplant Frog. Rusty was ecstatic. He hadn’t found any vegetable plants, but he had found some cute frogs. Rusty headed back to his cabin.2 frogs simone.pngHe rummaged around the junk pile on his lot and came up with two containers to put his prized frogs in. He had frogs in his wolf pack now, too. How exciting!feed the dogs feed the dogs.pngToday had certainly been an exhausting day and Rusty was looking forward to just relaxing and maybe even roasting some veggie dogs over the fire. Ummm…hi there Duke. Oh right…did I tell you that the dogs were always hungry? Time to feed the dogs! Again!


Author’s Notes:

I can’t believe that Rusty had 2 sick dogs on the same day. And it was funny, that the only option open to cure Aspen was the cone of shame. Maybe it had something to do with Rusty’s vet level. I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s hoping that nothing else happens for awhile and the pack can get collecting to make those simoleons.

I was trying to think of some other ways for Rusty to make simoleons and then I remembered about frog breeding. Frog breeding is a great way to make simoleons, and you can breed frogs every 4 hours with no effort at all. Just keep them in your inventory and choose two frogs to breed and breed a new frog. Frogs sell for $10 simoleons and up.

There are 2 frog logs on Deadgrass Isle. The first one is off the main road past the boardwalk beach area. To the left, there is a grassy knoll where you will also find wild bluebell and wild catnip to harvest. This is the first location. Continue down the wooded trail past the pet graveyard. Keep going until the end of that trail and you will see a rose bush, turn to the left and then you come to a secluded beach. That is the second one. Those are the only 2 frog logs I could find.

In between curing Maxie and Aspen, Rusty tried to send the dogs off hunting. It was easier to just point and click with the mouse to have Shredder, our raccoon, chase the flock and collect those feathers. So, the dogs did do some hunting today, but not as much as I would have liked.

Some unique finds were obtanium $25 simoleons and hematite $60 simoleons. Lots of repeat finds like broken fossils $10 simoleons, and, of course, the ever-present pet toy finds.





10 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 7 Day 7 Sat: Sickness Strikes Again

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  2. Great job treating the pets. Yes I think it may take a higher vet level to treat the Squirrel Scratch Fever.
    I haven’t come across any veg plants, only the ones you’ve already mentioned.
    Great chapter, I’m now off to read the next 🙂

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