The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 8 Day 8 Sun: The Agency Visits

working in the lanterns.pngIt was Sunday! Rusty still couldn’t believe it. Coming here on an empty lot a week ago, he never would have believed he now had a cabin worth $21,197 simoleons. It was a start, and he was always trying to think of ways to improve his cabin.

Rummaging through the junk pile, he had found some old, dirty mason jars and chain. He had an idea and washed the jars and placed candles in them and strung them up in the tree on his lot. Ahhh…that looked nice and it provided more light. He also built a divider out of birch logs to separate his living room and bedroom. His cabin was coming along nicely, but he still had a long way to go.screen.pngToday was the day someone from the Agency would stop by with those rewards the dogs had earned. Plus, he was going to hand in another order from the “mail order” catalog. He was pretty excited about a sim coming to see him. It had been a few days that he had talked to another sim and even though his dogs were loving, he was starting to feel a bit lonely for sim companionship. Never in all his dreams had he imagined being by himself on an island with a pack of dogs. He had always thought he would find someone…well, to share his life with. But, Rusty figured that wasn’t in the plans.morning routing.pngTaking his mind off of those thoughts, Rusty quickly did his morning routine to get his chores out of the way. Rusty wasn’t sure when the Agency sim would stop by, so he wanted to make sure he was on the lot when they arrived. Even the dogs seemed excited and more hyper than usual today, so he sent the dogs off hunting. That should get rid of some pent-up energy.

He hadn’t even cleaned up the breakfast dishes, when he saw the Agency boat pull up to the dock. He quickly whistled to bring all the dogs back to the lot in case the Agency sim wanted to see if all the dogs were still with him. Rusty figured they would take notes of what he had accomplished in his first week.the agency lady.pngAs Rusty was waiting for his pack, he was surprised to see a woman walking towards him. That’s strange. He was fully expecting the guy who shuttled the boat when he had gone to the Pawspital. He never expected a woman….and such a lovely looking sim, too. Rusty self-consciously smoothed his hair with one hand and was thinking that he should have put on some cologne this morning. Sheesh! What was he thinking. She was only here to inspect his lot and deliver the pet rewards, nothing more. So, why did Rusty feel a bit nervous as he saw her walk towards him?

Just then Duke came back from hunting and dropped a gift at his feet. Rusty nervously laughed and joked about Duke bringing her a welcome gift. She looked intently into Rusty’s eyes and then she smiled. She introduced herself as Ayaka Nakamura and asked Rusty if all his dogs were so well trained.hdnt interacted with someone in so long.pngThat made Rusty feel at ease and they both laughed. After showing Ayaka around and Ayaka taking notes the whole time, Rusty was really starting to like her. When the inspection was over, Rusty didn’t want her to go and he asked her if she had any plans for the afternoon. Ayaka said that this was her only stop for today and that she would be able to stay for a little bit.

Rusty almost jumped for joy and asked Ayaka if maybe she would like to play horseshoes. Rusty explained that he had built a horseshoe pit but hadn’t had a chance to test it out yet.finally got a chance to play horseshoesAs they played horseshoes, Rusty and Ayaka chatted amicably and he learned that she was single. Rusty couldn’t believe that such an attractive sim was single. Ayaka explained that maybe it was because she wasn’t the most graceful sim, and a bit clumsy at times. shredder attaking.pngRusty didn’t really notice any of that…all he saw was how gracefully she was tossing those horseshoes and beating him at the game! Well, that was, until Shredder attacked her! Oh my plumbobs! The first sim to come for a visit and the raccoon bares his teeth at her.she didnt leave.pngRusty couldn’t believe it! Shredder! Stop! This could be my umm…future…um…girl…I mean…um…friend. Rusty lectured Shredder about attacking and apologized to Ayaka. There were a few scratches, and she went over to rinse her leg with some soap and water. Rusty was thankful that she hadn’t run off the lot after that. Ayaka just seemed to shrug it off, and continued playing horseshoes. She knew all about raccoons and how they were extremely territorial. Shredder just had to get to know her a bit better. got on so well.pngAs the afternoon wore on, Ayaka and Rusty talked about all kinds of things. She was so easy to talk to and they became fast friends. The pack even liked her…well, all of them except Shredder. Rusty learned that she was a bookworm and she told him about the history of the island and a mysterious shipwreck. She also whispered that it was rumored that the island was haunted. Ayaka asked Rusty if he had seen anything strange at night, but Rusty said he hadn’t.she had to go but really didnt want to.pngAyaka said it was time to go. Rusty gave her his “mail order” and asked if she would be delivering the order. Ayaka said that they all worked on shifts and she wasn’t sure when she would be back to the island. Rusty was sad to hear that he might not see her again, but was glad of the time they had spent together. Ayaka hugged him goodbye and Rusty sensed that she didn’t really want to go, but he knew she had to get back to the mainland. Rusty thought he saw her glance back at him, but he must have been imagining it.i dont think rusty wanted her to go either.pngAs Ayaka walked towards the pier, Rusty heard her shout that it was going to be a full moon tonight. Ahhhh…no wonder the dogs had been restless. He had read somewhere that dogs bark more on full moons, like their wolf ancestor’s spirits were taking hold of them once again.

Rusty thought that a good run would be good for the pack. Since there was still some daylight, Rusty decided to go for a walk to the beach and called the dogs to follow him. Tire them out so they will sleep and not keep him awake with all their howling.fifi running after something.pngFifi was more than happy to run after Rusty…and in fact, kept running into the forest. Where was she going?where had she gone.pngRusty followed the narrow path leading into the forest. He thought he saw Fifi come this way and called her name. Fifi! Come here! Fifi! Come here! There was no response. What if something had happened to her? The forest was really quite thick here. Rusty thought he saw a clearing ahead…what was this place.pngAs Rusty stumbled out of the forest, he saw something. He wondered what this place was. As he passed under the gates, he looked up and saw a sign….oh, this is the pet cemetery. He recalled the history of the island that Ayaka had told him.graveyard.pngThe place looked old, and everything was covered in moss. Dead sea grass grew out of cracks and a murky fountain was filled with green, fetid water. Rusty looked around and wandered up and down the pathways reading the epitaphs of the gravestones.

dazzler stone

Rusty came upon an interesting one. “Omnes canes ad caelum ibunt”. Rusty knew the last line etched in the stone was Latin. “All dogs go to heaven.” Those brave pets….fifi come back here.pngJust then a sound startled him from his thoughts. Rusty looked around and saw Fifi near some gravestones.what is this place.pngRusty hurried over to where Fifi was digging something near a gravestone. Oh no! Fifi…don’t dig there! Rusty heard a tree branch snap and he looked around but couldn’t see anything. Must just be the wind. He suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and the temperature seemed to have dropped since he had been there. It was getting dark and he suddenly had the urge to leave.getting dark and mist was rolling in.pngRusty turned around and briskly walked out of the graveyard. He noticed that the fog was coming in and swirled around everything. Rusty called to Fifi and she ran ahead of him. Rusty looked around again and thought of the rumors of ghost pets. Yes, just rumors. He shivered a bit. So why did Rusty feel that someone or something was watching him?something else here.png


Author’s Notes:

Well, you can’t do a story living on Deadgrass Isle without involving the pet cemetery. And wasn’t it convenient that the sim from the Agency knew all about the history of the island? Rusty had wandered past there on his search for plants and would never have known it was there if not for Fifi wanting to dig something up near a gravestone. And, yes, Fifi did find something. No, it wasn’t a fossilized hand or skull or something like that, which would have been creepy finding in a graveyard, it was…you guessed it…a dog toy.

Ayaka Nakamura is a random townie sim. She is actually the mail carrier and was walking by his lot, so I had him start a conversation with her. I thought that she could be the Agency sim who had to come and inspect his lot on Sunday. Who knew they would hit it off so quickly and become friends so fast.

Rusty is making great progress. Not only is he raking in simoleons with harvesting his garden, his frogs are breeding, too! He has taken so many simstagram photos of his pets and most are of normal quality and sell for around $8 simoleons each. I took them all out of his inventory and displayed them on a wall and chose the best ones to frame and sold the rest. With harvesting, frog breeding, pet finds (not including the feathers) and the simstagram pics, he now has $6,005 simoleons! I know, I can’t believe it myself. A few days ago, he was barely scraping by. I really feel it is the garden that has helped so much and the simstagram pics.

Unique finds today were Alcron $10 simoleons, Hilariously tiny T-rex Arms fossil $45 simoleons, some up-grade parts $10 simoleons, Dr F statue $75 simoleons.






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