The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 9 Day 9 Mon: Feathers, Feathers and More Feathers

our original and 1 sold yesterday and 3 done todayIt had been a busy day yesterday with the Agency visit, and Rusty realized this morning that Ayaka had forgotten to give him the pet rewards that his dogs had received as Simstagram Starters. Oh well, maybe they will be delivered on another day.

Rusty also didn’t have a chance to open the 11 feather piles that Shredder had brought back to him yesterday. And when he opened them, Rusty realized, he had enough feathers to make three…..yes 3….bird sculptures! That’s $2,500 simoleons apiece, so an unbelievable $7,500 simoleons! Rusty couldn’t believe his luck! This would be what he needed for his indoor kitchen, and he promptly went to look at the mail order catalog and filled out another order.building his deck.pngWhen the boat did arrive that morning, there was a lot of unloading to do. That’s because Rusty had ordered some wood planks, wood screws and spindles. A lot of it. Rusty wanted to expand his deck. In his junk pile, there was only so much wood, and a lot of the pieces were rotting. They wouldn’t do, so he had to order more. And his choice was a wood composite, which was guaranteed not to rot or splinter. Plus it was eco-friendly.made a deck.pngHe worked all morning and well into the afternoon on his deck. If not for the dogs wanting some attention, he would have been able to finish it. But, he was getting tired himself, and decided that he had done enough for one day. Doesn’t it look great? Rusty’s cabin is now worth $25,654 simoleons.

He did place all the pet beds on the deck and maybe, just maybe the dogs would actually sleep on them now instead of the 2 and grubby.pngPlus, Rusty kind of needed a shower after all that hard work. Rusty, you need more than cologne today!bath in the dog bath.pngSo, Rusty decided to take a bath and admire his new deck. Ahhh….the great outdoors! Afterwards, feeling refreshed, Rusty took a walk to the beach area. This was becoming his favorite place. He whistled for his pack to come for a walk, too.rusty finally catches a fish.pngRusty had no other plans for the day, and thought he might try some fishing again. He had started to read one of those fishing magazines that Dr. Bjorn had given him, so maybe it would help. He sent the dogs off hunting and cast his line. Within minutes, he felt a tug on his pole and reeled it in. He had caught something! He had actually caught a fish this time! It was tiny! But it was certainly a happy moment. [Author’s Note – look – no backwards fishing! lol]oh look at this notice.pngJust then he thought he saw the Agency boat at the dock. What? They weren’t supposed to come today. Could it be….Rusty could only hope that maybe it was Ayaka coming for a visit. He stowed his fishing pole near the rusting boat at the beach and practically ran all the way back to his lot.ayaka coming for a visit.pngAnd it was….it was Ayaka! But she wasn’t dressed in her agency clothes. She was dressed in a nice top and a cute skirt. Oh my gosh! Rusty thought she looked so gorgeous. Thank goodness he had taken that bath. Rusty wondered why she was here, but somehow really didn’t care if there was a reason. All he cared about was that she was actually here.i forgot to give you the pet rewards.pngRusty ran up to her and invited her in. She came back. What did this mean? She looked so beautiful, so different from how she looked yesterday. Rusty almost…well…he just wanted to take her in his arms and never let her go, but he didn’t. He played it cool. He did compliment her and the outfit she was wearing. He especially liked the poodle on her skirt. Rusty thought he saw her blush when she said that she thought that Rusty would like the skirt because he loved dogs so much.

They both laughed, and Rusty almost forgot what he was going to ask her. Oh yah…why she was here…and not in her uniform. Ayaka explained that she had forgotten to give him something yesterday. Rusty held his breath. Ayaka handed him a package. Oh right, it was the pet rewards that the pets had gotten.simstagram starter rewards.pngHe ripped open the package. Oh great! More pet toys! Rusty laughed a hearty laugh and thanked her for making a special trip to bring these to him. She smiled shyly at him and wet her lips. Was she flirting with Rusty? They looked into each others eyes. Rusty was overcome with such feelings for Ayaka, he just didn’t understand it. He just wanted to…oh my….he wanted to…..and then it happened.shredder this could be my future wife.pngYes….Shredder…attacked poor Ayaka again! Shredder! Stop! This could be my future…wi…. errr….ummm…this is my friend! Stop! Oh poor Ayaka. Two days in a row. Rusty reprimanded Shredder and told him to go outside. Rusty was very angry at Shredder. How was he supposed to have a relationship with anyone if Shredder kept attacking them. He hoped that Shredder understood that attacking was a no-no.

shredder not attacking

so thoughtful cleaning up her lot.pngRusty apologized to Ayaka for Shredder’s behavior and Ayaka said it was ok. Training out bad behaviors was hard. She commended him on what he was doing. As if one dog misbehaving wasn’t enough, now Rusty saw Maxie drinking from a puddle. So, while Rusty hurried off to lecture Maxie, Ayaka went out and cleaned up the lot a bit. Rusty thought that she was such a wonderful sim! Ahhh…the least he could do was make her some dinner.pngAyaka didn’t have to get back right away and Rusty asked her to stay for dinner. It’s the least he could do since she’d been attacked by his wild raccoon two days in a row. He didn’t have a grill on his lot, so they went up to the little picnic area near the lighthouse. Rusty’s cooking skills weren’t really that good, but his fruit kebobs turned out just right. And Ayaka seemed to enjoy them, too.

They ate and talked and Ayaka asked him about the future, once he got his house, once he completed the challenge…what then? Rusty looked at Ayaka and softly said that he didn’t want to live all alone on the island. Ayaka looked embarrassed and turned her head and just nodded without saying a word.stargazing with rusty.pngIt was dark before they knew it, and Rusty suggested some stargazing before she headed back to the mainland. Ayaka liked that idea. As they lay down on the grass together and pointed out the different stars, Rusty suddenly saw a shooting star. He remembered an old tale about making a wish when you saw a shooting star, so he closed his eyes and made a wish. Just then, Ayaka snuggled close to Rusty and Rusty felt like the happiest sim ever. Maybe his wish will come true.


Author’s Notes:

After I had opened all the feather piles in Rusty’s inventory and clicked on them, I kept getting Assemble into Bird Sculpture. 3 bird sculptures! I was in total shock. This is the way to go. This is the way to make those simoleons for this challenge. Yep, send that raccoon over to that flock of birds all day long. Just keep doing it everytime you see those birds land, boom, Command to Chase Birds. So, yes, even though it is tempting to sell those feathers when you get them….keep them and make a whopping profit. When I first thought of this tip, I had never, never thought it would be so successful. I kid you not. Try it for yourself.

Gardening is still profitable for sure, but collecting feathers is a whole lot easier. What I have found now is that it used to take 2 hours for Rusty to tend to his garden, and now, it is practically a full-time job. Harvest, evolve, water, weed…the list goes on. This is with 5 each of all the wild plants found on the island. I am sure glad that I didn’t buy any more seed packs from the planter and just stuck with the wild seeds that he found.

I was ecstatic when I saw the notice that Ayaka wanted to come for a visit. And, look at that cute outfit she had on. The skirt with the little poodle. It was a sign. Here she was wearing this cute little dog skirt, and Rusty had the dog lover trait. These two were made for each other, and sure enough, there is some pink in their relationship bar and she has now moved from Friend to Romantic Interest. The rules of the Wolf Pack Challenge do not forbid you to have a girlfriend/boyfriend, the person just can’t move in with you. But seriously, Rusty does have to concentrate on getting that $50K house built. Ayaka’s visit was just a nice surprise.

Unique finds found today were fossilized sea monster $50 simoleons, and fossilized egg $70 simoleons. Rusty has also bred the rare surfer eggplant frog worth $30 simoleons.

6 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 9 Day 9 Mon: Feathers, Feathers and More Feathers

  1. I’m really warming up to this challenge I didn’t think it was possible in such a short period of time to tell you the truth! I still need to watch MyInnerSim’s one too. Also, Shredder attacking Ayaka was hilarious!

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