The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 10 Day 10 Tues: Indoor Kitchen

spent the morning renovating his deck.pngRusty was up bright and early the next morning and started hammering away on his deck. He had almost finished the back part, and this wrap-around deck design really did look quite nice. Rusty was more determined than ever to finish the cabin. Sure, he had been working hard, but not hard enough. He had to send the dogs hunting more, collect more feathers, work on the garden and make more simoleons to order more items to complete the house.

Maybe it had something to do with Ayaka’s visit. He had started to dream about a future…of maybe not being alone…maybe there was still hope. He was honest when he had told Ayaka that he didn’t want to live all alone on the island. What he hadn’t told her was that he was hoping that she would be the one to live on the island with him. He really wanted to share it with Ayaka. And to spend more time with her, he had to finish the house and have it worth $50K simoleons.

Plus, he was a bit worried.  He had noticed that both Aspen and Thunder were resting more. Would they be becoming elders soon? Would they be able to run as fast as they do now or not? Ok, well, Aspen didn’t actually run, but if he was an elder, he would be much slower. The raccoon was still at adult stage, but it was time to put a push on things. Who knows what would happen. Rusty had to get it the boat delivered his “mail order” items, Rusty worked all day on installing his kitchen. He had ordered a wood burning stove and propane fridge. The fridge was a direct vent model and needed to be placed on an outside wall. It even had a battery operated light inside. He had a few extra canisters of propane as back-up, but he could always order more. The kitchen cabinets were solid wood with brushed metal and grating complete with butcher block countertops. He now had space to store all his canned goods. He had even bought a new energy efficient galvanized sink with hand pump. He constructed some new chairs and brought his table in from outside. To complete the kitchen, he had purchased a lovely hand-woven wicker rug which he placed the table and chairs on.

When it was all finished, Rusty stood back and admired it. It looked pretty good.rustic kitchen.pngside view of rustic kitchen.pngpropane fridge vented outside.pngmaking his first meal on his new stove.pngRusty was so excited about his new kitchen that he decided to test it out and make some scrambled eggs with bacon. Rusty hoped that if he worked on his cooking skills that he would be able to invite Ayaka over for a nice dinner when the house was complete. Rusty was thankful that he hadn’t started a kitchen fire, but just in case, he did have his trusty fire extinguisher soon as he started cooking the dogs came.pngAs soon as Rusty started cooking, in came all the dogs. I guess it smelled pretty good. Maybe they thought it was for them.

With the deck addition and indoor kitchen, the value of his house was now $39,402 simoleons.bad shredder.pngRusty finished making his dish and set it on the counter for a moment. He remembered he hadn’t filled the food bowls so maybe that’s why the dogs were all congregated in the kitchen. So, he headed outside.

Meanwhile…along comes the hungry Shredder and feasts on Rusty’s meal. Shredder! What are you doing eating Rusty’s food?shredder in md leap.pngCaught in mid-leap. Not only did Shredder nibble on Rusty’s breakfast, but Shredder was  also jumping on the counter. Aha! Caught in mid-leap!shredder what are you doing on top of there.pngOh Shredder! On top of the fridge now!eating and scotty begging for good.pngAnd Rusty is none the wiser and eats his breakfast. Look at Scotty! He is begging for food. I guess Scotty knows that bacon is so much better than kibble.go hunt.pngAfter cleaning up from his meal, Rusty sent the pack off to hunt. And they’re off!fifi the smart dogRusty decided to keep Fifi behind to train her. He begins with Lie Down, then Speak and Sit. These are all Level 1 training. Oh, Fifi is such a smart dog! Rusty is hoping that training will help Fifi find better presents. Well, that’s what he read in his home vet book, so he’ll see if it works.getting the bills.pngOk, so today is Tuesday and Rusty gets a mail delivery. I thought the mail was delivered on Monday, but maybe mail delivery is different on the island. Anyway, look at Ayaka’s expression, like…ooohhh….Rusty’s been building…good job! lol She leaves too quickly for Rusty to even say was so large now and weeds were everywhere.pngOnce the training is accomplished, Rusty sends Fifi off to hunt, too. And then he turns around and looks at the garden. Oh….the garden. He had neglected it. It was full of weeds, and everything needed watering…and…rusty had neglected his garden.png…what was that smell? Oh…no! Some of his plants were dead and giving off this green haze. Oh that was not good. He realized that he had lost 4 plants. He still needed his garden as it made him a lot of simoleons. He might have to downsize it a bit, though, as it was getting hard to look after. And will you look at that! Rusty has a new plant in his garden. Yep, the rare trash plant.the 12 feathers.pngWith the pack hunting and bringing back their finds, Rusty looked at all the feathers that Shredder had brought back today. Rusty decided to frame them and made a sketch of each bird above the feather. [Author’s note: Drag the feather from inventory and place on a wall and it turns into a pic. It is the same simoleon value as the feather.]bills omg.pngIt’s getting late, and Rusty had almost forgotten about the mail delivery today. Yikes! Will you have a look at these bills! Come on pack, go hunting or we’ll have our electricity shut off….ummm…what was Rusty talking about…Rusty has no electricity! But water, he does have water…and he doesn’t want to go for more than a few days without a shower. Nooooo…. So, Rusty wisely pays the bills.and so ends our day.pngAnd so another day ends. Rusty is pretty tired from building his deck, installing his kitchen and tending the garden. He collapses from fatigue mopping up all the pee puddles. Poor Rusty.


Author’s Note:

I realize that some of the kitchen pics have the fridge in two places. Well, I actually did some internet research to see if propane fridges did exist in real life, and sure enough they do. They are called off-the-grid fridges. The important note about this type of fridge is that they do have to be on an outside wall and vented to the outside. So, I moved the fridge to be on an outer wall and put that fan on the outside. I know I didn’t have to and the kitchen actually looked great the other way, but to me, it was more believable. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! lol I also think it’s funny that when I googled this, it came up to a Canadian site ~ that’s because I’m Canadian. Only in Canada, you say?  I am sure there are some US sites as well. Here is the site if anyone is interested in reading it. Off-Grid Fridges Stuff I learn while playing The Sims! lol

Does training your dog help them find better gifts? I was watching a Let’s Play on this challenge (see link below), and her pack were finding all kinds of very expensive items, like gnomes, a midnight raven car and more. Training alone will not help the pack to find better gifts. It is your sim who gains the training skill that does the trick. When your sim gets to level 3 training, you can have your pack search in those seaweed and fish piles at the beach, and that is where they can find those expensive items. Those items pop up in the house inventory versus the personal inventory. Well, that’s what happened in her Let’s Play, but I haven’t found anything like this yet. I am going to keep trying to see what happens. BlubberPuff Wolf Pack Challenge Let’s Play

Unique finds found today were Fossilized Alien Skull $250 simoleons, Morcubus statue $75 simoleons, Ol’ Gabby statue $25 simoleons and heavy metal $30 simoleons.

8 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 10 Day 10 Tues: Indoor Kitchen

  1. I love the new kitchen! All of those items make it look so rustic and realistic. I wondered why you’d put that fan on the outside and now I know. Very interesting. Ayaka seemed to approve of the renovations too.


    • Yes, I like them, too. I saw a pic of them and wondered how the heck they got them and then sort of just discovered it when I pulled a feather to a wall. It was kind of neat. Seriously, get your raccoon to collect those feathers, just keep doing it all day.


      • Yeah they are so cool 🙂 Yep, I’m finally recording that series again after pre-recording a few so I will definitely be utilising that fantastic tip 😀 Thank you 😀


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