The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 11 Day 11 Weds: Dog Training

building a walled garden.pngYesterday, Rusty had thought long and hard about his garden and decided that he needed to transplant some of his plants and create a nicer space on his lot. He also decided to enclose the garden so the dogs wouldn’t be running around the garden and trampling his seedlings.working on the wall.pngSo, almost at dawn, Rusty set about building a wall using rocks he had found on the island. It was a daunting task stacking and re-stacking the rocks and fitting them in so they wouldn’t tumble over. He was not able to finish it all in one day, but at least he had started and it looked so much better.

He had thought about down-sizing the garden, but decided not to. He still needed it. His plan was that eventually he would order some herbs and vegetable seeds and create a victory garden in this area.

He also re-planted some of his fruit trees to the front of his lot to provide some much-needed shade there.some stairs and a back door.pngHaving some left-over lumber from a previous order, Rusty was also able to construct a set of stairs. He had ordered and installed a door, and this became the back door to his house. He had some plans for this back area and had drawn some sketches and ordered some ferns, and flowers for his new project…but that was for another day.

Rusty’s cabin is now worth $44,023 simoleons!continuing training with fifi.pngToday, Rusty was going to finish training Fifi to see if training would help her dig more expensive finds. And so after working the morning in the garden, he continued her “fetch” training. Fifi really picked up on the training fast. [Author’s note: Fifi has the smart trait and dogs who have that trait are supposed to be easier to train.]rusty teaching play dead.pngRusty couldn’t believe that Fifi only had one more training. Rusty thought about how to teach Fifi to “play dead” and pantomined it for her.are you alive thiunder sprinkling the deck.pngFifi didn’t quite know what to make of this at first or what Rusty was trying to show her and wondered if he was alright. Of course Thunder doesn’t seem to be concerned as he continues to water the deck. Thunder! Did you have to do it there?dont worry this is only teach to play dead.pngAfter a few tries, Fifi got it! Yeah Fifi!fifi you are so good.pngOh Fifi, you’re such a smart dog! Rusty gives her a well-deserved treat. Rusty is so thrilled that Fifi’s training is complete.

At the same time that Fifi masters all of her training, Rusty maximizes the Training Skill.our dog is pooping rainbows.pngOnce Fifi’s training is complete, Rusty continues on his chores and does a double-take when he spies this on the ground! What the heck…’s a rainbow…rainbow poop? Where did this come from? Oh no….one of the dogs is sick again….scotty the rainbow dog.pngYep, Scotty is the rainbow poop dog today. Rusty is once again so glad that he bought this exam table and vet home book from Dr. Bjorn. He has Scotty hop up on the exam table and tries to find out what he has. Rusty knows he’s pooping rainbows, but what is causing it? How does a dog poop rainbows?

Scotty also has a rapid heartbeat and his breath smells kind of sweet. Rusty looks through the home vet book and finds that Scotty has something called Prismatic Poop Plague. Scotty, how did you get this?biscuit with medicine xRusty reads that the treatment is a biscuit with medicine X. Scotty doesn’t seem to like this treat very much but Rusty convinces him that it will make him better. All cured! Rusty does a check on the other dogs to ensure that they are healthy, and they are.go on adventure together.pngRusty heads over and gives Thunder a pet. Thunder has been wanting to go on an adventure all morning, so Rusty gives in and decides that they should go on an adventure together. [Author’s Note: Thunder has the adventurous trait and I always wanted to see where an adventure together would lead!]

adventure with thunder

Where shall they go? Rusty has been wanting to take a peek in that lighthouse, so Rusty and Thunder head off together. the lighthouse

lighthouse gift shopWell, that was a great adventure! Rusty was thinking that it would really be nice to take Ayaka to the lighthouse and view the bay from the top. Rusty wondered how many stairs there were to climb.exploring seaweed.pngThe sun was setting and even though it was getting late, Rusty wanted to see if Fifi’s hunting had improved and dashes off to the beach area with all the dogs running at his heel. Rusty points to a seaweed pile and has Fifi explore it.fifi with seaweed treasure.pngAnd Fifi finds something! Yes! Now, will this be the big, expensive find? Oh Rusty could hardly wait to see what Fifi had found….baconite…hmmm….well, a good find, but not the great find Rusty had hoped for. Well, there must be some secret to getting these expensive finds. Rusty will have to keep trying and will work on training Thunder tomorrow.roasting the fish he caught.pngBut until then, he was going to roast the fish he caught and enjoy the evening.


Author’s Notes:

I can’t believe that Rusty is almost there! Collecting and saving feathers to make the bird statue has really helped. Rusty is making 1 or 2 statues a day. Plus with the income from the garden and frog breeding, that’s a lot of simoleons!

In BlubberPuff’s Wolf Pack Challenge video that I had watched, sometimes when you went on an adventure you would get gifts, too. The gifts normally go in the household inventory. But, alas, there was nothing in there when Rusty and Thunder returned from their lighthouse adventure.



8 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 11 Day 11 Weds: Dog Training

  1. Wow Rusty is doing so well! You definitely seem to have better luck with feathers than me lol I keep checking to see if I can make the statue but it rarely happens and I even have some of the rare sixam feathers lol.
    Yay he trained Fifi, I hope it helps 🙂

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