The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 12 Day 12 Thurs: Water Fun

brushing teeth am.pngRusty was up early again and determined to get his house done before his pack aged up. He wanted to do so much today, but felt he was running out of time to get the house completed. He made great progress yesterday, but there was still a lot of work to be done. SHREDDER COLLECTING.pngThank goodness for Shredder collecting those feathers so Rusty could assemble the bird statues or Rusty wouldn’t be where he was at this point. And speaking of bird statues, more feathers were collected and Rusty had enough for 2 more bird statues!time to water the garden again.pngOnce he had some cereal and sent the dogs out hunting, Rusty decided his first task of the day would be completing his walled garden. Well, that was after he watered his garden again.finishing the garden.pngHe had also ordered some more items from the mail order catalog and in a few hours, the walled garden was finished. Rusty thought it looked pretty good.rusty even made a pet toy holder.pngHe even had an excess of flowers from harvesting and decided to plant some in window boxes and flower boxes to brighten up the rest of the lot. From the left-over wood, he made a pet toy box, although that didn’t stop all the pet toys from being strewn about the thunder.pngRusty needed a break after all that work, so he decided to continue training Thunder.fifi is encouraging thunder.pngThunder did so well in his training and learned to “speak”. Now Thunder was trained, too. Look at Fifi behind Thunder encouraging him. These dogs have lots of personality.a bite to eat.pngAfter a bite to eat, Rusty was ready for the next task.stinky laundry.pngMaybe no one had noticed, but poor Rusty was stuck in the same clothes he had on when he came to the island. And they were looking pretty worn. No matter how he tried they never seemed to get clean. So, one of the things he decided to purchase was some laundry detergent and a wonderful wash tub and clothes line. Did you ever know someone more excited about doing laundry?so much laundry 2.pngHe had so much laundry to do he got the “washed-out arms” moodlet from using the wash tub.nothing like the smell of clean laundry.pngThere is nothing quite like the smell of clean, fresh clothes! Ahhhh…. Oh darn, what happened to Rusty’s other sock?instant raccooon shower.pngEven Shredder thinks this is a rather cool raccoon and laundry area.pngWith the garden and laundry area done, Rusty just had two more areas to finish for the house. Since it was a sunny day, he would tackle the outdoor one first which would take the rest of the day. But he knew it would be worth it.the dogs came and went from their hunting.pngThe dogs came and went from their hunting excursions…wondering what Rusty was making in the back yard….the cutest ones.pngRusty was digging and adding flowers and rocks. Maxie and Scotty helped dig up a storm. And then Rusty stood back and admired his new…..rusty stood back and admired his new garden pool.png…garden pond (pool)! Rusty had discovered a natural spring pond in his backyard and with a bit of landscaping and a ladder, it was a magnificent, cooling pool. Rusty wondered if the dogs would swim in it, so he called them all over.i am not going near that water.pngNothing like the present to try out the new pond! Oh it was great!pool party.pngAll the dogs loved the pond…well, all the pack except poor little Maxie…maxie is afraid of water.pngRusty thought that maybe Maxie was afraid of the pool. Oh well, he’d give her a nice bath later.thunder loved the pool.pngBut the dog who loved the pond the most was Thunder. He went in and out of that pond autonomously all day long.true to his word bath time for maxie.pngAfter some splashing fun with the dogs, he came out and true to his word, Rusty picked up Maxie for her bath.maxie getting a bath.pngMaxie seemed to like this much better. Oh she was a bubble girl.TRAINING TO FETCH.pngThe rest of the afternoon was spent playing with the pack.WHO IS FIGHTING.pngWell that was until Scotty decided to get in a fight with Shredder.THIS TIME IT WAS SCOTTY WHO STARTED THE FIGHT.pngYes, believe it! Shredder is the innocent one this time. Rusty had to tell Scotty not to attack, but he quickly gave both Scotty and Shredder a pet. He didn’t want any more pets running away after a fight.HE EVEN COOKED UP A SPECIAL TREAT FOR SHREDDER.pngRusty made a special treat for Shredder to cheer him up. A beef and chicken fishcake. Rusty had never made his own pet food before, but he had read this recipe in the home vet book he had purchased. It looked pretty good….let’s hope Shredder likes it.SHREDDER FELT BETTER.pngOh yes! As soon as Rusty called Shredder to come and eat, Shredder ran over so fast. Oh yummy in the tummy!tiring day.pngAfter filling up all the dog dishes and making sure all the pack was happy, Rusty fixed himself some mac and cheese. All the excitement today and splashing around in the pond made for some very tired doggos.reading a gourmet cooking book.pngThe house was almost done. He had ordered another mail order to finish the living room area which would be delivered tomorrow morning. He planned on inviting Ayaka for dinner and show her all the work he had done on the house. Now….what to make for dinner. Rusty had bought a book on gourmet cooking and the dishes looking really good. He hoped he could make a very special dinner for Ayaka. He wanted tomorrow to be special…very special.pngA special dinner, a special evening. Yes, very special…! *wink*

* * * * *Woof * * * * *

Author’s Notes:

I wanted to thank lisabeesims for the lovely Laundry Day Stuff Pack which I won on Facebook for creating a sim to attend a royal wedding (it was a random draw). Without this pack, poor Rusty would still be walking around in dirty clothes. And with some flower additives, his clothes are sparkling clean and he gets the moodlet “pristine clothes”. The laundry pack has some lovely items that are geared to eco-living.

The pool build I used (room) is made by sunshine007458 called Garden Pool.  Before the dogs could use it, I had to remove some of the rocks and flowers from one end. After that it worked just fine and there was just no stopping these dogs. I also changed the ladder to a more rustic ladder.

garden pool.png

I love that the dogs will swim autonomously and it is cool to watch them swim. Thunder, the adventure trait dog, loved the pool the most and was in and out of the pond all the time. I wish I had thought of doing this sooner. The dogs seemed to have a lot of fun and I really liked watching them swim. It does not work like a bath though, and they are still dirty when they come out.

11 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge Ch 12 Day 12 Thurs: Water Fun

  1. That was so neat! My puppacy Gen 4 heir, Dustin, loves to swim and swims daily! His mate, Chloe, hates it and gets SO skittish when he’s in the pool! LOL!

    His house is coming along great! What a fun story this has been!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have enjoyed reading this story so much, hard to believe it’s almost finished. I’ll miss Rusty and his wolf pack. But, I believe he and his soon-to-be fiancee (sp?) along with the pack will live happily ever after. IF she says ‘yes’. She’ll say yes, yep! How could she not? Hopefully, they’ll have a ‘pup’ or two of their own as well. 🙂

    Great chapter too btw. Congrats on winning the Laundry Day SP! I agree, it’s a fun pack with lots of objects perfect for rustic builds and stories. I’ve been using quite a few in my recent builds. I also adore the pond/pool he ‘made’. The builder did a great job on it and I like the renovations you made for it.

    One day I hope to get Cats & Dogs and enjoy watching my critters swim around, chase birds, dig and such. Not sure if I’ll dress them up or not though, but I do have to admit some of the clothes for pets do make them look adorable. Especially poor little Maxie with her sweet pink bow. She looks so scared or worried in that pic. Awww….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading karababy5…MyInnerSim is also doing a Let’s Play on The Wolf Pack Challenge. The challenge starts out really hard and I didn’t think I would make it at the beginning, but here I am with 1 chapter left.


  3. Wow the house is coming along amazingly and the garden pool sounds like a great idea. It’s a shame it doesn’t clean them though, that would have been very helpful lol
    Ooh a special evening, how exciting!!

    Liked by 2 people

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