Survive the Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum Tour

Our story begins with Louis Reid, (the sim I will be controlling), being dropped off ahead of the others. He wanders the asylum looking for a staff member and thereby gives us a tour of the Happy Hollow Asylum. Louis and the other sims will be introduced in The Case Files chapter.


DROPPED AT THE SIDEWALK.pngLouis stood staring at the Happy Hollow Asylum. He was the first one to be dropped off  at the asylum, while the other seven sims that had crash landed with him in the jungle, were still being “processed.” Yes, he had literally been dropped off. Just like that, dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the house. Apparently Happy Hollow is a low level facility, meaning that life here is supposed to be as normal as possible and the residents living here are no threat to themselves or society.

Sure. Right. You believe that? So how come everyone is wearing one of those ankle monitors? You know, one of those ” You can run, but you can’t hide” trackers. And the patients are only allowed to leave the lot daily between 7am and 5pm (unless it’s for work), and then the doors are locked? Yes, locked. And this is not an inaudible locking, click sound. Oh no! These are automatic locks with a deafening sound. Click. Kerchunk. All at once. And then silence. Yah, right, totally normal.the doctor.pngLouis thinks that the doctors just didn’t know what to do with them and just admitted them all together here. Like Louis, most of the patients can’t remember who they are or what they did before the crash. But others…well, Louis thinks that they had problems before the crash. He heard some of the staff whispering about a few of them, but then, they were whispering about Louis, too, so who knew what to to stay.pngAt least here he’d have a place to stay, have some food and a bed to sleep in. And maybe with a few days’ rest, it would all come back. He would remember who he was…his life…why he was here…why he was on that expedition….arrival louis.pngBut no, this was a mistake. This was not just some normal house that he was entering. This was an insane asylum. He did NOT belong in an insane asylum. Louis decided to head inside and look for someone in charge and convince them to discharge him before the others arrived.creepy entry way.pngHe opened the front door and oh my plumbobs! When they had said it was an older house, they forgot to tell them that it was also run-down. Really run-down. The place was deplorable. Louis was sure it was great in it’s day, but now all he saw were wispy, dusty spiderwebs hanging in corners, moldy, faded wallpaper and cracks in the walls. The only bright spot in this dark entryway was the picture hanging on the wall. Louis looked at the label of the painting’s name, “Beauty in the Madness” It seemed fitting. And it was so dark…what was with all the candles? Didn’t they have any power?lit fireplace.pngHe entered a door to the right which opened up to a living room area. The walls were covered in an oppressive, red striped wallpaper, which was moldy and peeling in places. The carpet was covered in dirt and grime with a worn pathway leading to the next room. There was a stone fireplace on the main wall, flanked by two massive bookcases. Atop the fireplace was an urn and an oil lamp. There was a stained couch and mis-matched chair facing the fireplace with a small, crooked table between them. An old, tattered floral rug lay in front of the fireplace. A scratched table holding a small television was angled in the corner, and the opposite wall held a chess table with two, unattractive wood chairs. The only modern item seemed to be a microphone. Louis had no idea if it even worked, but it did look new.GARDEN ROOM.pngLouis continued through the archway to a room off the living room. The room looked like an addition to the main house and the cement walls were painted over with some vile green-colored paint. There were certainly a lot of windows in this room. It looked like a solarium with various plants and garden paraphernalia on some rickety, wooden tables. A leafy picture hung on the wall and above it were the words “garden club”. An old antique phonograph …did these things really still exist…perched on a small table under the picture in the corner. Some wooden window boxes had something growing out of them. Maybe the former residents grew their own food.THE PAINTING AREA.pngTo the left in a dark corner stood a well-worn painting easel. Scattered underneath the easel were some yellowed, stained newspapers and pieces of paint-splotched cardboard. There was a painting of a clown on the wall, but Louis didn’t feel very happy when he viewed it. This room led to another area. There was also a door to the backyard so Louis decided to head out the door and see what the backyard looked like.OUT BACK.pngNear the back door were two planter boxes with some brown plants growing that hadn’t been watered in awhile. Louis didn’t know if they were weeds or actual plants. There was a small rock fire pit, and an old fashioned wash tub and clothesline. Surely they didn’t expect them to use this old washtub to wash their clothes? And in the middle was a swimming pool….ummm…a green, algae-filled swimming pool with a rusty ladder. This place needed a pool person badly.UNDERGROUND BUNKER.pngAnd what was that? Louis saw some sort of building on the other side of the pool. It was overgrown with vines. He went towards the secured door and tried to open it but it was locked. He wondered what this was. It almost looked like a bunker of some sort. He headed back inside. (Author’s Note: This area will be explored in a later chapter and not in the original asylum build. Oooh mystery!)AN AREA OFF THE SOLARIUM.pngOff of the solarium near the bathroom was a little alcove with a saggy looking bear with his stuffing falling out. There was also a table that looked like a craft table. A sim had fashioned a popsicle stick flower and left it on the table. Was this for the bear? Maybe this was where all bears went for a little recovery time…the intensely loved bear hospital. Love can sometimes tear us apart.SEPARATE TOILET.pngThe bathroom was divided into two rooms. One room held the toilet and a scratched, peeling counter. Some toothbrushes in a cup and white, folded towels rested on top of the counter. Strange that there was no sink. There was a tarnished mirror above the counter which reflected the flickering candles from the wall candle holder. Water leaked from the base of the toilet and hanging askew on the wall was 1 roll of toilet paper. Just 1. One roll of toilet paper for eight sims.OLD FASHIONED BATH TUB.pngThe other room held a very old fashioned, chipped bathtub/shower combo. The shower curtain was ripped in places and emitted a rather musty, mildew smell.  A few of the tiles on the shower wall seemed to have fallen off. Even the white towel hanging from the rack seemed to look rough. Both rooms were functional, but were bare of any frills or luxuries. But something seemed to be missing. Where was the sink? There was no sink in either bathroom.KITCHEN AREA WAS PRETTY BARE.pngThe next room was the kitchen with very old, 1950s or 60s-era green appliances and faded counters with cracked formica tops. There wasn’t even an exhaust vent over the stove. The cabinets held very basic, white dishes, most of them chipped and cracked from years of use. The walls were covered in yellow gingham wallpaper which would have been cheery, if not for the spiderwebs dangling from the corners. The floor was a checkered black and white linoleum littered with food scraps.  But there was a sink in here, although it constantly dripped water when not in use. There was a solitary metal chair at the work island, and an old whiskey barrel served as a garbage can. On top of one counter sat a medley of condiments, the ketchup bottle’s lid encrusted with hardened, ketchup remnants.KITCHEN BULLETIN  BOARD.png The opposite wall of the kitchen held a broom and dust pan, cork board, menu chalk board and a bulletin board with a single note on it. Louis read the note “Take the llama and run.” Oh, that was inspiring. There was not even a smoke detector in the kitchen. How could this place stay open? What was wrong with the management here? Couldn’t they fix the place up? Oh right, he forgot….they had a lack of funds.

And apparently a lack of staff, too. In fact, where was the staff? He hadn’t seen anyone. No-one greeted him when he entered. No-one showed him his room. Nothing. No-one. Louis thought he heard voices coming from upstairs, so he climbed the stairs to the upper level.SECURITY GUARD DESK.pngAt the top of the stairs there was a security guard’s desk. And off of this main area was a door to the left and a door to the right. These must be the sleeping areas.1 room with 3 beds.pngThe room to the right held a room with 3 single beds, some dented gym lockers and two sloppily hammered tables with an oil lamp on top of each one. There were also bars on the window.second room.pngThe room to the left didn’t look much better. It held 2 single beds, another set of dented gym lockers, and an uneven wooden table with an oil lamp on it. Again, the windows were barred. There must be another sleeping area. There weren’t enough beds. There were only 5 beds, but there were 8 people living here. Plus those beds didn’t look very comfortable. More like rock-hard mattresses.THE SCURITY GUARDS.pngThere didn’t seem to be any other rooms on this floor, but there were 2 security guards. A Cop and Llama. Louis decided to head back downstairs again.rubber roonLouis wandered the asylum aimlessly and came across a door off the kitchen. Oh, he missed this earlier. Maybe this room had more beds. He opened the door and there was nothing in this room. The room contained nicely padded white walls and a security camera and mirror. This was indeed a strange room. The other door opened to the living room area.

As Louis stood pondering the room’s use, he heard a voice call out in the front hall. It sounded like someone calling his name. Maybe it was a staff member. Finally! Louis stepped out of the white room and headed towards the front hall. He was now more determined than ever to talk to someone and get out of this place.

* * * * *


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