Survive the Insanity: Mistaken Identity

In our last chapter, Louis is dropped off on the sidewalk of the asylum before the others, and tries to find a sim to convince them that he is sane and doesn’t belong there. He wanders the asylum, and explores the grounds. Standing in a padded white room, he suddenly hears a sim calling his name and goes out to investigate…ive been waiting for u.pngLouis rounded the corner in the front hall and almost collided with the sim standing there. Louis apologized and the sim introduced himself as Dr. Lecter. Yes, Louis was right. It was a staff member. Dr. Lecter politely asked Louis his name.

“It’s umm….it’s ummm…well, the staff call me Louis Reid, but I don’t think that’s my real name…” Louis replied.

Oh that sounded lame and not sane at all. If Louis was going to convince this doctor that he was sane, this didn’t start very well.

“Oh yes….the delirious one”, chuckled Dr. Lecter, “I read about you in the…err…in the case files. You are the one I have been looking for.”i am sane.pngLouis decided to just get to the point with Dr. Lecter and spoke in a rambling voice, “Well, Dr. Lecter, I was actually looking for you. I wanted to talk to you. You see, this is all a mistake. I don’t belong here…”looking 4 u.pngDr. Lecter looked at Louis and shook his head in agreement, “Of course not. But where do you belong? Do you know?”

Louis shook his head, no.incredible.pngDr. Lecter continued, “That is what I thought. We can’t let you go wandering the streets in a fog, not knowing who you are or where you live. Plus, you are probably the sanest one here. And that is why I was looking for you. I am putting you in charge.”

“In charge? asked Louis incredulously, “In charge of what?”

“Well, more like in charge of whom….the other 7, they really need your help, and a fine, upstanding sim like yourself could help them. You could stay here, live rent free, and sort of help them stay safe. You and I know that THEY have problems, and of course, you don’t really. You just have had a shock…is all. Take care of them and work on your goal, and you’ll be fine…it will all come back…” Dr. Lecter talked on.files.png“Come into the office here and you can have a look at their case files. Get to know them better. I have been reading them day and night waiting for everyone to arrive to come and…err…make my escape…err….visit here.” Dr. Lecter said.

Louis followed him into an office off the main entrance. Dr. Lecter told him to sit down and make himself comfortable and read the files. Maybe put on some classical music. As Louis sat down at the desk, he heard a commotion at the front door.

Into the office burst a swat team and a hospital staff member pointing and shouting.

“There he is!” one of them said.

Louis looked around worried and stammered ,“Who me? I just got here.”

“Not you…HIM!” they shouted.

“Dr. Lecter? “ Louis was confused.come with me.pngA female FBI agent, named Clarice came into the room smiling, “Dr. Lecter…you are in the wrong place. Come with me. We’re taking you somewhere else. To a better place.”

Louis managed to ask, “Where are you taking him? He’s the doctor here.”

Clarice turned to face Louis, “He is not the doctor here. He is a patient. A genius, really, but quite insane. He escaped, but we’re taking him back. We’re taking him to an asylum for the criminally insane.”they found me.pngHandcuffed and led away, Dr. Lecter shouted to Louis, “I really like it here Louis. I like you. But the place needs some work, some refinement. Remember what I said, Louis, be in charge…they need you. I’ve read all the files..I know…”LEADING DR LECTER AWAY.pngLouis looked at the closed door. Then he looked down at the files. No-one was who they seemed to be. Maybe he should read the files and find out who he was living with. Oh great! Now he was taking advice from an insane sim…and even worse, a criminally insane sim.OK SO NOW WHAT.pngTHINKING ABOUT IT.pngREADING THE FILES.png“Oh what the heck!” Louis shrugged and opened the first file…

~ Patient 1 ~ Louis Reid ~ louis reid sky.png

  • Aspiration: Master Chef ~ Traits: insane, goofball, romantic
  • Observations: Patient was delirious from a poison dart in his neck when found. Poison antidote administered, but patient suffered blow to the head in plane crash and has suffered substantial memory loss and trauma. Exposure to the elements, dehydration, hallucinations, hears “voices”. Patient does not know who he is or what he was doing as part of the archaeological team.
  • Asylum staff have given patient the name Louis Reid (anagram for the word delirious)
  • Diagnosis: Llama Trauma with Igottogetoutofhere Syndrome. Sanity questioned
  • Recommendations: Patient is encouraged to participate in cooking therapy. Has sense of humor and is a bit of a romantic, mumbling about watching “Simancing the Stone” when he was a teen. Shows compassion and leadership qualities and is therefore put in charge of other survivors. If no change, inevitable to return to the scene of the trauma, Selvadorada.

who me.png

Louis didn’t exactly like what he read in his file….

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

I had written this chapter thinking that I wasn’t going to get any more sim submissions and was going to have Hannibal constantly escaping and re-appearing throughout the story. However, I had more sim submissions, so we now have two asylums.

The Case Files chapter will introduce all the sims in the two asylums.



The following sims were downloaded just for this chapter:


police squad.png





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