Survive the Insanity: The Circle Asylum Tour

In our last chapter, Louis mistakes an insane patient, Hannibal, for a doctor. He is left alone in an office with all the confidential patient files and decides to read them. He discovers that there are more than 8 files in the pile. How can this be when there were only eight of them?  Apparently, his group was not the only group that went missing in the jungle. He reads on about some patients in a place called The Circle Asylum. He opens the top file labelled with several warning stickers and reads the file on Viviana Painter (Note~This is the sim I will be controlling in the second asylum, The Circle Asylum).

____________________________________________________________________________________________tour of The CircleViviana Painter entered the front door of The Circle Asylum and shivered. Maybe it was from the lack of heat coming from the cold, hard concrete walls or maybe it was from the glare of the two armed guards at the entrance. But, no, that wasn’t it at all. Viviana knew what it was.

How could they do this to her? It wasn’t enough that she was sent here because some sim tried to remove her treasured graffiti art from the cement. It was art! She was making a statement! No-one understood artists anymore. But to be sent here. There was no art on the walls! She couldn’t believe it! They had sent her to a place where there was no art. How could she live?one eyed watcher.pngOkay, so she saw a few paintings when she came in…if you could call them paintings. One painting she had glanced at in the entryway was named One-eyed Watcher. How appropriate with all the security cameras watching your every move. Viviana heard that they have them everywhere. Yes….she heard rumor that they even had them in the bathroom. I mean what were they watching for? Making sure you didn’t take more than your 2 squares of allotted toilet paper? Sheesh! There was just no privacy in this place.maybe you should have a drink before we start.pngViviana surveyed the round room. Not much here. Ahhh, but there was a bar. How convenient. Viviana figured she better make herself a drink before she continued exploring. A bar and kitchen all in one. It was a rather dilapidated kitchen, but at least there was a fridge and a stove. She hoped the residents liked mac and cheese because that’s all she knew how to cook. Oh, that and grilled cheese. Oh and cheeseburgers. She had a thing for cheese. If it had cheese in it or on it, she ate it. She kind of had a cheese obsession…shhh…better not say that too loud.our computer room.pngSipping her drink, Viviana looked around…chess anyone.png…and around……..and around… Oh my. She was getting dizzy. And it wasn’t because of the drink she made. The drink turned out to be nothing but water. no tv cant afford oneWho would build a round house for an asylum? It was enough to drive you “round the bend”. Oh great! And no tv either. So much for keeping up with her favorite shows. Viviana decided to see what was behind the doors.a room with 3 beds.pngAs Viviana opened the first door, she let out a heavy sigh. Three beds ran parallel to each other. There was a weathered, green nightstand between two of the beds, with a lopsided lamp that barely emitted any light. On the far wall was a row of dented steel lockers.2nd room not much better.pngThe second room didn’t look much better. There were two more doors, and Viviana pulled the handle of the first door.the bathroom what were you expecting.pngViviana wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but certainly not this dank shower area. And where was the toilet? Oh, right that must be the other door.the toilet stall with jump up toilet paper.pngHere it is! The water closet, as it was sometimes called. And indeed it was a closet. A toilet with a “jump up” toilet paper holder. This was some type of twisted, practical joke of the builders. That was it. No sink here or in the shower area.laundry area rev.pngViviana saw a back door and decided to head outside to see if there was anything out there. On her way through, she passed a laundry area with a newer looking washer and dryer. Well, thank goodness something was new around here. And an ironing board? Seriously? Who actually ironed anymore? She would have to find her “I hate ironing” button and pin it on. No way she was going to do any ironing.

Above the ironing board, was a rather large sign. She moved closer and read it. “Clean the lint trap”. Oh come on, they don’t need to be told that!no kidding around here.pngShe pushed open the door to the backyard and saw two more guards standing there! Viviana realized they weren’t kidding when they told her it was a high security asylum.

Well, at least there was a basketball net. Viviana waved at the guards. She sure hoped she didn’t have to go “one-on-one” with them because she lacked any type of athletic ability.have a campfire and music corner.pngViviana glanced around. To the right, there was a campfire area with a rock for a seat. Oooh….and a guitar! Viviana wondered if she still remembered how to play. She picked up the old, scratched wooden guitar and plucked a few strings. Oh, that sounded bad. With a little tuning, she strummed again and started to sing…“You drive me right round baby, right round…” Viviana liked this area. It was almost like a 60s coffeehouse. There was even a campfire coffee pot. She nicknamed the area the Hard Rock Cafe.*sculpture.pngAfter playing that song for awhile, Viviana looked at the other side and saw a woodworking bench. At least they had some way to make art here. Perhaps if she did some sculptures, it would spruce the place up a bit. Nah…who was she kidding? This place needed more than just cosmetic surgery, it needed to be sandblasted. No…demolished was a better word. But, maybe she could sell some of her work and make some simoleons to get stuff fixed. Now, that was an idea!i can spray grafitti to my hearts content.pngVivana walked the perimeter of the fence and looked to see if she could find anything else. Nope. She had hoped that there would be one, but alas, no easel. Viviana looked around some more, and spied some spray paint cans beside the tree, and she had a thought…

No easel? No problem! It didn’t stop Viviana from doing what she loved best and this time no-one was going to remove it. Plus, it would be a nice welcome for those seven sims who would be arriving soon. Afterall, she was the Art Therapy Instructor. Yep, for this place and for another place called Happy Hollow Asylum. It was supposed to be some luxury asylum.

Well, no, the position of Art Therapy Instructor wasn’t exactly a paid position. She…ummm…she….umm….ok, ok, so yes, she lived here too, but, it was a mistake, really. It was all a mistake. She was not insane…she was just a little…well…confused. She shook her head sadly. She should never have gone on that Art in the Jungle expedition.

Viviana shivered again at the memory and whispered the name slowly …S..e..l..v..a…d…o…r…a…d…a!

Patient 13 ~ Viviana Painterviviana painter.png

  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire ~ Traits: insane, creative, clumsy
  • Observations: Not much is known about Viviana. Rumor has it that she was an up-and coming painter who went a little “insane” after an incident over the removal of some sidewalk grafitti.
  • Survivor of the ill-fated “Art in the Jungle” expedition to Selvadorada
  • Prone to outbursts and protests
  • Diagnosis: Spraypaintitis Phobia and Cloud Delusions. Sanity Questioned.
  • Recommendation: Since Viviana claims she “can’t live without art”, it would be beneficial for her to help beautify the asylum and help the other residents. With the latest budget cuts, the art therapy program was cancelled. However, as a resident at The Circle Asylum, it was suggested that Viviana might be able to get this program started again. With no compensation, of course. She is to look after the seven other residents in The Circle Asylum. She has been given the title, Art Therapy Instructor for The Circle Asylum and Happy Hollow Asylum.READ THE FILE

Louis looked up from reading Viviana’s file. They’re coming here? Residents from a high security asylum? Oh my plumbobs!

 * * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Read more here about the beginnings of the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Circle Asylum was renovated and modified from a build created by Viszay called the Wasteland Egg.

wasteland egg

I wanted a round asylum, and was inspired by the song “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive (1985). Enjoy the original song below. You may have also heard a rap version of this song sung by the Treble Makers in the movie Pitch Perfect.


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