Survive the Insanity: Day 1 – Meet & Greet – Happy Hollow Asylum

In our last chapter, Louis Reid, read all of the case files of the sims he will be living with, plus he discovered 8 additional files from another asylum, called The Circle Asylum. He found out that Viviana Painter, the sim in charge of The Circle Asylum (and a resident herself), is the Art Therapy Instructor for both asylums. 

If you recall, Happy Hollow is a low security asylum, where the patients are no risk to themselves or others. But The Circle Asylum is a high security asylum. These sims are not just insane, some of them are criminally insane! They are just downright unpredictable. Plus, he further read that Art Therapy will be held at Happy Hollow for ALL the patients. Louis was a bit freaked out by this. He hoped that Cop and Llama could handle any problems.

____________________________________________________________________________________________last file.pngLouis closed the last file. With all this reading, Louis’ mind was boggled. Well, some of the residents didn’t sound too bad. And some of them, like himself, couldn’t remember anything of their past life. Maybe that was a good thing. Louis decided that he was never going to mention that he read the files to anyone. There was only one other sim who had read the files, Hannibal Lecter, and he was in the other asylum. If Hannibal said anything, sims would just think he was making it all up and not believe him. Problem solved.

Maybe this was a chance for everyone to make a fresh start. With that, Louis gathered up all the files and locked them in the nearest file cabinet. There! Done! The past is forgotten. Time for Louis to start on that goal and prove that he was indeed sane and get out of here.louis thinking about cooking.pngLouis’ file had mentioned that he would be participating in Cooking Therapy at a place called Make a Dish, as an Assistant Dishwasher. To prepare for his therapy, he has to make food. Lots of food. The problem was, Louis didn’t know how to cook and wasn’t sure if he had ever cooked. Just thinking about food made him feel inspired. And hungry! But it still didn’t solve the fact that he didn’t know how to cook.

Hmmmm…..what to do….what to do. Aha! He had seen some bookshelves in the living room, maybe there was a cookbook there. What a great idea! Oh! Oh! And the tv…there was a tv….maybe there would be a cooking show on. He wandered over to the living room.rocky begins telling a story and everyone leaves.pngAs Louis makes his way to the living room, the front door bursts open and a cacophony of voices all talking at once is heard and in troop the other seven sims. Well, almost all of the seven, Rocky is still out on the sidewalk. Apparently he started telling a story….a rather long story…which went on and on and on…and then he forgot what he was saying and started talking to some imaginary friends. Everyone left before he finished. Poor Rocky.everyone is happy.pngVeta, Midge and Deirdre all headed to the bookshelves. Their books of choice: Veta chooses The Lord of the Swings, Deirdre is reading, Lucas Dark and the Unlikely Series of Coincidences and Midge is absorbed in Untamed Treachery of the Heart. Sonny, on the other hand, switches on the tv and watches The Khlumzee Sisters. He looks so bored with the movie…maybe he doesn’t like comedies. Sonny, psst….just change the channel.

[Author’s Note: Switching to Popularity Aspiration, Leader of the Pack, I have Louis create the Happy Hollow Social Club where sims can meet someone new, make a friend, or just talk to themselves. Club activities are social~be friendly, be funny, be mischievous and play Don’t Wake The Llama. There are 5 sims in the club including Louis. Eventually, all 8 will be in the club when we get some club perks. Louis also orders some books, Cooking Vol. 1, Gourmet Cooking Vol 1 and Mischief Vol 1. These books will help with the careers.]randall checks out the upstairs.pngRandall decided to head upstairs. He seems to be quite taken with the security guard’s desk and especially likes the magazine sitting there. He becomes fast friends with the girl on the cover.krysta and louis cloudgazing.pngKrysta calls Louis to come and look at the clouds with her. She sees a suspicious looking cloud. Krysta thinks it’s a spy cam or a drone. Yep, someone is watching her. Ummm… Krysta, it’s just a cloud.rocky and sonny talking in corner together.pngRocky has now come in from outside and he and Sonny are talking in hushed tones in a corner. It looks like something is going on. Louis wonders what these two are up to, but all Louis can make out is a mention of jobs as tough guys at MobWives. Louis remembers reading something about these two being allowed to get jobs.sonny beating up poor barfly.pngAfter that conversation, Sonny heads over and gets a bit rough with poor Barffly. This is not a punching bag, Sonny. Go easy on the bear.midge has decided to trim the bonsai tree.pngMidge has decided to give the bonsai tree a trim…she seems pretty pleased with her creation.png…and she is pretty happy with the result. Look! It’s a freezer bunny bonsai.

[Author’s Note: The Comedy/Tragedy mask icon above Midge’s head is the Happy Hollow Social Club symbol]reading the glutton spiel.pngOutside, Veta is the first one to use the pool. Well, not exactly use it, just sit with her legs in the water. She seems happy sitting here reading her book.miss t lighing the 1st fire without burning herself.pngOver at the firepit, Deirdre is set to light the campfire. She looks too happy lighting that fire. Shhh…she may be a secret pyromaniac, so we better keep an eye on her.

[Author’s Note: During Day 1, Deirdre lights the campfire three times…without incident, thankfully.]randal is dancing with cop.pngMeanwhile, Randall is still upstairs. After making another friend with the mouse pencil topper, he heads over to dance with Cop. He thinks she has some pretty sweet moves. He pegs her for a party gal. Oh yah, his type of gal.

“Umm…Cop…you single or what?”louis is stocking the fridge.pngLouis is busy in the kitchen making his first salad. If he stocks the fridge and keeps it full of food, hopefully no-one will have that urge to cook and burn the house down. One can only hope. “Pour the oil over the tomatoes…oh wait…I need a bowl…”making salad again.pngLouis works on his Cooking skill and makes party size servings of salad ($12), grilled cheese ($13), mac and cheese ($14), and later, chips and salsa ($19).playing game.pngIn the living room, Midge has organized a game of Don’t Wake the Llama. She is thinking really hard on her strategy, but knows that she has a good chance of winning since she’s wearing her cap with the lucky cardinal…uhhh….parrot feather.making drinks for all.pngLouis completes the first milestone – Aluminum Chef of the Cooking Aspiration and is now Cooking Level 3. Everyone is getting settled into the asylum, and what better way to welcome everyone than with some welcome drinks? Any excuse for a party, right?

[Author’s Note: Switching to Food-Master Mixologist Aspiration, Louis makes drinks for everyone. Water costs $0 simoleons, so that is what he makes. Hey, he’s on a budget!]everyone is loving the drinks notice Rocky has one in each hand.pngEveryone loves the water that Louis made. Rocky especially likes the excellent taste! Notice he has a drink in each hand! He just can’t get enough.

Louis looks around and sees that everyone is having a good time. No fights. No fires. No mishaps. Uh oh! Maybe he spoke too soon. Suddenly everyone seems to be doing the pee-pee dance. This is what happens when you serve drinks. All of a sudden, everyone has to “go” and at the same time!STILL THERE ON THE TOILET.pngLouis scans the toilet area, and it is occupied. Oops! Sorry Rocky! Louis hears Rocky complaining about the lack of reading materials in the bathroom.krysta tinkles on the rug even though the bathroom was free.pngKrysta is standing in the living room and she really, really has to “go”. How long is Rocky going to take? Well, it doesn’t matter because….it’s puddle time! Poor Krysta! Oh don’t die from embarrassment now…that’s it, just take your soggy self to the shower.

Oh no! Not another one! Now Veta gets that “I gotta pee” look. Scan over to the toilet area one of the bunch.pngRocky is still using the toilet. Maybe someone has crazy-glued him to the toilet seat because he is still there! Now Rocky, remember, there is a toilet paper square limit.water water everywhere and its yellow.pngOutside, Veta is crossing and uncrossing her legs. She’s gotta “go”! Can someone bang on the door. Rocky…what are you doing in there? Ok, let’s rephrase that. Hurry up! There’s only 1 toilet. But, it’s too late….Veta’s dress is a little bit more yellow than it was before. Another embarrassed sim. And now she can’t use the shower either, because Krysta is in there. Oh hold on Veta! Please….hold on! The shower is finally free and Veta heads t mopping up.pngEwww gross! Deirdre sees some yellow water and has to mop it up. Blech! She thinks it’s just creepy. After she mops up the “accident” she sees a glimpse of the future.predicting something.png“I predict….I predict…more puddles…yes, lots of puddles…”rocky is still on the toilet.pngOh my word! Now Sonny has “the look”. What is taking Rocky so long? Is it a glitch? Louis is sure Rocky has been in there for an entire sim hour!

Rocky hasn’t heard a word and is still on the toilet. He looks quite happy. I think he’s singing…let’s listen…“oompa loompa doompety doo…”*3 bladder failure.pngBut it’s too late for Sonny! Now we know why the carpet looks like it does, and Sonny, this isn’t helping it get any cleaner.

Midge must have a secret evil trait because there is a smile on her face from witnessing Sonny’s sad accident. Or maybe she’s smiling because she beat everyone at Don’t Wake The Llama. Oh she is good!

And, it’s kind of scary, don’t you think, that Deidre was right in her prediction. More puddles!

Whereas Krysta and Veta were Embarrassed, Sonny is Very Embarrassed. Oh no! And now Veta is using the shower. Sonny is left holding his head in his hands.what i was meditating.pngFINALLY Rocky comes out of the toilet. Sheesh! Rocky wonders what all the fuss was about. He doesn’t see any line-up. He was meditating, just meditating. Having some “alone” time. Oh and reading all the stuff on the bathroom walls….he even got a number…8675309 – Jenny*…ooh….Rocky thinks he may call it.louis uses the toilet after rocky....omg he didnt even flush.pngLouis heads in to use the toilet before he is accident # 4. He closes the door…oh that was a mistake. One whiff and…oh my word!

Everyone hears Louis start ranting, “Rocky, you didn’t flush…ewwww…. Next time, remember to Flush it! Flush it real good! And where’s the toilet paper? There’s no toilet paper! It won’t change itself you know. Can someone get some toilet paper? Anyone? Slide a few squares under the door….”

And with that….we leave Happy Hollow Asylum for today.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today were Convivial, Penny pixies and Homey. Each day the lot traits will be randomized. After re-reading the rules, I made a slight change to the living room. Apparently, chairs used with skill items don’t count towards the 6 chairs in medium challenge. So, gave them an extra loveseat, and changed the chess table to a game table as this will be the busy house with both asylums there for Art Therapy.

As permitted in the asylum challenge rules, I checked everyone’s inventory at midnight. Sonny was the only one who had anything. A bowl of salad and dirty laundry. The dirty laundry proved to have $48 simoleons in the pockets. I then sold the laundry for $1 simoleon.

The Happy Hollow Asylum has $511 simoleons. The extra simoleons came from “pocket” change from the dirty laundry.

Louis’ Skills: Level 3 Cooking, Level 1 in Comedy, Logic & Gardening

Ironically, Rocky has level 1 in mischief and I don’t remember seeing him read the mischief book. I wonder where he got that mischief skill from? He couldn’t have deliberately sat on that toilet for too long….could he?

Rocky was on that toilet for so long, I actually thought it was a glitch. I was laughing so hard in real life, but then I was worried they might all die of embarrassment.

“oompa loompa doompety doo…”, song lyrics from The Oompa Loompa Song, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).

“867-5309/Jenny” song title by Tommy TuTone (1982). Even though this was a one-hit wonder, thousands of people called that number. It’s true. Read about it HERE











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    • Thanks for reading and commenting onyeka001. Yes, Rocky sure is. He got the spotlight in this chapter. But there are some other sims…and, oh my, they are a fun bunch. I just kind of follow them around the lot seeing what they will do as I only control Louis in this house.

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