Survive the Insanity: Day 1 – Meet & Greet – The Circle Asylum

In The Circle Asylum Tour chapter, we find out that Viviana Painter is the Art Therapy Instructor for The Circle and Happy Hollow Asylums. She regrettably reveals that she is also a resident at The Circle Asylum, which she insists is a total mistake. The board members of The Circle Asylum have put her in charge of the other seven who will be living here.

____________________________________________________________________________________________here they come i'm so pretty.pngViviana hears a knock on the door and hurries to answer it. She opens it and seven sims stomp inside all at once. They don’t even seem to see her standing there and descend on her like a herd of llamas, rushing past her and yammering with each other, anxious to see what’s in the asylum.did they trample her to get inside.pngWhoa! Viviana is tossed, pushed and twirled and ends up on the sidewalk in front of the house. She lays there in a dazed state trying to catch her breath.

“Yep, it’s them. The seven sims I will be living with,” Viviana says breathlessly,“My, my, my, this is a wild bunch!”

She gets up unscathed, brushing herself off and goes back into the house. Viviana was glad there were two security guards stationed here. She may need their help!oooh books have you ever seen anything so wonderful.pngErik, Mowgli and Hannibal are clustered around the bookshelves, oohing and ahhing at all the book choices. Viviana wondered if they had any books at the other place they were living. Maybe not.mowgli know this story jungle story.pngMowgli was happy that he found his favorite book, The Jungle Book, and sat down to look at the pictures.finn has found a friend with miss kitty.pngFinn made a friend with a cute kitten named Miss Kitty. Finn loved animals and he and Miss Kitty were off on an adventure together. Viviana thinks they were late for a royal ball or something.HEY EVERYONE DID YOU SEE THIS IT SPINS.pngErik had wandered back to the washer and dryer area.

“Hey everyone, did you see this? It spins! Wheee!” Erik was just the happiest sim with his discovery.sunny you can't just get changed in the yard.pngSunny wasted no time heading outdoors and just changed into her athletic gear right in front of Barbie and Troy. She was so excited they had a basketball court that she wanted to be the first one to try it it called drooling or dribbling.pngToby decided to join Sunny and changed into his athletic gear as well. He had never played basketball before and wanted Sunny to show him how to “drool the ball.”

“It’s called dribbling, Toby, dribbling, not drooling,” laughed Sunny.oh hi is there a mall around here or something.pngBarbie passes on basketball, as she really didn’t want to scuff her almost brand new shoes, and heads over and chats up one of the guards.

“Hey, is there a mall around here or something? I really need some retail therapy.”i better cook something before they burn the place down.pngViviana surveys the asylum and everyone seems occupied. Good. She better make some food. She can just imagine what will happen when the dinner gong sounds. She may need to invest in some protective armored clothing.

Ummm…right food…that may be a problem because Viviana didn’t know how to cook. Ok, well, she’ll just order some pizza. But wait, she just remembered that they aren’t allowed to do that. Something to do with disrupting the dietary restrictions set out by the asylum. i hope i'm doing this alright ive nver made salad before.pngShe opened the fridge and saw several cartons, all portioned out, with a recipe stuck to the top. Oh cool! She had heard about this type of thing. It’s a meal service. Oh yes! She can do this! Pretty soon, she was making her first meal…salad. She was on a roll, and wanted to try another one. And she did, she ended up making group size servings of salad, fruit salad, grilled cheese and mac & cheese. The fridge was now well-stocked with lots of meals.everyone getting along.pngEveryone had wandered back inside, and Viviana started The Circle Social Club group therapy. She told everyone that it was to practice their social skills and learn how to get along together. (Author’s Note: The Circle Social Club interactions are be friendly, be funny, be mischievous, play chess, play basketball. When they earn more club perks, everyone will be a member. The jester hat is their club symbol.).viviana hard at work painting.pngViviana headed outside to do some painting. It had been a long time since she held a paintbrush in her hand. But she needed to paint. Lots of paintings so she can spruce up the asylum and sell them to a gallery.

The asylum doctor decided that Viviana should attend art therapy herself, and she started tomorrow as a Palette Cleaner at a place called 1000 Words Art Gallery. This was in addition to her being the Art Therapy Instructor for the two asylums. Viviana found out that art therapy at Happy Hollow would take place on her days off. So much for any time for herself. Sheesh!toby and erik playing chess.pngInside, Erik challenged Toby to a game of chess. They were getting along so well together. Viviana thinks it’s because of the hats. Yep, it’s the hats. Viviana hears Erik tell Toby he wants a hat like his, and Toby admires Erik’s hat.

“My helmet, or galea, is made of bronze. Strong. Durable. Ready to withstand battle. Your hat looks so light. What metal is it?” says Erik.

“Tin foil. It is to “foil” the government so they don’t…ummm…read my mind,” Toby says in a hushed voice.

Erik looks around and confides in Toby that he is from another world and Toby nods his head up and down that he already knew Erik wasn’t from around here. Toby secretly thinks that Erik is a Lizardman in disguise.

Toby wins the chess match and Erik is astounded. Erik is not sure how this is possible, but he believes that Toby might not be a “milk drinker.”I THINK I MET THE SIM OF MY DREAMS ON THE FORUMS.pngMeanwhile, over at the computer, Sunny is giddy and giggly searching the forums and thinks she may have found the sim of her dreams.

“All I have to do is fill out this form and I get a chance at a Bachelor.* Oh, it’s a 6 page form. I’m going to start right now. First question – Today’s Date – well, I haven’t gone on a date today. What are they talking about? That is why I am filling out this form. This is a stupid form. Why would I talk about a date with someone else when I am just trying to win a date with the Bachelor. This is rubbish….how many questions are on this form…and what’s this one? Can you believe this…they want to know if I have a tattoo…and where it is..isn’t that a bit personal…”

Viviana thinks that Sunny might take awhile filling out that form.mowgli went outside to have some air and had air at the same time.pngMowgli loves the outdoors and heads outside to have a little air… Mowgli, why is the air green…ummm…oh!its not brown enough.pngBarbie has lit a fire without incident and is roasting a marshmallow. Barbie likes her marshmallows all toasty brown and gooey inside. It just doesn’t seem quite brown enough yet….marshmallow dropped.pngOops…and it falls into the fire. Darn! Another one gone. That was three that she burned.i did it again.pngBarbie just can’t seem to get the hang of roasting a marshmallow. She is more a tea party sim herself. That’s it, she’s had it. No more marshmallows, she’s heading videos.pngBarbie walks over to Hannibal and Finn. Hannibal is sharing some funny cat videos with Finn. Barbie takes a look over Hannibal’s shoulder and gets a good laugh, which makes her feel better about the lost marshmallows.i wonder.pngViviana has finished her second painting and wonders what everyone is up to. She decides she better go inside to make sure everyone is alright.must be an intense game.pngErik and Toby are having a chess re-match and they have quite an audience. Sunny is thinking of taking bets on who will win. The tension builds with only a few moves left….and, yes, Toby wins again!fin must solve puzzle.pngFinn is having his own challenge on the computer playing Blicblock. The blocks just won’t stop coming. He can’t stack them fast enough. Red, blue, pink, green….blocks, blocks, blocks.viviana makes some drinks.pngViviana puts out the welcome mat and makes some drinks for everyone! And they are so fancy! Look, she even added some lemon and lime slices to the glasses! Obviously Viviana doesn’t know what happened at Happy Hollow or she might not be making drinks right now.drinking contest.pngWith the chess game done, Erik has now challenged Toby to a drinking contest! So, with two drinks in hand, they down the water. Hmm….looks like Toby has downed more water than Erik. Is Toby’s glass half empty or half full? hannibal does not like the music choice.pngSomeone had turned on the stereo and pop music was blaring loudly. Viviana takes a look at Hannibal and doesn’t think he likes the music choice very much and hears him mumbling about classical music.mowgli dancing.pngMowgli is quite happy with the music and hops and jumps and dances to the beat of his own drum.barbie is staying near the bar.pngBarbie, meanwhile, has been going back and forth several times to the bar helping herself to drinks. She claims it’s just for the garnish.barbie is horrified...she is peeing herself.pngWith several glasses laying around her, Barbie has “that look.” But, it’s too late. She doesn’t make it to the toilet.that shower better work.pngEven though she is a mess, she strides confidently across the living room carpet towards the shower shouting that the shower better be hot. Barbie so misses her pink Barbie house where she didn’t have to share anything with anybody.oh this feels good.pngIn the shower, Barbie daydreams about pink, fluffy slippers and pink couches, and pink… what the heck? All of a sudden, the water turns off. She turns the tap left and right, but nothing happens. No water.i feel a pink moment coming on.pngBarbie gets out of the shower and starts shouting, “Hey what’s going on? Who turned off the water? Is this some kind of joke? We only get five minutes to shower? Who’s in charge around here? I think I should have an exception to this rule. It takes me more than five minutes to wash my hair. Have you seen my hair? It’s long and full and, well, I need at least 30 minutes to shower. And I have to look my best, you know. I have standards. And these towels…have you felt them? They are rough. Towels should be soft. And we only get one towel? How am I supposed to dry myself AND my hair with the same towel? I never….. Does anyone hear me? Is there any fruit garnish left? Hey what’s going on? Who turned off the water? I feel like someone else is controlling my life….”

And with that, we leave The Circle Asylum for today….

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today were Convivial, Penny pixies and Homey. Each day the lot traits will be randomized. I had to make a small change to the house as the graffiti floor mural did not fulfill the painter requirements, so exchanged that for an easel.

As permitted in the asylum challenge rules, I checked everyone’s inventory at midnight. Finn was the only one who had anything, Miss Kitty, and she was put back on the shelf.

The Circle Asylum has $482 simoleons.

Viviana’s Skills: Level 3 Cooking & Painting, Level 2 Guitar, Level 1 Charisma & Comedy.

Sunny’s questions were taken from the actual Mail-in Application for The Bachelor

Poor Barbie getting the water turned off while she was having a shower. Did you know those things exist in real life? It’s called a shower timer.


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