Survive the Insanity: Day 2 – Pool Party – Happy Hollow Asylum

In our last chapter, we met everyone living at Happy Hollow Asylum. Randall was busy upstairs making friends, Midge may have a secret evil trait, and Deirdre makes a prediction that comes true! Sonny and Rocky were hired as tough guys and Louis was told he would be taking cooking therapy. To prepare for this, Louis practiced his cooking skills and made some welcome drinks. The drinks proved too much for some, and Krysta, Veta and Sonny all had “accidents” due to Rocky’s loo-scapades.really enjoying cooking.pngThe next morning finds Louis making breakfast. Louis starts his cooking therapy today from 4-11pm and Sonny and Rocky also start their job today from 5-12pm. After last night’s loo-scapades, Louis is a bit worried about leaving the residents unattended. Well, he’ll only be gone for a few hours. What could possibly  happen?rocky making friends with the condients.pngWhile Louis cooks, Rocky is chatting up the condiments. Louis thinks Rocky is especially fond of the hot sauce bottle. Everyone needs a little hot sauce to spice up their life, don’t you think?midge is busy checking the pockets of dirty clothes.pngMidge is busy searching all the pockets of the dirty laundry in the hallway. Oh look…she found $2 simoleons.randall is busting some moves.pngRandall has discovered a new dance partner…himself…and dances free style in the solarium.llama is way more fun to dance with.pngMeanwhile, upstairs, Deirdre is proving that Llama is actually the fun one to dance with.

[Author’s note: Deirdre and Randall are the only ones who have done autonomous dancing.] sonny complaining about the mess in the house.pngSonny is eating left-overs in the living room and complaining and ranting about all the dirty dishes, piles of dirty clothes and just general mess in the asylum.veta cleaning up again.pngVeta either decides she’s had enough of Sonny’s ranting or looks around and realizes the place is indeed a mess, so she cleans up. Ummm…Veta, you need to take a shower and clean yourself up as well.

[Author’s Note: Veta has the squeamish trait. Who knew that the squeamish trait would generate secret cleaners? Although Veta gets a 2 hour uncomfortable Ewww…Gross moodlet from cleaning up spoiled food.].walked in on midge taking a showerLouis suddenly hears a shreik from the bathroom. It seems that in the morning rush to get ready, Krysta has walked in on Midge showering. that was embarassong.pngHow embarrassing! Krysta just wants to hide from everyone right now. There really needs to be an occupied/unoccupied sign on these doors.SINK SPRUNG A LEAK.pngLouis has his own problems when the kitchen sink springs a leak. Louis finds some rusty tools in the office. He grabs a wrench, and with no idea what he is doing, miraculously fixes the sink.veta cleaning upAnd just in time, as Veta comes into the kitchen heading for the sink laden down with a massive pile of dishes. Veta washes them all and puts them away. Thank you Veta.RANDALL MAKING A SWEET AND SPICY DRINK.pngIn the afternoon, Randall autonomously decides to make some drinks. Oh no! Randall, don’t you remember yesterday? Too late, it seems another party is underway.POOL HAS BECOME QUITE POPULAR.pngA pool party that is….rocky the llama swimmer.pngIs there a llama swimming in the pool? Oh no, it’s just Rocky! Umm…Rocky….is that your swimsuit?pool party going on and deirdre is washing clothes.pngAnd in the midst of our pool party is Deirdre…washing clothes. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Girl, get a bathing suit on and join the fun! Maybe a little chlorine in that water wouldn’t hurt.

[Deirdre is another one with the squeamish trait. At least they don’t have to send the laundry out.]vet and rocky in front of house.pngFor some reason, Veta and Rocky head out the front door and are in deep conversation at the sidewalk. Maybe Veta has a “thing” for llamas. Morgan Fryes happens to walk by, and just look at the dirty look Veta gives her. Almost like Veta is saying, “stay away!”lsonny mischief lie about career.pngThen Sonny comes out to join them….hmmm…curious. Sonny gets into a conversation with Veta, and it looks like Rocky is trying to stop Sonny from saying something, but then Sonny lies about his career to Veta.

[Author’s note: Sonny said this to Veta autonomously, which is a mischief interaction. Could be because of the club traits.]these 3 are up to something i just know itThe three of them then head back inside, grab some drinks and sit together at the pool area. It looks like Veta, Sonny and Rocky are continuing their sidewalk conversation. Very deep conversation indeed.

Louis thinks they are up to something. He’s not sure what though. All he knows is that there is an alliance forming.i would be careful with midge sonny.pngSonny sits down by the pool and is joined by Midge. Apparently, it seems that Sonny has said something to upset Midge. Oh my gosh. Just look at her face. She is seething. She is so mad she could almost make the water in those glasses boil! She might be thinking of throwing both of those glasses of water over Sonny’s that sonny underwater.pngLouis hears a commotion at the pool. It looks like Sonny fell in…or was he pushed? Shhh…do you think that Midge pushed Sonny into the pool? She looks like she is on her way to the bathroom. Innocent enough, right?my word look at the expression on Midges faceBut look closer….ohhh…Midge is not a happy camper. Are her looks directed at Sonny? Louis wonders what Sonny said to make her so angry. Nah…she couldn’t have done it. Sonny just slipped.LOUIS MADE A TACO CASSEROLE AND COMPLETED THE 1ST ASPIRATION.pngIt’s almost time for Louis to head out, so he gets inspired and cooks an excellent taco casserole and puts it in the fridge. That should keep everyone happy for dinner.LEAVING FOR COOKING THERAPY WILL  HOUSE STILL BE HERE WHEN HE RETURNS.pngLouis is off to his first day of cooking therapy and just hopes that no-one burns the house down while he is away. Sonny and Rocky soon leave as well.RANDALL IS MAKING MAC AND CHEESE WHY.pngRemember that nice taco casserole that Louis made before he left? Do you think that Randall looked in the fridge? Uh, no. For some reason, Randall autonomously decides to make mac and cheese. Please don’t have a fire!


Why are you making that mac and cheese, Randall? There is some in the fridge, plus look at all the other items. Lots of food. Randall successfully makes dinner with no fires. Thank goodness!YEP MINE IS BETTER.pngLouis isn’t the only cook in the house now. And Randall is convinced that his version of mac and cheese is so much better. So much cheesier.

A notice pops up about a Bouncer Problem at Sonny’s work. Sonny dresses up in a garbage bag and trash can lid and calls it nouveau fashion. Sonny must have put all those thoughts of the dirty messes in the asylum to good use! He gets a small performance gain.

SUCH CONCENTRATION.pngMidge and Krysta are playing Don’t Wake the Llama. Krysta seems very confident, but Midge has that assured look of concentration. Midge thinks that Krysta is too flippant in her confidence. Will Krysta win?

llama cries tonight

Nope. Midge wins again! Krysta didn’t stand a chance. Poor Krysta. There is just no stopping Midge. She has not lost one game yet!

[Author’s Note: Believe it or not, Midge has not lost one game of Don’t Wake The Llama. I looked at Midge’s traits again, and they are insane, kleptomaniac, snob, so that can’t be it. And she beat out Krysta, who has the geek trait. I think that Midge may have another secret trait. Yes, most definitely, the lucky trait.]veta was watching the whole thing.pngVeta, who was watching the game, just can’t believe it herself. How can Midge win all the time? Veta is determined to oust Midge from her throne.deirdre has a queasy nauseous feeling in her stomach.pngDeirdre, who is sitting in the living room eating, wonders how Midge wins all the time as well. There must be some trick. Deirdre sees a premonition. Yes, something’s going to happen, and it’s not a good thing.deirdres feels sick.pngSuddenly, Deirdre’s stomach doesn’t feel too well. Oh why did Deirdre try that mac and cheese that Randall made. Oh she is feeling so sick.deirdre may be sick.pngIn fact, she may have to run to the bathroom…she feels so nauseated…she may up-chuck at any moment… oh my! Yep, another premonition coming true.

And now seems like a really good time to leave Happy Hollow Asylum for today.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

*Thanks to Munterbacon for coming up with the hilarious loo-scapades name to describe Rocky’s hijinks from the last chapter.

Day 2 Random Lot Traits: Mean, Grody and Quake Zone.

The Grody Lot Trait states that “sims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking or using the bathroom” The Mean vibe lot trait “makes it easier to get other sims angry with mean or mischief interactions”.

So perhaps the Grody lot trait could account for why Deirdre was feeling sick. Maybe it wasn’t Randall’s cooking afterall. And the Mean vibe lot trait could account for what happened between Sonny and Midge. Thankfully, there were no earthquakes.

And what is up with Midge and the Don’t Wake The Llama Game? She seriously has not lost one game yet. She is becoming the Don’t Wake The Llama champ. I have a feeling, though, that Veta is not happy with Midge’s winning streak. In fact, I think that all of the residents, are not happy with Midge’s winning streak.

And poor Krysta. Today was just not her day. First, she gets the embarrassed moodlet by walking in on Midge taking a shower and then she loses in Don’t Wake The Llama.

I checked everyone’s friendship bars and surprisingly there is no red among any of the residents. In fact, the residents have made a few friends on their own.

Veta is friends with Krysta & Sonny

Deirdre is friends with Midge & Sonny

Midge is friends with Deirdre

Krysta is friends with Veta & Sonny

Sonny is friends with Krysta, Veta & Deirdre

So far, Louis, Rocky and Randall have not formed any friendships, but they are green with all the residents. Workwise, both Rocky & Sonny brought home $63 simoleons each and Louis earned $135. No promotions yet.

The Happy Hollow Social Club gathers from 7am – 11pm daily. There were 580 boost points, so I purchased the cooking skill boost

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  1. ❤ ❤ Loving the challenge so far .. The lot traits are new since I played and I bet they really do have so much impact!! (OH and I forgot you had an explorer guy too .. I guess with JA it is sort of a natural thing to come up with ❤ )

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