The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 13 Day 13 – Fri – Finale

his new living room.pngThe morning was here quicker than Rusty could hope. Once his living room furniture was delivered, Rusty realized he had completed his final task of the challenge. His home was now worth $50K. It was hard to believe that just under two weeks’ ago, he had come here with nothing but his wolf pack and $2,000 simoleons. Now with the house built and the challenge complete, he was free….yes free…to leave the island.maxie chewing a ball.pngBut as Rusty looked around and spied Maxie chewing on a dog toy, he knew that he could not just up and leave the island without his trusty wolf pack. But, where would he go? Where could his pack be wild and free like they were here? And, in a few days, Rusty knew that some of the dogs would age to elders and that Shredder didn’t have many more days until he went to raccoon heaven. How could he just leave them? Rusty realized he could never do that. He had come to love these dogs too much and enjoyed their company.farewell to the wolf pack.pngPlus, he loved living on the island. It wasn’t so inconvenient since he had the mail order company to deliver whatever he needed. And he loved that he could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. No rules. But what about Ayaka? What about his plans with her? Even though he wanted her to, there was no room for her to move into his island house. He would just have to talk to her at dinner. He was sure she would understand. Maybe she would come up with a solution. Or maybe he would! Rusty had an idea and headed off to the dock to head back to the mainland with the mail order delivery sims.went back to talk to doc bjorn.pngRusty headed over to the vet clinic. He wanted to talk to Dr. Bjorn and see if he had an idea. Unfortunately, he was off today, but Johanna, one of the tech vets, told Rusty where he lived.wont you come to dinner tonight.pngOn his way to Dr. Bjorn’s house, he saw Ayaka on her mail route and couldn’t resist a quick hug with her.come on by later and ill cook dinner.pngAyaka had to get going, but Rusty turned and reminded her of the dinner party tonight. Her smile said everything and Rusty knew now more than ever, that she was “the one”.rusty went to see dr bjorn and met his family.pngRusty headed over to visit Dr. Bjorn and was warmly invited in where he met Dr. Bjorn’s family. Rusty talked to Dr. Bjorn and Dr. Bjorn asked Rusty if he had thought of adopting out his pets? Dr. Bjorn said that there are always sims coming by the vet clinic wanting a pet, but, sadly their pet adoption board was empty. oh really.pngDr. Bjorn knew a lot of sims that would give those pets a good home. In fact, Dr. Bjorn kind of had a soft spot for St. Bernards, so if Rusty was thinking of having someone adopt Aspen, Dr. Bjorn sure would love to have him. Rusty thanked Dr. Bjorn for his time and headed back to to the dock.had to get back.pngAs Rusty walked back, he thought about Dr. Bjorn’s idea. Hmmm….Rusty thought that maybe that was a good idea. Rusty would find good homes for all his pack. Well, maybe not all of them. He really didn’t think that anyone would want to adopt Shredder, the raccoon. And there was one dog that held a special place in his heart.thunder coming to greet me.pngThunder! There he was coming to greet Rusty at the dock. Thunder loved this island, loved the swimming pond, loved everything about this place. Rusty might be able to adopt out all the other dogs, but he was too fond of Thunder.thunder you are the dog for me.pngIt was settled. Thunder and Shredder would stay on the island with Rusty and Ayaka. Well, that is, if Ayaka said she wanted to stay with him. Rusty kept his fingers was time to wash the dogs.pngNow that he was back, he had a lot of work to do before the dinner party tonight. Rusty had to clean the place up and get all the dogs washed. No smelly dogs tonight.

First one in the bath was Aspen, and he sure needed a bath. In turn, while each dog was bathed, the caterers came to set up.the caterers came before and set up.pngThey had brought so much equipment and worked in unison to lay down a temporary floor. They had brought tables and chairs, a portable bar and some lanterns. Everything looked wonderful. He could hardly believe this was his lot!of course shredder made himself right at home.pngOf course, Shredder made himself right at home.scotty was all clean and brushed.pngRusty gave Scotty a good brushing and Scotty’s coat really shone. Scotty was all ready for the dinner party.he gave special cuddles to maxie.pngMaxie got special smooches and cuddles and Rusty couldn’t resist taking another photo of her.rusty took duke for a walk.pngAnd Duke had been wanting to go on a walk all afternoon, so Rusty took the time and they headed off on a short walk.rusty didn't have many clothes.pngThe only one left to get ready was himself. He didn’t have too many clothes, but had taken time to get a special outfit from the mail order catalog. Nothing fancy, but at least it didn’t have any rips or tears in it.this night was going to change his lifeRusty lit the fireplace and thought of how tonight his life could change forever. It was almost time for everyone to arrive.filling up the punch.pngSo, he filled the punch bowl and set out some appetizers. He had thought about cooking the food himself, but with so many coming, he had hired some caterers. He wanted everything to be they come must have been on the same boat.pngAnd all at once, everyone seemed to arrive. They all must have been on the same shuttle boat. He saw Ayaka leading the way.i came right from work.pngAyaka was still in her work uniform. She told Rusty she didn’t even have time to change or else she would have missed the boat to the island. i love you anayka.pngRusty didn’t care how she had dressed, as long as she was here. And to Rusty, she looked as beautiful as ever.brent was having some wonderful fun.pngRusty and Ayaka headed outside and Rusty saw that Brent was cuddling Maxie. Brent exclaimed that Maxie was just the most perfect dog, after Rosie of course, and wondered if anyone had adopted her as yet. Rusty said no, and Brent spoke up that he would adore for Maxie to become part of their family. Maxie was so playful, she would fit in so well. Rusty explained that Maxie was also a simstagram star, but that she hated swimming, and preferred bubble baths. Brent was even more ecstatic about that and said that they didn’t have a pool at their house, and Rosie was also a simstagram star. Brent said that he and Brant gave Rosie bubble baths all the time. Rusty knew that this was a good match all around.everyone was having a great time even the caterer danced.pngThe party was now in full swing and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even the caterer was having fun dancing. What a hoot!shredder have tacos.pngAnd in the kitchen, since the caterer was out partying, that meant all that tasty food was left unattended. Uh oh! But, not for long. Shredder is having a taco feast. For Shredder, everyday was Taco Tuesday!party time at rusty house.pngOutside, Rusty asked Ayaka to dance, and there were already so many on the dance floor. Some of the guests, like Nancy Landgraab, had even brought their swim suits and had taken a dip in his swimming pond.everyone was enjoying the party.pngThey weren’t the only ones. It looks like Fifi was cooling off in the pond as well.

Oh yes, Fifi. That reminded Rusty that Jacques Villareal had come to talk to him earlier. It seems that Jacques had gotten a call from Dr. Bjorn and when he saw Fifi, he said he would love to adopt her. He had always loved the name, and it was a French name, so it was meant to be. Fifi, as well, had taken to Jacques, especially when he called her “Fifi, cherie” and fed her some tasty morsels from his plate. He had a lot of room in his house and she would be very spoiled.nancy and scotty.pngNancy Landgraab had also gotten a call from Dr. Bjorn about the pet adoptions. Nancy already knew which dog she wanted to adopt. This dog had sophistication and was a purebred. Plus, there was no doubt that this dog was the best dressed dog here. Scotty, oh yes, Scotty. This dog certainly had the breeding and looked like he could fit quite well into their home. Who couldn’t love a dog in a tux?geofrrey and duke.pngHowever, earlier in the evening, she saw Geoffrey, with that bloodhound, Duke, and thought that maybe he was keen on that dog. Well, it might work. Geoffrey was already talking about taking Duke to work with him. As a Lead Detective, Geoffrey knew that Duke would be a valued addition to the force. The dog was a sleuth, afterall. Well, they could have two dogs. At least Duke was house trained.rusty was celebrating.pngThis was certainly a night for celebrating. There was even some cake! Rusty called everyone to enjoy a piece.rusty making sure he was getting a piceOoohhh…yes, a big slice. Yum!what a great oarty everyone was happy.pngThe party was drawing to a close and sims were thanking him and heading down to the dock for the shuttle boat. Rusty had talked to a lot of sims and it looked like all the dogs were able to be adopted out to good homes.

Rusty needed to thank Dr. Bjorn for all his help. Unfortunately, Dr. Bjorn was working at the vet clinic tonight and wasn’t able to attend, but Rusty would see him again. Dr. Bjorn was a true fever.pngRusty had a lot of requests for Thunder. Thunder proved to be a popular request for a pet adoption. He even had a request from as far away as Selvadorada from a sim named Fox Fever Dr. Bjorn had met Fox in Windenburg at the local pub where Fox had told tales from one of Fox’s chartered jungle expeditions. But, no, Rusty was not adopting out Thunder, even to a famed explorer like Fox Fever. [Photo credit: LegacySims2017]stay the night with me.pngHe caught Ayaka’s eye and took a deep breath. It was now or never. Rusty asked Ayaka to stay behind. He had something he wanted to talk to her about. She looked into his eyes and readily agreed.will u be mine.pngRusty fumbled in his back pocket and got down on one knee. He pulled out the ring and asked Ayaka to marry him. He held his breath for her answer.yes yes oh yes.pngBut he didn’t have to wait very long. Ayaka was awe struck and could hardly believe it. She said yes. In fact, she said yes three times. Rusty was so happy.woot engaged.pngAyaka was overjoyed and lept into Rusty’s arms.and so congrats to rusty.pngRusty told Ayaka that he was so happy that he had found her. He told her of his plans to find good homes for all of the pack and Ayaka was astounded that he would do that for her. She was so happy they were keeping Thunder, and she even liked Shredder now that he wasn’t clawing at her leg.

Rusty whispered in her ear that he wanted to take her somewhere special. He took her hand and led her out the door.lets to to the lighthouse.pngShe wondered where they were going, but then she knew. The lighthouse. Rusty wanted to go up to the lighthouse with her. They were both so excited and giddy that they practically ran up the pathway.his future bride in front of him.pngRusty had wanted to go to the top of the lighthouse from the first day he was here. Now he was going to share this special moment with is in the air tonight.pngThe view from the top was spectacular. But not as spectacular as the face of the woman he loved. Love was in the air tonight. Rusty would never forget his wolf pack, but he felt lucky to have found someone to start his own “pack” with.

But that is a story for another day…love coquers all.png

* * * * *The End* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting on Rusty’s journey in the Wolf Pack Challenge. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure he would make it, but he did, and Shredder is still alive and well. Kudos to Shredder for collecting all those feathers. That really raked in the simoleons.

Rusty finished the challenge with $7,617 simoleons. He also had some feathers in his inventory, as well as 2 bird statues and some frogs. He maxed the Pet Training skill, Level 4 in Charisma and Gardening, Level 3 in Cooking, Comedy and Veterinarian, Level 2 in Photography, and Level 1 in Dancing, Fishing, Gourmet Cooking, Logic and Video Gaming. He was at level 3 of Friend of the Animals Aspiration.

Since Thunder has the adventure trait and this is the dog that Rusty would be keeping (along with Shredder, the raccoon), I wanted Thunder to be a sought after dog for the pet adoption. And who better than to want an adventure dog, but an adventurer himself? Have fun reading about Fox Fever’s adventures in Jungle Ruin: A Sims 4 I.S.B.I Mini Series by LegacySims2017.rustys wolf pack.pngFarewell to the Wolf Pack. From left to right. Maxie (asleep), Scotty (I think he is lapping up that water), Shredder (looking to chase those birds again), Aspen (enjoying being a couch potato), Thunder (He and Rusty will discover the mysteries of the lighthouse together), Fifi (there were hearts around her, maybe she will find a dog to love) and Duke (ready for another walk, this dog loves to go on walks).it looks like ayaka may have some news to tell RustyUmm…..Rusty….I think Ayaka may have something to tell you…!!!

14 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack Challenge – Ch 13 Day 13 – Fri – Finale

  1. I’m been waiting anxiously for this! What a wonderful ending to a great story and challenge, I loved every minute of it. I had to laugh at Duke doing his ‘business’ outside in front of the Landgraabs as Geoffrey stood in a puddle. hehe It looks like he’s saying, “Good boy!” And Nancy rolling her eyes, typical. 🙂

    Are you totally finished with Rusty and Ayaka (plus Thunder & Shredder of course) now too? Or will you continue with them? Just curious since I’d love to see how their child(ren) turn out. Anyway, even if you don’t, thanks again for a wonderful story. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting karababy52. As I had mentioned in the author’s notes, this was a hard chapter to write. The last chapter of a story is always the hardest I find, because I just want to keep going. This challenge was stressful because I was so worried that Shredder was going to age up at any time and go to raccoon heaven. I was thinking that I might use Rusty and Ayaka for a Wonder Child Challenge, since I haven’t done that one yet, but I do believe they have to be adults. So for now, Rusty, Ayaka et al live on in simland, but possibly not in another story. With this challenge completed, I can now concentrate more fully on the asylum challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, okay, that all makes sense. 🙂 If you decide to do the Wonder Child Challenge with them, I’d be very interested in reading it. Although I’ve tackled many, many challenges, that’s one I haven’t tried yet.

    And yeah, that’s another story/challenge I’ve been waiting for an update, your Asylum challenge! \o/ Anyway, have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, okay, that all makes sense. 🙂 If you decide to do the Wonder Child Challenge with them, I’d be very interested in reading it. Although I’ve tackled many, many challenges, that’s one I haven’t tried yet.
    And yeah, that’s another story/challenge I’ve been waiting for an update, your Asylum challenge! \o/ Anyway, have a great week!


    • Thank you for reading lisabeesims. I have been so busy with work for the last 2 weeks (it was our year end), that I have just now had a chance to sit down and read all the comments. I find it hard to write the last chapter of a story, cause I guess I just don’t want it to end. lol

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