Survive the Insanity: Day 2 – Basketball Mania – The Circle Asylum

In our last chapter we met the residents of The Circle Asylum. Finn was busy playing with Miss Kitty, Mowgli discovered his favorite book, and Hannibal was upset with the non-classical music choice. Erik likes to challenge Toby to contests and they were both hired as tough guys. Sunny decides to get a date with a Bachelor and tries to fill out The Bachelor application on-line. Viviana found out she would be having a job as well as being the Art Therapy Instructor. To try to spruce the asylum up, Viviana worked on her painting skill, and also made some meals and welcome drinks. Barbie taste-tested too many drinks and has an “accident”. Barbie heads to the bathroom for a leisurely shower, only to find that there is a water restriction in force, and the water is turned off. oh no kitchen fire.pngThe next morning starts out great with Viviana nearly having a kitchen fire. Luckily, though, she just used the egg lifter and hit the poor fire-eggs in the pan a few times until they went out. Ahhh…breakfast….smoky scrambled eggs with bacon.

[Author’s Note: This was pretty funny! I had never seen a sim do this before. Gives new meaning to beating an egg.]toby near fire.pngToby, though, has other plans for breakfast…HOW LONG DOES LAUNDRY USUALLY TAKE I ONLY BROUGHT ONE PAIR OF PANTS.pngErik, meanwhile, is watching the washer spin and is wondering how long laundry takes because he only has one pair of clean pants.first one peed herselfBarbie is obviously still upset from last night and it looks like she needs a shower again. You get five minutes, remember? Ummm…Barbie…how did you get on top of that bed? Maybe it’s better if we don’t ask. Moving along now…mowgli know this game.pngMowgli is attempting the “maze” game. He somehow knows this game…he thinks. It looks very similar to a jungle trap…maybe. He will figure it out…soon.finn happy with miss kitty.pngFinn and Miss Kitty are having fun together. Ahh…look at Miss Kitty smiling! Finn, though, looks kind of worried…maybe he smelt breakfast…or what’s left of it.FOOLS I AM GOING TO GET MUSCLE AND CLIMB THE FENCESunny has other ideas on her mind. She is planning on getting fit and strong and she will climb the fence to freedom. Oh yah!sampling breakfastOh look! Hannibal has decided to try some of Viviana’s breakfast….and he… umm…well…it’s…well, you can’t say it’s under cooked. Hannibal, you are one brave sim!getting inspired.pngToday is Vivana’s first day on the job as a Palette Cleaner. So, from 9am – 5pm, these sims will be left alone. Viviana decides to get inspired and mold some clay and then heads off to work.

For the next 8 hours, all I can do is follow the residents around. I can’t control them, even though Erik would love me to control him winning at chess. I can’t tell them not to do something, like streak around the neighborhood. And, I can’t save them if they decide to drink from the toilet. Oh wait, no, that’s just pets…not sims. Let’s see what they do.erik busting some moves with an officer.pngErik decides to dance a bit with one of the security guards.barbie is not showering today.pngBarbie has decided to stage a “stink-in” to protest against the 5-minute shower rule.that song comes to my mind all by myself.pngAll the other residents are inside and Barbie is all alone outside. The words to a song…“All by Myself” come to my mind when I see Barbie standing all alone here. Seriously Barbie, the shower is free. Go…please….go!friendly.pngBarbie heads inside, but, no, not to take a shower. She decides she needs a bite to eat, and sits down beside Sunny and they chat up a storm. In fact, they become friends all on their own.hannibal is a super basketball whiz.pngMeanwhile, most of the residents have now wandered outside. I wonder if they are avoiding Barbie and her….ummm…odor. Hannibal does a close shot. Woot! Look at him go.hannibal got in the zoneHannibal gets a “In The Zone” moodlet from making 3 shots in a row. Erik can hardly believe that one! I mean really, look at Erik and look at Hannibal. Erik is in way better shape than Hannibal.gotta stay in shakeTo prove his point, Erik heads to the kitchen and does 20…no make that, 50 sit-ups.toby swining from the basketball net.pngToby tries to duplicate the move that Hannibal did.gets thumped ont he head with the ball.pngOops….Toby falls to the ground and the ball thumped him on the head. Ouch!

[Author’s note: With that plumbob and basketball over his head, it almost looks like Toby is trying to make a shish kebob skewer. Could be a new hat style for him.]poor toby.pngPoor Toby. He is kind of sitting there in a dazed state.caught pretending funny.pngToby gets two moodlets. The first one is “Caught Pretending”. What a funny moodlet. He was dreaming big and was caught pretending. So funny!

I see that Barbie has come outside again. Maybe Toby got distracted by the smell and that’s why he missed the basket.toby sprained his ankle.pngAnd to top it off, Toby also sprained his ankle. Toby, best play chess for awhile.sunny seems delighted with thisOk, so why does Sunny seem so happy knowing that poor Toby just sprained his ankle? I guess more time on the court for her.playing the bballAll afternoon, the residents are on the basketball court, then they go in to play chess, then they get this “See What’s happening” and go back outside to play basketball again, and then inside to play chess. On and on and on. Well, it keeps them busy and out of trouble.

Oh and it seems that Sunny has joined Barbie in her “stink-in”.mowgli watches and learns the game.pngWith everyone coming in and then going out again, Mowgli watches and learns how to play “the maze” game.finn playing sims forever.pngFinn finally gets bored playing both basketball and chess and heads over to the computer. Finn decides to play The Sims. A really old version of The Sims.

[Author’s Note: Do you remember those heart-shaped hot tubs from the original Sims Livin’ Large expansion pack?]

viviana got a promo

Soon 5pm rolls around and Viviana comes home from work. And Eureka! She got a promotion!tough guys off to work.pngAnd it is also time for the Tough Guys, Toby and Erik to head off to their job. Come on there Toby, hobble on out of here. viviana repairs the toilet.pngAnd even though Viviana was tired, she repaired the toilet, which suddenly sprung a leak just as she got home. I tell you this toilet was psychic. Sheesh!

The rest of the night is uneventful and so we leave The Circle Asylum for another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today: Natural Light (makes painting & photography easier) Fast Internet and Mean Vibe.

So, maybe that look from Sunny after poor Toby got a sprained ankle was due to the lot trait, and not Sunny after all. I mean she does have the Friend of the World aspiration.

Nobody had anything in their inventory when I checked at midnight.

Both Erik and Toby brought home $63 simoleons each, and of course, Viviana got promoted to Art Book Collator and brought home $168 simoleons, plus a $422 simoleon bonus.

The only friendships in the house so far are Barbie and Sunny. But everyone has a green bar with everyone else.

With all that basketball exercise going on, most of the residents have skills in both fitness and logic. Both Sunny and Hannibal are level 4 in fitness.

The Circle Asylum Social Club has $1,575 club points and so I bought the painting and mischief boosts for $400 points each.

*”All By Myself” by Eric Carmen, 1975.

3 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 2 – Basketball Mania – The Circle Asylum

  1. Yay, another chapter! \o/ Love Barbie’s ‘stink in’ protest, so funny! And that glitch with her on the bed is a hilarious shot. Did you have to cheat to get her down or did she eventually get down on her own?

    Poor Toby getting embarrassed and a sprained ankle. Go Hannibal with his b-ball skills though! I’m surprised Erik wasn’t better too. I bet Sunny could beat both of them though, she seems to be out there all the time practicing. 🙂

    You’re SO lucky the toilet didn’t break or the shower while your Sim was gone. Those always seemed to break in my Asylum challenge when my controlled inmate was at work. Mass chaos! lol It was fun to watch though, have to admit. 😉 Congrats to Viviana for her raise, you go girl!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, have a great week! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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