Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – Is There A Doctor In the House? – Happy Hollow Asylum

In our last chapter, the residents have a fun time by the pool, until Sonny suddenly ends up in the water. Did he fall in or was he pushed? No-one knows for sure, but several suspect that Midge may have pushed him in. Rocky looks pretty “buff” in his llama swimsuit, Krysta was embarrassed most of the day, and Midge seems to be unbeatable in Don’t Wake the Llama. Veta has the urge to clean the dirty dishes lying around, even though, she herself is filthy. Louis, Rocky and Sonny all have their first day of work. Randall goes on a wild cooking binge while Louis is gone and Deirdre samples Randall’s cooking and feels quite 330 in the morning veta wants to go swimmingWell the day starts early at the Happy Hollow Asylum. Yep, for some reason at 3:30 am, Veta decides she needs to go for a swim. Look likes she is about to trip into the pool. Hope she doesn’t drown, because no-one else is up.rocky has the urge to clean up.pngOh wait! I think I see another sim through the window. Why yes, it’s Rocky. It looks like Rocky is taking the dirty dishes for a walk because he just goes from room to room holding the pile of dishes. He never does wash them. I guess he “air dried” them.midge is wondering what that smell is turn around.pngThe next sim up is Midge, who wanders into the kitchen and turns her nose up at the smelly dishes. You see, Rocky didn’t wash them. They are still there. So, Midge, come on, give a hand…wash those dishes. Do you think she does it? Nope.midge is pressurized from illness.pngMidge just heads over to the Don’t Wake the Llama Table. Oh, but what’s this? Midge seems sick today. She is “pressurized” from illness. Will this affect her game today? Will she need to go to emergency or will Louis find a way to treat her with an at-home medicine? This doesn’t sound like the start of a good day for Midge.MIDGE COMES TO JOIN THE FUN.pngMidge decides that a little swim might clear her head, so she joins Veta and Krysta in the pool. Not sure about clearing her head, but she might get a far more serious disease from swimming in that water. Louis, when you get enough simoleons, please hire a pool service.randall needs a shower but i don't think hes going to get clean in there.pngRandall is awake now too, and he wants to join the pool party. Swimming does not get you clean Randall. Shower, Randall, shower!randall dont drink the water.pngOh come on Randall, DON’T drink the pool water. Midge doesn’t seem to care one way or another as her head is still pressurized.helpful cleaner.pngBut what about those dirty dishes piled in the kitchen? Oh thank you Deirdre. At least someone is being helpful and cleaning up.rocky in his favorite place and brught his own reading material this time.pngAnd some sims are making more messes. Yes, it’s Rocky. Looks like he brought some reading material this time. How long have you been in here Rocky? Ewww…..great way to wake up fix the toilet.pngAnd of course, poor Louis gets up because he really needs to use the toilet only to find it broken. Hmmm…..wonder who used the toilet before this? This is not a nice way to wake up having to fix an overflowing, stinky toilet.tony reads the mischief book autonomously.pngHmmm…or maybe it was Sonny and just having Rocky be the “fall” guy. Sonny is reading the mischief book autonomously. Nice color Sonny, you are camouflaged with the couch.this might explain why noone is taking a shower.pngAfter Louis finishes in the bathroom, he decides to head to the shower room and take a nice, relaxing shower. Ummm…yah! Maybe this is why no-one is taking a shower and think they can swim that dirt off.up to louis to clean the shower stall.pngWhere is Deirdre or Veta when you need them? Nowhere to be found. And so it’s up to Louis to clean the shower. This is one gross shower. Louis you need to make a duty board, not that anyone will read it or do any of the things that need to be done. But just for your own sanity, make one.looks like deirdre is making herself something to eat.pngWhile Louis is cleaning, Deidre has decided to make herself some breakfast. Oh no! Please don’t have a fire. They must be running low on food, so hurry up and clean that shower Louis and then get cooking. Ok, will you look at that on the counter behind Deirdre…it’s the roving pile of dishes. They magically just keep reappearing. Sheesh!sonny and krysta are secretly practicing dont wake the llama.pngMeanwhile, in the living room, Sonny and Krysta are secretly practicing Don’t Wake the Llama. Maybe this will be the day one of them wins against Midge. Oh no, they wouldn’t take advantage of the fact that she isn’t feeling well. Oh nooo…..never. *wild maniacal laughter from Sonny*what a lovely pair have you heard of showers.pngMidge doesn’t seem to notice as she is too caught up in Randall’s jokes. In fact, she is feeling quite better. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. But seriously, I think that you both need a shower. Please go….sooner rather than later.midge has brought the pile of dishes into the office.pngOh, it looks like Midge is helping to clean up. Oh wait, she just brought the stack of dirty dishes into the office and left them there. Out of sight, out of mind. And yes, this is the same pile of dirty dishes. They are on a roadshow.louis hard at work cooking.pngHaving finished his shower, Louis heads to the kitchen and starts making some fruit salad. Umm….Deirdre, you left your pan of grilled cheese on the stove. Unfinished. And then all at once, Louis hears a scream coming from the shower room. Isn’t this like deja vu from yesterday?midge accidentally walks in on krysta taking a shower.pngWell almost. It’s like all the sims found out that the shower was clean and there was a stampede to take a shower. Today, Midge walks in on Krysta. Definitely not Midge’s day today. Midge also has the “stuffed up” moodlet from suffering from a cold.randall helping in the kitchen.pngLooks like Randall wants to help cook in the kitchen, only problem is that there is salad everywhere other than in the salad bowl. Ok, well, thanks for trying Randall.i predict i predict.pngDeirdre has discovered the magic “8” ball and sees another prediction coming on, but the darn thing is dirty. She can barely make it out…a crown on the ground. What the heck does that mean? Now she has to clean this cube, too. Deirdre wonders if she is the only one who cleans up around here. Don’t blame Deirdre if she can’t see the predictions clearly in this dirty magic cube ball.KRYSTA WHAT A DEAR SCRUBBING THE TOILET.pngWell, Deirdre, no, you’re not the only one who cleans. Thank you Krysta for cleaning the toilet, a much worse job than cleaning a magic cube ball.

The afternoon drones on with dirty sims wandering the halls babbling to themselves. Sonny and Rocky then head off to work. And not long after, a shriek is heard from the kitchen. Oh no, now what?egads was that a spider.pngApparently Veta thought she saw a spider. She hates spiders. Louis thinks that when he gets his promotion, he is going to do a thorough cleaning of the asylum and get rid of all those spiderwebs. Hiring a cleaning service would be great, but the asylum management won’t allow it, so it’s up to him.randall challenges midge.pngLouis has filled up the fridge with food and achieved a milestone. He is now a Captain Cook and is at level 5 of the cooking skill. To complete his next milestone, he has to make a gourmet meal and earn silver at a dinner party. His next day off is Thursday, so maybe he will have the dinner party then. He decides to get a head start and reads a gourmet cooking book.

Meanwhile, Randall is sitting at the Don’t Wake the Llama table and….wait for it….challenges Midge to a game! Yes he does. Oh Randall…why?midge loses her 1st dont wake the llama game by walking away.pngBut then the weirdest thing happens. Not one move was made, look at the game, it is still intact, but Midge gets up from the table! Randall wins the game by default and Midge gets the “Llama Poser” moodlet from leaving a Don’t Wake the Llama Challenge. I couldn’t believe it! Does this mean that Midge actually lost her first game? Why the heck did she get up?but she has reason to still sick.pngOh then I see another moodlet. No wonder Midge stepped away from the Don’t Wake the Llama game, now she has a fever. Poor Midge, she is really sick. Is this the premonition that Deirdre saw – the crown on the ground? Is Midge’s reign of champ at the Don’t Wake the Llama game over?

Author’s Note: This is the problem of not being able to control all the sims. If I could get Midge to drink some orange juice, that might help. But how? I can’t control her to go to the fridge and get one. And I can’t have her order the medicine and drink it. Hopefully the illness won’t last long.randall is so enthused he feels like singing and dancing.pngWell, Randall isn’t too worried about Midge. All he knows is he beat her by default and he is ready to sing and dance up a storm. Who knew that Randall had a devious streak in him to challenge poor Midge when she was as her weakest. It looks like he can’t wait to tell Sonny when he gets home.


Speaking of which, Sonny and Rocky both got a promotion to Petty Thief and a bonus! Woot! The Happy Hollow Asylum is rolling in the simoleons now!

sonny swiped something at work

There is also a notice that Sonny swiped an object at work. Hmmm…wonder what it was? Oh shucks, can you believe it? Some dirty dishes! Sonny, are you sure that these are not the same dirty dishes that have been touring the house? Great, more dishes to wash.midge is super mad.pngAs Louis turns to head back into the kitchen, he takes a quick look at Midge, who is sitting on the couch. She is looking super mad! Um Randall, hide when Midge gets better. Louis thinks she might be thinking about some payback time.

And with that, we leave the Happy Hollow Asylum for another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today were Sunny Aspect, Homey & Filthy.

From the club points earned, I bought the mischief social boost and mixology skill boost.

Today, Louis had the day off and I was going to have him take the residents to the park, but then things were broken and they were running out of food. So, needless to say, they didn’t make it there.

No new friendships or frenemies have developed and no-one had anything of value in their inventory.

And now on to the discussion of…..There’s Something About Midge…..

I wanted to tell you about something weird that happened. Weird as in possible glitch in game. So, when the casting call was made, karababy52 submitted Ridge, who then turned into Midge. Still a new sim, right? Well, I don’t know about that. While I was playing Day 3, all of a sudden I see a moodlet for Midge “enjoying solitude”  from the Loner trait. What Loner trait? Midge doesn’t have the loner trait. Her traits are insane (now erratic), kleptomaniac and snob. So where did this Loner trait come from? I looked back at Ridge’s traits and suddenly had that “aha!” moment. (yes, super sleuths, Ridge had the Loner trait…)

Have a look at this evidence (untouched photos – lol):



Needless to say, I repaired and up-dated my game. So, when I say these sims have “secret” traits, it really is true.


5 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – Is There A Doctor In the House? – Happy Hollow Asylum

  1. Yay, another chapter! And such and epic one full of insane, er, erractic *rolls eyes* goodness. Okay, I don’t know where to start! lol Seriously, so much going on, love it! Let’s start with the ‘dirty dishes roadshow.’ Sooo funny! I’ve never had that happen in my game except in restaurants. Waiters in my game are very efficient about clearing tables, BUT 9/10 times they end up dumping them on my Sims table. Not the best aroma when you’re in a fine dining establishment. o.O

    About Midge… poor girl being so sick. Thankfully, in my Asylum gameplay, no one ever got sick. I always wondered what I would/could do if they did since you can’t control them. Hopefully she gets better soon. Usually that buff just wears off, but it can stick around and I guess even kill your Sim! At least that’s what I’ve read from other Simmers.

    Shame on you Randall for taking advantage of her! You know that wasn’t a legiitimate win Mr! lol She’ll get you, just watch. Remember Sonny? Not saying Midge pushed him but… *whistles innocently* 🙂 So prophetic about the ‘crown on the ground’ Deirdre saw in the magic eight ball eh? Coincidence? Hmmm….

    Did swimming help their hygience at all? I’ve read it can, but never experienced it myself. Most of my builds don’t have swimming pools.

    Cracks me up how you caught Rocky in the bathroom with a book and the dirty toilet behind him. Makes me wonder what he’s been eating! Hopefully nothing off those dirty dishes…. yikes!

    Loved the shot of cross-eyed Veta, so cute! Did she really see a spider? I’ve never seen that action either. I think it comes from the Vampires GP though, right?

    Tooooo funny how Midge walked in on Krysta since the opposite happened earliar. It just had to be Krysta she walked in on eh? Sometimes I think the AI in this game is spot on. Probably just a coincidence again, but who knows! lol

    About the Loner trait thing, I’ve heard that can happen sometimes when you change traits on a Sim. Previous trait buffs can linger. There’s a cheat you can use to remove that buff, and it might not happen again. But I’ve also read that some of them will still occur even after using the cheat. I’ll see if I can find it for you if you like?

    All in all, a fabulous chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Thanks for the update! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • So sorry about dear Midge in his chapter. I do hope she gets better. She has gone through pressurized – which I have never seen before, and then the stuffy nose and then the fever and then the “poser” lol another one I haven’t seen. Veta was just doing her talking to self (I don’t have the vampire pack), but it looked to me like she saw a spider lol No, pools can’t help with hygiene, but they were all swimming because the shower was dirty and no-one wanted to clean it. lol Yes, the dishes roadshow…now that was funny. I thought that Rocky had cleaned them up, but no, he hadn’t and all these sims kept picking them up and then just placing them somewhere else. At the end of this chapter, those dishes are still on the counter lol I think Louis might have to do the dishes. I actually had that screenie of Deirdre with that magic cube and after what happened with Midge & Randall, I thought it would be appropriate that she had made another prediction! lol I have no idea how to stop these sims from walking in on each other when one is showering and they can’t have 2 showers. Sheesh! Glad you liked this chapter and thanks for the awesome comments.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I swear the pool does actually help with hygiene but it only goes up the tiniest amount. It may have been a glitch in my game but one of my Sims was leaving a stink trail and decided to swim and the trail was gone until he walked around the lot for about an hour sim time and than needed an actual shower because the stink trail came back.

    I’ve also seen the loner trait glitch or hidden trait come up, and had non erratic Sims get the option to talk to themselves in a mirror. I wonder if hidden traits really are a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Shadami – that is pretty cool about the pool, but I think in this case it was because the shower was dirty and no-one wanted to clean it. lol As far as the hidden traits, maybe it is a glitch. I haven’t checked to forums to see if there is one. I just thought it was pretty funny. What lurks beneath! lol

      Liked by 1 person

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