Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – Is it Hot In Here? – The Circle Asylum

In our last chapter, Viviana has her first day on the job and the residents of The Circle Asylum are left alone while she is at work. We start the day when Viviana nearly has a stove fire, but luckily “swats” it out. Mowgli gets interested in “the maze” game and Finn plays with his best friend, Miss Kitty. Barbie stages a “stink-in” to protest the 5-minute shower rule. Sunny later joins and they become friends. Hannibal is “in the zone” on the basketball court and Erik wonders how the heck Hannibal got that when Erik is in much better shape. Toby tries to do the same, but was “caught pretending” and gets a sprained ankle. It seems that Sunny might have a mean streak, as she was laughing at Toby spraining his ankle. All day, the residents play basketball and then play chess. Viviana comes home and gets a promotion!barbie cleaningThe next morning we find Barbie in the kitchen cleaning up. And it looks like she had a shower! What? Has she been hypnotized? The “stink-in” must be over. But how? Why? Maybe she just couldn’t stand her own smell anymore or…..

Author’s note: Oh no, those dishes made it to this house, too. Let’s hope they don’t stick around like at the Happy Hollow Asylum!dirty shower cause of the stink in.pngPerhaps there was another reason for the “stink-in’. It turned out that the shower was dirty.viviana cleaning the shower.pngYep, after Viviana cleaned it, everyone was happy again and sims were showering! Oh rejoice! Why won’t these sims just clean the shower? Sheesh!the toilet broke again.pngAnd the darn toilet broke again.

Author’s Note: I think that the first up-grade Viviana is going to make is to buy a new toilet. The Sweet Escapes Country Toilet for $1,800 simoleons. It’s unbreakable. She has a way to go, though, so she better get painting.viviana making pancakes.pngBut first, breakfast. Viviana decides to make pancakes and she is doing rather well. Throwing them up in the air and actually catching them. She even amazes herself! They turn out excellent.

After getting home last night, Viviana was pretty tired and went straight to bed, and this morning was spent cleaning, repairing and cooking. So, she hasn’t even had time to paint. I decide that she will take a vacation day and stay home and work on her painting.what are these 2 up to again.pngViviana notices that Erik and Toby are sharing a secret together. Hmmm…wonder what they are up to?mogli won at chess.pngMowgli really has come a long way in chess and got the “Chess Victor” moodlet. Way to go Mowgli on winning “the maze” game. When I looked at everyone else’s moodlets, I couldn’t see who he was playing against, because there were no moodlets on someone losing.finn happy.pngFinn is just so happy and life is just fun and games. He has no worries and is happy blowing bubbles.hannibal discovers they have a pet.pngHannibal discovers they have a new pet, but maybe an unwelcome one. Is that a mouse? Eeep!

Author’s notes: No, I don’t have My First Pet Stuff…that’s a mouse and a mouse hole. The Circle Asylum needs some pest control.viviana gets a start on her painting and hannibal is at fire.pngAfter serving breakfast, Viviana heads outside to get painting, and I guess Hannibal thought it would be safer by the fire. No mice here!ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE SHRUBBERY THAT IS NOT A PEE BUSHMeanwhile, Erik has gone outside to talk to a shrub….HEY LOOK WHO I FOUND IN THE BUSHES OUR NEIGHBORSBut not for long, as he suddenly comes in again, but with a whole bunch of sims. It looks like some of the sims from The Happy Hollow Asylum.

“Hey look who I found hiding in the bushes. It’s our neighbors!” And so it is. I guess they came to welcome everyone to the neighborhood. There are only four who came, though, I wonder why the others didn’t come?SOME FRUITCAKE FOR YOU ALL I MADE IT MYSELF.pngSonny even brought some fruitcake that he made himself. Umm…I don’t remember seeing Sonny cook or bake at the Happy Hollow Asylum. How old is that fruitcake exactly?I TRUST NO ONE THATS WHY I BROUGHT MY OWN FOOD.pngSonny grabs a slice himself and sits down beside Toby. Toby thinks that Sonny looks familiar and that they might work at the same place. Toby asks Sonny if he likes fruitcake and Sonny replies that he always brings his own food because he doesn’t trust anyone. Hmmm…Toby likes Sonny and begins to tell him all about his conspiracy theory. In the background, Louis is admiring the photos on the wall, and Veta is just not sure she wants to come in and stands at the doorway looking around.SO I HEARD YOU DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE.pngViviana comes in from outside and heads over to Louis.

“So I heard you don’t know who you are,” she quips. Louis thinks this is pretty amusing. He likes Viviana. She has spunk.EVERYTHING ON ONE FLOOR THIS IS SWELL.pngThey start talking about their houses and Louis really likes that the house is all one level. He is even more impressed that they have a basketball court. Viviana smiles slyly and asks Louis if he has ever played basketball before. Louis never had. Then Viviana challenges him to a game. Louis thinks that it’s a great idea.GIMME THAT SALAD WHO SAID YOU COULD JUST TAKE FOOD OUT OF OUR FRIDGE.pngBut first, apparently, she has to feed the masses who are raiding the fridge. She sees Sunny and Midge sitting on the couch and apparently Sunny is upset that Midge is eating their food.

Sunny to Midge: “Gimme that salad. Who said you could just take food from our fridge?”COOKING FOR ALL THESE SIMS WAS NOT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION.pngViviana says out loud, “Ok, alright. I’ll cook already! Sheesh.” Feeding this many sims was not in Viviana’s job description. That seemed to settle Sunny and Midge and they continued to chat.viviana completes a cooking milestine.pngI guess it wasn’t so bad that she had to cook because she got to level 2 of the Master Chef Aspiration!LIZARDMEN ARE YOU SERIOUS.pngVeta has decided to come inside and sits beside Toby. Toby starts talking to Veta about the Lizardmen. Veta doesn’t seem to believe Toby at all.

“Really, Toby? Lizardmen?”. Veta tells him an alien joke, or maybe it’s a lizardman joke. STAND BACK LET ME SHOW YOU HOW ITS DONE.pngMeanwhile, outside, things are heating up on the basketball court. Louis lets Viviana have the first throw.

Viviana announces, “Stand back and let me show you how it’s done!” Point for Viviana.HES GOOD.pngLouis follows and just like that, dunks it. Viviana is wondering if Louis had played her. It certainly doesn’t look like he’s never played before. He’s too good. Point for Louis.sunny and may in an argument.pngInside, an argument starts between Veta and Sunny. may and sonny having an argument.pngNo one knows quite what started it, but Sunny is not backing down and they are now yelling at each other. In the background, Sonny from the Happy Hollow Asylum is listening to the whole argument.mocking outfit.pngThey both get up and now Sunny is making fun of Veta and her clothes, saying that she is a bit overdressed for daytime. Veta is so mad, she is about to burst at the seams.A CLEANSING FIRE WOULD DO WELL HERE.pngInstead, Veta huffs off and grabs a plate of food and sits down angrily on the couch.

Veta chews on her food thinking, “A cleansing fire would work really well here. These sims are so rude!”  Uh oh! What is she thinking?A RIM SHOT GO IN GO IN.pngOutside, Viviana has just thrown a shot. A rim shot! Go in! Go in! She is almost willing it to go into the net. But it misses and she loses a point.MAYBE IF I STAY HERE NO ONE WILL NOTICE I AM GONE.pngAt the front of the house, Veta is in the bushes. Veta, what are you doing there? Is she hiding from someone?what are these 2 talking about in the bushes.pngNo, apparently not. She was waiting for Sonny. And apparently she is ranting about Sunny…

…did you hear her disrespect me? I need you to do a little favor for me. It’s simple, really. Just a few adjustments…and that’s all you have to do….”sonny talks to one of the security guardsWhile Veta and Sonny are out front plotting something, Sunny is out back talking to one of the security guards. He seems to be giving her some advice and she heads inside again.THIS IS GONNA MISS.pngMeanwhile, on the court, Louis makes his last shot and it’s a winner. Hannibal looks rather sad. I don’t think this is a good thing for Viviana.MISSED IT GRRRR.png“Oh my plumbobs!”, Viviana can’t believe that Louis won. Mowgli and Hannibal, Viviana’s cheerleaders, are not cheering very loudly and they head inside. Oh, poor Viviana.OH OH OH MY FAV SONG.pngInside, Midge is super excited when she hears her favorite song come on the stereo. Mowgli, who just came inside, is very curious watching what Sonny is doing. And what exactly is  Sonny doing? He is near the washer and dryer…maybe Sonny is just admiring them, since they don’t have a washer and dryer at Happy Hollow. Hmmm….it looks rather suspicious.LOST ON THE COURT.pngOut on the court, the verdict is clear. Viviana lost the challenge.YOU REMIND ME OF KEN SO ATHLETIC.pngThey both head inside and Louis grabs a plate of food and sits with Barbie. Barbie is thinking that Louis looks buff in his clothes.

Barbie to Louis: “You remind me of Ken, so athletic. Are you sure your name isn’t Ken?”toby trying his hand at bartending.pngToby heads to the bar and tries to show off his non-existent bartending skills. Ooops!finn making friends with the red lamp.pngFinn is near the computer making friends with the red lamp.sonny decides to clean up.pngAnd Sunny is giving Viviana a hand by cleaning up. Oh she’s going to do some laundry.what is may doing.pngBut I guess she didn’t turn on the washer, so Veta heads over to the washer and turns it on, and turns the dryer on as well. Veta can’t believe these sims….they’re so….the plan may have backfired.pngOh no! Veta heard the switch before she could react. Her plan backfired. SHE was on fire!  This wasn’t supposed to happen to her! Help! Help! Fire! Fire!louis saves the dayEveryone was running around screaming, but Louis grabbed the fire extinguisher fast! Way to go Louis!sonny you are dead.pngViviana and even Sunny run and see what’s going on. Veta is standing there, her clothes in ruins, while Louis puts out the last of the fire.a fire lets have a weinnie roast.pngThe first one to safety out on the sidewalk is Erik. And he doesn’t look too sad about the fire or that Veta was on fire. In fact, he looks rather happy and wants to have a weenie roast!good joke on may.pngMidge and Sonny run outside and are hysterical with laughter. It looks like they are having a good laugh over Veta and the dryer incident. Sonny thinks this is the best joke ever and Midge is applauding his deed.sonny and sunny an new alliance.pngAnd then Sunny comes out and sees Sonny and Midge. She gives Sonny a conspiratorial wave. Sonny waves back.

Umm…what? Did something go on between these two? Sonny and Sunny. A new alliance. And did Midge know too?i hate the name sonny.pngIn the kitchen, Veta is fuming and not from the latest fire! I think she hates the name Sonny/Sunny. She turns around and promptly stomps out the front door.

Do you think that Veta asked Sonny to rig the dryer so that Sunny might start a fire? No…couldn’t be. It was just coincidence that Sunny brought over some laundry and didn’t turn the washer on. I mean who knew that Veta would go over and start it? Who knew about Veta’s squeamish/neat trait? Do you think that Sonny and Sunny foiled her plan?TIME TO HEAD OUT THANKS FOR HOSTING.pngViviana makes a phone call to The Circle Asylum committee and lets them know what happened. She also asks if they will be replacing the dryer, and Viviana gets the story of lack of funds. So, basically, no, no new dryer.hey no hard feelings.pngViviana sits down beside Louis wondering how she was going to get enough simoleons for a new dryer. Louis feels bad because it was one of his residents who started the fire. How can he make it up to her?come to a dinner party on thurs.pngLouis has an idea and asks Viviana if she was free to come over to his dinner party on Thursday? Viviana told Louis she worked until 5pm, but was free afterwards. That sounded perfect.looks like louis is eyeing viviana.pngLouis thanked Viviana for her hospitality and said he and the others had to go. Oh? Do I sense some chemistry between Louis and Viviana? Look at how they’re looking at each other!the laundry area maybe they need a bigger sign.pngAnd so, here sits the lovely washer and burnt-to-a-crisp dryer. There is no option to repair it, just replace it. Maybe they need a bigger sign about emptying the lint home in the shower may thinking of ways to get even with sonny.pngMeanwhile at the Happy Hollow Asylum, Veta is taking a shower and it looks like she is plotting something. The Sunny/Sonny’s of the world had better watch out!

And so we leave The Circle Asylum…ummm…what’s left of it…until another day.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

Random Lots Traits today were bracing breezes (great exercise environment), chef’s kitchen and cursed (lots of things go wrong).

The dryer fire was quite a surprise. Those screenies are actually what happened. Sunny picked up all the laundry and put it in the washer, but I guess didn’t turn it on. Veta was in the kitchen and came over and put the washer on, and the dryer, too, I guess. And then, suddenly, fire! I was going to have Viviana extinguish her, but before I even got a chance to choose that command for her, Louis had autonomously grabbed a fire extinguisher and was putting Veta out. Louis, you lifesaver!sunny and voodoo pain.pngBut I guess Sunny didn’t fare too well either, because she got a “Voodoo Pain” moodlet from the cursed lot traits.

Will we ever find out if Veta had plotted revenge on Sunny and asked Sonny to do the deed? Or if somehow Sunny found out the plan, and then she and Sonny came up with a new plan to take revenge on Veta instead? Well, maybe not. All we know is that Veta is not a very happy sim.

Viviana’s skills: Cooking 6, Painting 5, Handiness 2, and the rest are all 1’s, Charisma, Comedy, Dancing, Fitness, Gourmet Cooking, Logic, Video Gaming


Barbie is friends with Sunny and Toby

Toby and Erik are friends

Household funds: $1,121 simoleons

Items in inventory: Erik had the mischief skill book and Finn had a book entitled Untamed Treachery of the Heart and of course, Miss Kitty. These items were put out for everyone to use.

Club Points: $1,794 club points. Purchased Creativity Boost for 200 points and Gourmet Cooking for 400 points.


11 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 3 – Is it Hot In Here? – The Circle Asylum

  1. Yikes! Some feuds and fires LOL! I really can’t believe he put out the fire all by himself, when I play I always make someone put out the fire, or maybe I don’t wait long enough for them to do it themselves 🙂 At least they’re showering again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely adore the way you’re writing this challenge with all the little supposed alliances, enemies, a potential romance, etc. Very cool how you can weave stories out of random actions.

    It’s interesting how Sims usually won’t fix stuff on their own. I’ve only ever had one Sim fix a toilet autonomously. Also, I don’t get why they wouldn’t shower just because it was dirty. My Sims have, they didn’t like it and got a gross moodlet, but they still took a shower. Insane Sims must be a bit more pershnickety. lol

    Fun to see some inmates from the two asylums interact. I feel sorry for Veta, poor woman. I’m surprised that Midge was cheering and clapping about the fire and seemingly in cahoots with Sonny though. I guess she forgot all about not liking the guy. Hmm…

    I sense a budding romance as well between Vivianna and Louis. Very interesting development! So, is the ‘dinner party’ just a ploy to spend time with her or will there really be a party in a future chapter involving all the inmates? That sounds like it could end up being either a blast and fun for all, or a complete disaster! LOL Either way, it’ll be fun for your readers, and you I would imagine. 🙂

    Oh and on a sidenote, I love how Finn is completely oblvious to his surroundings and is such a happy go-lucky Sim. As long as he has his kitty, bubbles and imaginary friends, that’s all he needs in life. Such a sweet Sim.

    Thanks for another wonderful chapter, on the edge of my seat for more! Have a great week ahead! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting karababy52 – the dinner party is actually part of the Master Chef aspiration, and he was going to have it on Thursday because that’s his day off. I was going to have Louis just have it with his own house, but since one of his residents almost burned down The Circle Asylum, it was a way to make it up to her. Plus, yah, I think they like each other. Yah, in two houses, they wouldn’t shower because the shower was dirty. lol I don’t know how many sims you can have for a dinner party, but if I can invite them all, I will. There will be a lot of game pausing going on so I don’t miss anything. Sometimes I have so much going on that I can’t put it all in one story because it would be too long. And, then sometimes, nothing goes on. Well, this was an exciting day for sure! I normally play with sound off, and then all of a sudden, I see the fire moodlet come up…and I’m like…oh my gosh, who had a fire…and it was so funny that it was Veta and that Sunny had just picked up some clothes. lol It all worked out.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this latest installment. So much happening from Hannibal being scared of a witty bitty mousey to Veta setting herself on fire. Loved every minute of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. These sims just do the strangest things and I have to keep an eye on them to get a screenie. Doing a blog with the asylum challenge is another challenge in itself. lol


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