Survive the Insanity: Day 4 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Geekcon

In our last chapter we had a stack of dirty dishes that kept appearing and re-appearing.

In fact, they seemed to appear in other stories. emphasis on dishes(Euphorial Queen’s Rusty Irons in the Wayward Wasteland Challenge). I think these dirty dishes went on a roadshow. Sparking of dirty, all of the sims were walking around in a dirty state until Louis cleaned the shower. We had a deja vu when Midge walked in on Krysta showering. Sonny was using a camouflage trick while reading a mischief book and blended well with the couch. Veta thought she saw a spider in the kitchen and freaked. Both Sonny and Rocky got promotions to Petty Thief, and Louis is at Cooking Level 5. Deirdre used the magic 8 ball and saw a cloudy vision of a crown on the ground, but could not get a clear prediction. Midge was sick most of the day and Randall dared to challenge her to a game of Don’t Wake the Llama in her weakened state. In a most bizarro event, Midge leaves the game table without even making a move, and gets the “Llama Poser” moodlet. Could this have been what Deirdre saw? Did Midge actually lose her first Don’t Wake the Llama game?louis is fixing the toilet again.pngWell, it’s almost the middle of the week, and Louis doesn’t seem to be making the fastest progress in the 3 aspirations that he needs to “escape” the asylum. Maybe that’s because he is so busy fixing the toilet all the time! Sheesh! teh dirty dish pile is still there.pngAnd cleaning…what happened to all those helpful sims? Yep, the dirty dishes are still there. The shower is dirty again, and the floor is wet…from some sim who…well…ok….they peed themselves.louis needs to get outLouis needs to get out of this place for awhile, and maybe it would be good for everyone to have a change of scenery. Because Louis really can’t go anywhere without them. And it just so happens that there is GeekCon on today. Louis should really be working on his cooking skills, but this may be more what everyone needs.

Author’s Note: You can visit community lots from 9am-3pm, but must take everyone with you. Since GeekCon is from 10am-4pm, we are going to bend the rules a bit, so they can stay until the end.more stinky sims.pngAnd so Louis brings them all to Geekcon. In their various stages of dress, they will blend right they are the stinky lot of them.pngAnd, the smell! Ooowee! Yes, good to be in the great outdoors to “air” out the residents. Louis didn’t really give them much of a chance to get ready, not that it would matter. I think they just like to walk around in a dirty state.louis wastes no time.pngLouis really does want to get away from it all and wastes no time heading for a flight in a a rocketship.

While Louis is enjoying a little “space”, let’s see what everyone else is up to.sonny the singing sensation.pngWhile not exactly Geekcon, there is Planet Honey Pop! right in the vicinity and Sonny makes a beeline for the stage and the microphone. Oh karaoke! He’s going to sing!midge and veta brought food from home.pngVeta and Midge haven’t moved from where they arrived and it appears they brought some food from home and are having a bite to eat before partaking in the festivities. Oh, I like these frugal sims.message 1 for louisOh an in-coming message from outerspace. Looks like Louis is on a mission! He’s going to check it out.rocky playing a game.pngWe continue to see what everyone is doing and it looks like Rocky is playing some blicblock.goopy goopOh another message from space. Oh cool. Louis is going to try to clean it.he may have his first fan.pngSonny is still heating up the stage and it looks like he has his first fan. Krysta thinks that Sonny’s singing is pretty good.randall actually found someone who finds his jokes funny.pngRandall is….umm…Randall…yes, Randall is talking to the toilet. I think he’s telling toilet jokes. Randall is so happy that at least the toilet appreciates his humor.delisOh look! Another space message. Hmm….sprinkles in the goop….what is causing this?big bunnyOh that is what is causing the problem. Well, this may not be wise, but Louis is going to Blast It!not long after we see midge playing some games.pngOh, now that Midge has finished eating, she decides to play some virtual reality games. Midge definitely loves games!deirdre is trying her singing skill now.pngAnd Deirdre has now swapped places with Sonny. Oh more fans! Veta has joined the fan base. Sonny is watching Deirdre rather intently. I wonder who sings better?

Author’s Note: To save my ears, I played this with sound off, so it’s anyone’s guess who is the better or worse singer.ionOk, back in space, Louis is dueling it out with the space bunny. Take that! You pink fuzzy bunny! Ahhh…shucks, the duel is over, but it looks like Louis won! Time to return home. But he did find some space debris, which turn out to be electronic parts.midge the new tomb raider.pngWhat a great shot of Midge, the new Tomb Raider. With a little encouragement (*wink), Midge has entered the Ultimate Gaming Challenge.both rocky and sonny at the computers.pngOh and it looks like Rocky and Sonny are at the computers autonomously trolling the forums.

What? They just announced a Hakathon contest. Sounds like something that they might do. Maybe they should enter….I’ll give them a little nudge (*wink).

Author’s Note: Did you know that trolling the forums increases the mischief skill?krysta doesnt really like deirdres singing.pngOk, well, Deirdre is still singing and the verdict is that Krysta definitely does not like her singing. Look at that face!louis has somehow disappeared.pngLouis is back from his space flight and…umm….he has disappeared. Yep, must have lost himself in space. See plumbob over invisible Louis carrying and eating a hot dog. Oh yah, he’s there, but somehow he’s not there.randall having a fun time.pngRandall has left his comedy bathroom and he, too, has discovered karaoke. It looks like he is having a fun time. Maybe they should invest in a karaoke machine for the asylum. Sonny, Deirdre and Randall would certainly appreciate it.midge still gaming.pngMidge is still dodging balls in the Ultimate Gaming Test.krysta has decided to work on a rocket.pngOh and what is Krysta up to? Rocket building?deirdre also working on rocketship.pngAnd she’s not the only one. It looks like Deirdre is helping her….geekcon.pngVeta decides she wants to play some blicblock, too. Sonny and Rocky are still at the computers doing the hackathon challenge. Midge didn’t win at the Ultimate Gaming Test, but that didn’t stop her from going back in and playing some more. The whole time she was at Geekcon was autonomously spent at the gaming module.veta is determined.pngI guess Veta got bored of the games and now Veta has decided to help build. Do you think they are trying to escape in this? Maybe they heard about that pink frosting and want to try some. We better keep an eye on these three.something you dont see everyday.pngOk….not something you see everyday. In fact, we’re not seeing it. Just unsee this. But, yes, this is the invisible “see no evil, hear no evil” Louis, using the facilities.

sonny won the hackatonBack outside, some excitement. Oh my goodness! Sonny has won 1st prize in the Hackathon! Woot! Way to go Sonny! I really didn’t think either of them would win. Oh great score, 15/100! Just so you know, Rocky’s score was 11/100.sonny hackathon winner.pngAnd Sonny gets this neat moodlet.sonny hanging with some suspicious characters.pngAfter such a victory, Sonny heads over for a bite to eat and sits and chats with some suspicious characters. It is time for Sonny and Rocky to head to work, and they leave on the town.pngLouis is trying to round up everyone, but it’s kind of hard to get anyone’s attention when you’re invisible. Yes, get them home, before they spend all the household simoleons on food and drinks.

And it is impossible to tear Midge away from the motion gaming system. Louis has to wait until they close the GeekCon festival and then he is able to drag her away. Midge has become somewhat obsessed with the motion gaming system.and they are all back and louis is back again too.pngAnd they are all back home again. And there is Louis! He’s not invisible anymore. Looks like he bought himself a Geekcon shirt, too. He certainly had a fun time.krysta so happy she nearly escaped here.pngKrysta is the first one in the house and almost looks dazed. I bet she is dreaming of her near-escape in the rocket ship.louis looks all too happy using those knives.pngLouis is in such a good mood and decides to fix some salad. He almost looks too happy with those knives in his hand.what of deirdre.pngDeirdre is sad that she left the karaoke bar. She felt a connection there. She had a flashback of some other time, in some other life. Maybe she was a singer…maybe she had to sing for her supper…what was for supper anyway? She was famished!veta telling the bonsai plant about geekcon.pngVeta, meanwhile, has wandered back to the bonsai plant and is telling him/her(?) about the great time she had on the outing.all is forgiven with randall.pngMidge was in a gaming mood, and as soon as she got in the house, she rushed over to the Don’t Wake the Llama table. Oh, and what’s this? Randall is playing, too? Hmmm…maybe Randall is thinking that he can win again against Midge.randall got his.pngMaybe that was yesterday….Randall, oh Randall…shess baaacckkk.pngBut today….she’s baaaaaaccckkkkk!

And with that, we say good night to the Happy Hollow Asylum household.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

What a fun time for everyone at GeekCon! And what happened to poor Louis when he returned to SimEarth? He was invisible! He was definitely “lost in space”.

And now it’s confession time. Yes, I have a confession to make.

Since Rocky and Sonny were at the computer area when they announced the Hackathon contest, I did “nudge” Rocky and Sonny to enter. And Midge was at the motion gaming system, so I gave her a “nudge” to enter the Ultimate Gaming Test. I know, I know…you’re not supposed to control the other sims. But, I felt it was not out of character with something they would have done.

Now, Midge did not win, but that didn’t stop her from going in and out of that motion gaming system. She never left that place the whole time she was there. In fact, until the festival was over and “dissolved” did she finally stop. I would say she was a bit obsessed.

It was an amazing coincidence that Sonny actually won the Hackathon contest! In playing other sims, in other games, I have never won that Hackathon. So this was really a surprise. So, congrats to Sonny for winning. The prize was an immersive keyboard and was in the house inventory and is worth $3,600!

And now the moral dilemma that I am faced with, and I turn to you, dear readers, for my voice of reason. Should I keep the ill-gotten computer, since I did “nudge” Rocky and Sonny into entering that contest (which was a no-no as per the rules), or should I just sell it and re-set the house funds? Let me know what you think I should do. Until I get your decision, I will lay awake tossing and turning on my pillow, thinking of how I can right the wrong that I have done. Oh woe is me….

Before signing off for the night, Louis purchased a new item for the house! Yes! The nano-can touchless trash can for $1,200 simoleons. So, if there are any roving dishes, they are going to be picked up and deposited in the can to make some simoleons.

House funds (without the computer and after nano can purchase): $1,019

Lot traits remained the same as yesterday, and it didn’t matter too much, because they weren’t there the whole day.

Louis has a bit of red with Lily Feng. I wonder how that happened? Of course, I couldn’t really see much of Louis at the festival, so who knows what went on.

Louis’ skills: Cooking 6, Rocket Science 2, Charisma, Dancing, Fitness, Gardening, Handiness and Video Gaming are all 1.

At midnight, checked all the sims inventories, and it looks like Sonny was at it again! I removed the book from his inventory so others can enjoy this exciting story.

sinny at it again



12 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 4 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Geekcon

  1. Keep it! Even with a nudge there was no guarantee of success. As far as the restrictions on the hours to visit community lots go with what you feel.
    So many changes in the game since the challenge was written. Just do what you want that does not feel too ‘cheaty’. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Euphorial Queen. Yes, for sure. Festivals weren’t around when the challenge was written, but even without my “nudge”. these sims did things on their own. I was actually hoping that Louis would bring back some expensive space rock on his space trip, and was thinking I was going to have him go again, but then, well, he kind of disappeared. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another fun chapter! Loved how it seemed each Sim had their personal obsessions! Too funny about Louis ‘disappearing’. I’ve had that happen in my game, it’s actually a fun glitch. I have some hilarious screenshots thanks to that glitch. hehe They will come back if you send them to take a shower or change their clothes.

    As for your moral dilemma, I imagine you’ve already made your decision, but if it were me, I’d keep it. Like Euphorial said, you didn’t know if they would win or not. Yes, it’s technically against the rules, but meh… Besides, it’s Sonny that won it and he’s libel to take revenge against Louis if you take it away. Wouldn’t want him to end up sporting cement slippers swimmin’ with the fishes, eh? So really, it’s a better safe than sorry sort’ve situation in my eyes to keep it! 😉

    Oh, and YAY for Midge, the Tomb Raiding once again Don’t Wake The Llama Queen! Hmm, maybe you should sell the computer afterall and get Midge one of those gaming mats with the money? Nah, then Midge would be the one in danger of getting bumped off! o.O

    Looking forward to the next chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh thanks karababy52, your comments always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. And, yes, Midge definitely likes games. She was at that motion gaming mat all the time! lol She is a fun sim.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with everyone else on here that although it was ill-gotten, you didn’t go into the hackathon with any intent and I don’t feel that Sonny should be penalized. Plus insane petty theif… not one to be crossed. Really enjoying your stories by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Oh that’s funny…yes, Sonny is an interesting character who keeps taking things from his place of work. lol All of these sims are interesting and make everyday living an adventure. lol


  4. They can’t actually autonomously enter those contests right? They were already at the locations doing the things the contests are for. I say it’s legitimately won. congrats on the computer!


    • Hi Shadami – Thanks for reading and commenting. No, they can’t enter the contests autonomously, but they were at the computers trolling the forums when the contest was announced. So, that is why I gave them that “nudge”.

      Liked by 2 people

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