Wonder Child Challenge – Getting Acquainted

arrived first.pngKyla arrived first. Maybe that was a good thing so she could look around. Get her bearings. This place was so different from where she had lived with the colony. Everything was so green and flowers were blooming. It was like she had stepped into a part of yesterday before the blasts. The air even smelled clean. There was no swirling dust anywhere. It was so beautiful. It was like she was in a dream.kyla house background.pngShe looked behind her and saw the house. The structure that she would live in with Terence. She wondered what it looked like inside. It had been so long that she had lived in a structure…a house, with solid walls around her. At the colony, they had lived in tents mostly, and lean-to shacks made from scrounged wooden boards. Hammered together to form a makeshift shelter. But no matter how hard they tried, the dust always seemed to find them. Kyla never did like the dust.she was a great match for meAs Kyla made a step towards the house, a vehicle pulled up and dropped off a male sim. She closed her eyes almost afraid of what she might see. This must be him. Terence. She took a deep breath and turned around to face him. He was in front of Kyla looking at her from beneath a pair of round glasses. Almost like he was analyzing her to see if she was worthy. She felt embarrassed. No one had ever looked at her like that before and she felt her cheeks getting hot.

Kyla hoped he didn’t just want to try for a baby right away. The scientists had told her that they could have a day to get acquainted. Tomorrow she was scheduled for a fertility massage which would help with the success of getting pregnant.making a joke with kyla.png“Hi, Kyla. I’m Terence. I am so happy to meet you. I’m not sure about you, but I have been nervous the whole way over here. How was your trip? Did you have far to come? I thought maybe we should get to know each other a bit better and chat. What do you think?”looking into his eyes.pngKyla was relieved. She introduced herself and then didn’t know what else to say. She felt butterflies in her stomach when she looked into his eyes. Oh this wasn’t a very good start if they couldn’t even have a conversation together.terence making her feel more at ease.pngBut, Terence seemed to sense her nervousness and made quite a few jokes, which she found funny. He told her a bit about himself and she found out he had lived at a science lab since he was a young adult.getting to know youHe asked her questions about herself and pretty soon she felt a bit more at ease with him. He even suggested they take a picture together to mark their first day together.maybe this was going to be ok.pngMaybe, Kyla thought, this might work out. He seemed nice enough. She just had to stop being so nervous around him.

Terence said that they should check out the house, and Kyla agreed and thought that would be a good idea.going insideAs they walked to the front door together, she kept giving him sideways glances trying to get a better look at him. Terence caught her once and she quickly averted her eyes.

“And,” Terence said in a low voice, “I wanted to tell you from the first moment I saw you, that you look very lovely in that dress.”

“Oh, ummm…thank you”, is all that Kyla could manage.they explored the house together.pngThey entered the house and explored it together, going from room to room. Kyla noticed that there was a fireplace in the main room, which made her feel so warm inside. It reminded her of the firepit at the colony where they all gathered around at the end of each day.there was a kitchen and table to sit on.pngThe kitchen was small, but cozy, and there even was a table and some chairs to sit down.there were 4 doors leading from the main room.pngThere were four doors which led off from the main room. One of these led to the outside. Terence opened the door nearest the back door first, and it was a small bathroom.this was to be the babys room.pngThe next door they opened had a single bed and a computer. This must be the room for the baby. She was told that the scientists would be providing a crib for the baby at the proper time.the master bedroom.pngKyla knew that the next room they entered would be the master bedroom. She really hadn’t thought this far ahead. Were they supposed to sleep here together tonight? It was a nice enough room, but all of a sudden she felt like the walls were closing in on her.

Then she heard Terence’s voice.you can sleep in here tonight or the other room.png“Kyla, if you like, I can sleep in here tonight and you can take the other room, or if you prefer to sleep here, that is fine too. It is your choice. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.”hugging each other.pngBefore she knew what she was doing, she ran over to Terence and hugged him.

“Thank you”, Kyla said quietly. It was like Terence could read her mind. He was really being very considerate of her.back door led to a small deckThey broke apart and Terence gently took her hand and led her out the backdoor to a small deck. Kyla gave a huge sigh. She felt so much better outdoors. Perhaps it was just being couped up in the house. Afterall, for most of her life, she had lived outdoors.the backyard had a view to a childrens park.pngFrom the back deck, there was a view of a park and it looked like there were children’s climbers there. Terence asked Kyla if she wanted to explore the neighborhood a bit and she nodded her agreement.there were children here already.pngWhen they arrived at the park, they saw a child. There were children here already! When Kyla had lived at the colony, they so rarely saw a child, but it was always a cause for celebration. This time, Kyla grabbed Terence’s hand and they ran over to where the child was.they joked with the child.pngTerence wasted no time at all joking with the child. His name was Rex. Terence and Rex got along so well. Kyla could tell right then and there that Terence would be a good father.

At that moment, Kyla realized that this must be hard for Terence, too, having lived in a science lab for most of his life. Kyla had only thought of how she was feeling and never once had she really thought about how Terence was feeling. And yet, he was always thinking about her.over dinner he told me a bit about himself.pngRex had to head home, so Kyla and Terence headed over to the picnic tables, and to their surprise there was some untouched grilled fruit sitting on the table. Some sims, who were leaving, told them to help themselves. So, Kyla and Terence sat down and decided to have a quick bite to eat.i even shared a secret with him.pngOver dinner, Terence told Kyla more about his life at the science lab and Kyla told him the story of meeting Hannah and joining the colony. She told him how her parents had died in the blast and how she had lived on the streets as a teen and how scary it was.he hugged me then.pngTerence hugged Kyla then and told her that she would never have to worry about those things again, that he was going to keep her safe. Kyla felt like her heart was melting a bit, and she didn’t know if it was her imagination, but the hug felt so warm and secure and she didn’t want it to end.blew a kiss.pngAnd then Terence did something so sweet….he blew Kyla a kiss.blew her a kiss.pngAnd at that moment Kyla knew that she was falling in love with Terence.

There was something about Terence that she was drawn to. She couldn’t explain it…maybe it was the way he looked at her…with those eyes…making her feel special.relaxing together.pngIt was getting late, so they hurried back to the house and the rest of the night was spent relaxing and chatting together.

Terence had already secured a job as a Writer’s Assistant, and he started work tomorrow. In preparation, he had to read some material. Kyla didn’t have a job as yet, but she was hoping to put some of the skills that she had learned at the colony to good use. In fact, Kyla was watching a cooking show to learn some new recipes. She couldn’t believe she was watching television, something she hadn’t done in a very long time.kyla thought of terenceWhen it was time for bed, they went to their separate bedrooms, but neither one could sleep. terence thought kyla was the most beautiful sim.pngBoth just sat on their beds thinking of the other and how lucky they were to have been matched.

* * * * *


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13 thoughts on “Wonder Child Challenge – Getting Acquainted

  1. Great first chapter! I love both of them. Kyla is so beautiful, shy and sweet and Terrance makes me smile. He’s so considerate of her, funny and I’m guessing he has the romantic trait. Could just be you’re trying to speed things up though because they need to try for a baby. hehe

    About that though and her comment about falling in love with him so soon. In real life, most people don’t believe in love at first sight or soon after, but it does happen. I know because I knew I was in love with my now husband after our third date. He told me it was the same for him. We’ve been together 40 years as of last Sunday and will be married for 34 this September. He’s my best friend! ❤

    As always, I'm looking forward to reading more! I love everything you write which I'm sure you have to know by now. #SoulsBiggestFan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! Congrats on your anniversary. Yes, they only get one chapter to get to know one another because they are adults and they need to work on getting that wonder child! I am creating different families and characters for my story. It’s a distopian society. Newcrest was not affected by the blasts and is still intact, but anything can happen. Yes, thank you for reading all my stories. I’m flattered.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh and I wanted to add that Terence blew that kiss autonomously, which I thought was the sweetest thing. It actually surprised me in rl and I almost said out loud…. ahhh….he blew her a kiss! lol I need to revise that Background to add the traits, which I have just done.


  2. Awesome first chapter honey pie!! Terence seems like such a nice guy! And Kyla is getting to grips with being part of a new relationship, all is going well, let’s hope it stays that way!!

    Liked by 2 people

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