Survive the Insanity: Day 4 – The Circle Asylum – Skill Swap

In the last chapter, Viviana takes a vacation day and it’s a good thing because some of the residents of Happy Hollow Asylum come by to welcome the residents of The Circle Asylum to the neighborhood. Louis, Veta, Sonny and Midge are part of the welcoming crew. Barbie is cleaning and has ceased her shower rule protest. Viviana challenges Louis to a basketball tournament, which she sadly loses. Toby tries to make some drinks, Mowgli is a chess victor, Hannibal discovers a mouse in the house, and Finn is just oblivious to everything blowing bubbles. Disaster nearly strikes as Veta hatches a devious plan with Sonny to do something to Sunny. The plan backfires, and Veta herself catches on fire. Luckily, Louis is quick with the fire extinguisher and all is saved. Outside, Erik thinks this is a good time to have a weenie roast, Midge and Sonny are laughing about the fire, and Sonny and Sunny are doing a high five together. Seems to me that Sonny and Sunny double-crossed Veta in her own plan. However, the dryer is burned to a crisp and to try to make things better, Louis invites Viviana to a dinner party on Thursday.the next morning - sore back from bed and sink has now sprung a leak.pngWhy is it that with the start of nearly every day, Viviana needs to repair something?  Here she is making some breakfast and behind her the sink is spouting water. Ugh! And, well that’s interesting…there is a mischief book laying in front of the sink. Who would purposely break the sink?viviana repairs the showerAnd now the shower is leaking…sheesh! More repairs.doing laundry in the washer.pngViviana also has to do some laundry.doing laundry.pngI guess after yesterday’s fire, all the sims are afraid to do laundry now.

Author’s Notes: Since I am keeping score for this challenge, the fire cost us to lose -20 points towards the final score. Darn!vivianas back is sore from doing so much cleaning.pngAfter cleaning up dirty dishes and emptying the garbage, I check the fridge and have Viviana make some grilled cheese so the fridge is stocked again. Her back is killing her from all the work she has to do around the asylum.look who is outside the front door.pngA very weird thing happens shortly after this. A commotion is heard outside on the sidewalk and Nancy Landgraab and Clara Bjergsen look like they are going to fight each other. Something has happened because they both look so mad at each other.for some reason nancy landgraab walked right into the houseThe next thing I know, Nancy Landgraab just comes right in the house. She didn’t knock on the door and no-one invited her in.erik very intent on talking to this shrub.pngWell, maybe someone did, because Erik is talking to that shrub again. He seems to find a lot of sims in those shrubs. Nosy neighbors!

Anyway, Nancy Landgraab comes in the house, looks around and then says she has to leave. I wonder if she was checking up on Toby and Erik. It was just rather strange because she is not an acquaintance of anyone in the house.the three paintings that she sells.pngWith some cooking done, I have Viviana start on her painting. To move to the next level of the Painting Aspiration, she needs to sell 3 paintings to a collector. I pick the lowest value paintings. put them up on the wall, and sell them. These are the 3 she sells and she makes $235 simoleons. She must also complete 3 emotional paintings. She has done a playful one, so this might take awhile.

In the meantime, let’s have a peek at what everyone else is doing…finn in great form.pngFinn seems to be in top form today and is practicing his dribbling.everyone on the basketball court this morning.pngIn fact, it is such a nice day, that everyone heads outside to play basketball.except erik and toby.pngWell everyone except Toby and Erik. I think Erik was reading bedtime stories to Toby because Toby is zonked out.

But wait, that’s not a bedtime story, it’s the mischief book. Erik, did you break the kitchen sink? Come on, admit it….replaced the workbench with yoga mat.pngOh, almost forgot. Since no-one was autonomously using the workbench, I decided to replace it with a yoga mat. Maybe we can get the sims using that autonomously. We will find out. I may have to re-think the guitar, too, as no-one is using that either. But, for now, we will see how the yoga mat does.focused mood from doing laundry.pngI have Viviana browse simpedia on the computer to get her in a focused mood, so she can complete another emotional painting. And it works!

She completes the focused painting and then heads off to work.mowgli yoga.pngSoon after, I get a notice that Mowgli has acquired the wellness skill! Yes! A sim is using the yoga mat. Now, I did add this to the club activities, so maybe that is the reason.barbie wellness skill.pngSoon after, I get the same notice for Barbie. Alright! This is working out face.pngAnd even Finn tries yoga. Look at that yoga face! problems ahead.pngOh but trouble lurks in paradise. The toilet has broken and so has the stereo. There is a long day ahead while Viviana is at work. I can see puddles and embarrassed moodlets from this. Why can’t one of these sims just repair the toilet?

I go to buy mode and look longingly at the unbreakable toilet, but they don’t have enough simoleons yet.hannbal is playing guitar yes.pngAnd then I get a notification that Hannibal has acquired the guitar skill. Yes! There is hope for the guitar. Someone has autonomously used it! Finally! Oh sweet music to my…oh that sounds bad….uh…ok…well…Hannibal will improve.sunny has become a caffeine junkie.pngOh the place is filthy. Look at the coffeemaker. And look at Sunny. She has been brewing a lot of coffee all day, and gets the coffee jitters moodlet from drinking too much coffee. At midnight when I look in her inventory, she has 6, yes 6 cups of coffee in there. Sunny….limit the coffee intake and get some sleep.erik is getting upset with all the dirty dishes around.pngErik, not looking much better than Sunny, is complaining about the dirty dishes everywhere. Erik, unfortunately, has peed himself due to the broken toilet. Soon after, Barbie and Sunny pee themselves almost in unison.toby happily dancing in the rubbish.pngWhile the other residents are complaining about how dirty everything is, Toby is just so happy dancing in the trash.viviana repairing the stereo.pngWhen Viviana comes home, she repairs the toilet right away and then the stereo.viviana cooking tempura.pngViviana tries her hand at making a gourmet dish, some tempura. Oh! Maybe a bit too much oil! Whoosh!JUST HANGING.pngToby and Erik head off to work and everyone else is just relaxing. Hannibal is trying out Viviana’s tempura and launches into a rather long story. Finn is thinking that one cup of coffee may not be enough to listen to another one of Hannibal’s tales. In the background, Sunny and Mowgli are playing a game of chess together.barbie is talking to viviana about a treasure map.pngIn one of the bedrooms, Barbie is talking to Viviana about some type of treasure map that she found when she was in the jungle. Viviana doesn’t know if this is true or if Barbie is just making this up. Was there treasure in the jungle?the waser is on the fritz.pngAnd just as Viviana is about to head to bed to dream about lost treasure, the washer breaks…

And with that, we bid good night to The Circle Asylum.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today: Gnomes (broken things just seem to get mended overnight), Quake Zone and Filthy – maybe I should have changed those lot traits to gnomes sooner, because I think everything in the asylum broke today.

Bought the cooking, mixology, gourmet cooking, wellness and creativity boosts with club points.

Big Tip of the Day: I didn’t know this about the club feature before and this is a bit of a breakthrough. I do believe that when you add an item to the club activities, that the members of the club will do those activities. I always thought that if the club members autonomously did those activities that were listed as club activities that you would get points. I didn’t know that the club activities actually dictate that the members do those activities. This is a rather big revelation. Even though, as per the rules, you can’t control the other sims to do certain things, you could choose certain club activities and then the club members would do them when the club is in a gathering. Sort of like subliminal mind control! Muhahaha! Did anyone else know this?

Do you think I can do some mind manipulation and have them clean? I wonder…..

Viviana earned $184 simoleons, Toby and Erik earned $63 simoleons each and they both swiped something at work. They both took the same book from work “How I Dumped Your Father” worth $20 simoleons each.

Viviana’s skills: Cooking and Painting, level 6; Handiness 3; Fitness and Logic 2; Charisma, comedy, dancing, gourmet cooking and video gaming are all 1.

New friendships: Barbie and Mowgli are now friends.

With enough household funds, I purchase the unbreakable sweet escapes country toilet. Good bye puddles! Well, let’s hope.

Household funds: $384 simoleons left

22 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 4 – The Circle Asylum – Skill Swap

  1. “Do you think I can do some mind manipulation and have them clean? I wonder…..”
    Clean and repair! And there is a club perk that boosts work performance. Start club gathering and let it run while your active Sim is at work. Setting the club mood will also help. If your job requires to be inspired set that mood by clicking on another club member.

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  2. I’ve had GT for a long time but never did anything with the clubs until my recent Asylum challenge, I made my first club! Learned a lot from that and it’s soooo handy for influencing your inmates to do things you can’t actually ‘tell’ them to do.

    Another nice thing about the clubs is you can ‘Rallly the Troops’ and it’ll boost their needs. And it doesn’t have a cool down period. So, you can keep doing it until everyone has full needs if you wish. Seems kinda cheaty, but meh. The rules say you can have clubs so why not eh?

    My inmates also love the yoga mat and use it frequently. Curiously, they won’t touch the meditation stool though.

    Love that pic of Toby gleefully jumping in the trash. lol All those dirty Sims is funny too, especially the look on Eric’s face.

    If you still need an emotional painting, try having Viviana watch the Romance channel to get flirty or brush her teeth for confidence. Oh and by the way, it doesn’t necessarily have to be three different emotions. You could have her paint three flirty or three confident, focused, etc., and it’ll count!

    Lastly, my monitor is our TV so Hubby sees everything I do when I’m on my laptop. I was reading this chapter and the pic of Hannibal playing the guitar was displayed. Hubby said, “Is that a cop? Looks like one of the Village People except I think the cop is black in that group.” Then he just had to look it up on the PC to be sure and next thing I know “YMCA” starts playing. Cracked me up! LOL

    Great chapter, as always excited to read more! Have a great weekend! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting. That’s a great tip about the paintings. I always thought it was 3 different emotional paintings. I was reading too much between the lines. lol Oh that will be easier now. I will add that tip in the comments after the next Circle chapter, so others will know. Or maybe everyone knows, and I just found out! lol Oh that is funny about the cop and YMCA. Did you start dancing to it when it came on? hehehe

      Liked by 2 people

      • You’re welcome! I didn’t know about that either the first time I did the Painting aspiration until I saw someone else mention it in a thread on The Sims site. In the video Hubby found of the group singing YMCA they weren’t doing the dance routine. So yeah, I did dance a little just to demonstrate to him how it went. He got a kick out of it and started laughing at me. lol

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  3. Oh, just wanted to add, I don’t think doing the Focused drawing counts as an emotional painting if I remember correctly. I think it’s because they don’t ‘paint’ it, they use a marker/sharpie to draw it.

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