Wonder Child Challenge – Spa Gossip

terence making breakfast.pngThe next morning, Terence was already in the kitchen preparing some breakfast for them when Kyla came out.terence cooking.pngEven though his cooking skills weren’t very good, Terence just seemed to enjoy cooking. He thought a nice light breakfast of fruit salad would be nice.what a wonderful breakfast.pngThey sat and chatted together enjoying the great breakfast that Terence had made. Terence started his new job today and had to head to work at 11am, and Kyla was being picked up by private car to head to the fertility clinic spa. They had been informed that Kyla would be at the spa most of the day and that she would be returning home later that evening.so glad you are ok.pngWhen it was time for Terence to head to work, he gave Kyla a hug and wished her luck. She also wished him luck on his first day. Almost as soon as he left, the private car came to pick her up.arrival at spa.pngWhen she arrived, Kyla stood on the sidewalk and gazed in awe at the beautiful building before her. Done in white and green with wood tones, it was a multi-level building. Kyla was amazed it was so large. The council who oversaw the scientists and the “wonder child” program, had spent considerable simoleons on maintaining the building. It looked very peaceful.

She saw a swimming pool off to one side and there was even a hot tub. Several other women were entering the building, so she took a deep breath and headed up the stairs.so beautiful in the lobbyWhen she entered the lobby, there was a massive indoor waterfall separating the lobby from the reception area and a window which overlooked the swimming pool that she had seen outside.women in the spa.pngShe continued through the lobby to the reception area and Kyla noticed that several sims were already in the spa. She wondered if they were all coming for fertility treatments.reception knew she was coming.pngKyla headed over to the reception desk to let them know she was there. She was greeted warmly and as she sat down, she was told how her day would progress. Not only was she getting a fertility massage, but she would be instructed in yoga stretching exercises, relaxation techniques and stress alleviation. A total day of wellness leading up to the fertility massage at the end of the day.

Kyla was then asked if she was hoping for a male or female wonder child. The question completely perplexed her as she didn’t know.

“Did you not talk with your chosen one of having a girl or a boy wonder child? We need to program your day to ensure it meets your specifications,” said the attendant.

“Uh no…I didn’t know that a girl or boy child could be planned,” replied Kyla nervously.

“Why yes, we configure your day to enhance you having the child you want. If you were planning for a girl child, we would ensure you listened to pop music and I made your health drink with strawberries. If you are planning a boy child, we would program your music to be alternative and I would add carrots to the health drink,” the attendant replied in a matter-of-fact voice.

“I….I…really don’t know. We never discussed that.” Kyla felt unsure of what they were going to do. Would they send her home again?revitalizing drink.pngThe attendant shook his head, and said he would do the best he could. It seemed that he  put both strawberries and carrots in the drink he was mixing for her. He then told her that the drink was filled with vitamins and minerals as well as enhancers to rid her body of any toxins and to maximize her chances of having the child she wanted.

Kyla took a sip and it tasted so good. She wondered if she was allowed more than one.masseuse telling her it was time for her massageWhile sipping her health drink, the attendant rang a bell and a young woman arrived to take Kyla on a tour of the spa. Her name was Valerie.outdoor area looked out onto a park.pngThey walked to the back of the building on the main level. In an open-air room, there was a hand and foot massage area. Valerie told her that this was not included in her fertility package. But, if she ever wanted to come back, the cost was $40 simoleons for either a hand or foot massage. Her chosen one was also welcome to come and have one as well.view of parkThe area was outdoors and overlooked a wonderful park area. Kyla loved this area and wished that Terence was here to see it, too. The purple and red flowers were so gorgeous, and she wished that this was where her fertility massage was taking place.foot massage.pngAs Kyla admired the area, a young woman came in and sat down to get a foot massage. The attendant bowed deeply in front of the young woman and acknowledged that her name was Melissa. When she sat down, Melissa saw Valerie and Kyla and smiled sweetly at both of them.

As Valerie ushered Kyla out of the area, Kyla asked Valerie who that sim was.

“Ah….that is Melissa Collins. She is a twin, the second child of Ruby Collins. She is not a wonder child, but was fortunate to have the fertility trait. She will soon become the new surrogate here in Newcrest. It is very exciting!” she said in awe.

“A surrogate?” Kyla asked confused.

“Why yes, have you not heard of them? There are many wealthy couples who are sterile but wish to have a child, and they pay very well. Melissa decided not to be matched with anyone and chose to become a surrogate instead. It is an esteemed position and all her treatments are paid for by the council.” Valerie replied enthusiastically.

“So, these couples….they come to her….” Kyla said in a questioning manner.

“Oh no, all of the fertility work is done in a lab by the scientists. When a couple wishes to have a child, a surrogate match is made, and then the surrogate goes to the lab and has a procedure to become pregnant.” Valerie replied.double massage rooms with mud bath therapy.pngKyla wanted to ask more questions, but Valerie was already opening the door to another room. It was a couples massage room with a massage attendant on duty. There were two massage tables. There were also tubs where you could get mud baths, and relaxing soaks with natural ingredients, such as a milk, honey and oatmeal. Valerie told Kyla that she would be in a private massage room and that she would be her masseuse.yoga room.pngThey descended the stairs again, and Valerie took her to a large room with yoga mats. Valerie told Kyla that she would be beginning her day with some yoga stretching exercises, and the instructor was already warming up. Valerie then showed her where the restrooms and change rooms were, and then left her to get ready.yoga for stretching.pngGoing back into the yoga area, the instructor led her through a series of energy centering exercises.meditate and think about her lifeHe then led her in a series of mind de-stressing exercises.chatting with women in spa.pngThen Kyla was directed to the second floor and told to head to the steam room and relax. When she opened the door, there were some women from an outlying city sitting together who had come to the spa for a wellness day. Kyla found out that not everyone who came to the spa came for a fertility massage. The women were both older adults, like herself, but already had children. Unfortunately, Katrina’s children were both sterile and Nancy’s son was a teen and had not yet been tested.

They asked Kyla if this was her first time here and Kyla replied yes. They gossiped with her and told her stories of sims who had been matched but had not become pregnant and so had been sent back to the Wasteland. Even worse, they heard of a sim who had been matched with someone, and had produced a wonder child, but neglected the child and the child had been taken away. That sim was never heard from again. Kyla found this news shocking.

Both women confided tips and tricks on becoming pregnant and told her to ask her masseuse for a pregnancy kit, so that Kyla would know right away if she was pregnant or not. They told her that sometimes, pregnancy didn’t occur the first time, but that Kyla needed to keep trying. They wished her well and headed to the showers.mssage room.pngAfter showering and changing, Kyla was probably not as relaxed as she should have been. She was a bit nervous thinking about what the women had said.massage for kyla.pngValerie came in then and helped Kyla change into a robe. Kyla laid down on the table and Valerie sensed that Kyla seemed quite tense. Valerie went over to a small table and lit some incense. Romantic Sandalwood…so much better.asked her all kinds of questions.pngValerie soon had Kyla feeling very relaxed. Kyla confided in Valerie about what she had heard in the sauna. Valerie told her not to pay any heed to what those women said, as they were probably just jealous of Kyla, because they, themselves did not have a wonder child.do you want a girl or a boy.pngValerie told her that the effects of the fertility massage lasted only 12 hours and that Kyla should waste no time in trying for a baby with her chosen one. When the massage was over, Kyla thanked her and Valerie gave her the pregnancy kit.whne kyla walked int he door the table was gone from the kitchen.pngWhen Kyla arrived home, aromatic smells filled the house. She looked around, but didn’t see Terence, but noticed that the table and chairs were missing from the kitchen area. That was strange. Where were they? Just then, she heard Terence come in from outside. He smiled when he saw her and strode confidently towards her.terence had missed her.png“I missed you,” Terence said, as he raised her hands to his lips and gave them a kiss.

“I missed you, too, Terence,” Kyla replied. Kyla asked Terence about his first day at work and found out that it had gone quite well. She also asked about the table and chairs and he told her it was a surprise. Kyla suddenly noticed that Terence was not in his usual clothes, and was all dressed up.

“Dinner is not quite finished, so you have time to get ready. It’s a special night for us, so I just wanted to make everything perfect.” he replied.

Kyla nodded and hurried off to the bedroom to get changed.she was stunning.pngKyla decided to wear her formal dress that the council had given her. She carefully styled her hair and freshened up a bit. She looked at her face in the mirror and couldn’t believe how different she looked. She was still the same person that she had been a week ago, but so much had changed since then. And tonight…well, tonight, even more could change.

When Kyla came out into the living room, Terence was busy making drinks at the bar. He already had a drink ready for her, and when he saw her, Terence almost dropped the drink shaker. She looked stunning.this is so nice.pngThey went out to the patio, and there was the table and chairs. Terence had placed them on the patio and moved the stereo nearby. He had even lit a candle. It was very romantic.dinner under the stars.png“I thought you would enjoy dinner outside under the stars. I know how you like the outdoors.” beamed Terence.i love this.png“Yes, it’s so beautiful out here, and the dinner smells so good. Are there carrots or strawberries in this dish?” asked Kyla. Terence laughed and asked her why she would ask that and she told him what they had told her at the spa. Terence replied that he really didn’t have a preference for a boy or a girl.he said he would want to be with me.pngKyla was somewhat relieved to hear that. She didn’t know if it was the effects of the massage, or the lovely dinner and drinks, but she felt so relaxed with Terence and really didn’t want this night to end.

Their conversation flowed easily and the dinner was so tasty. Terence talked about his hope for a family and how happy he had been to be finally matched. Kyla smiled and agreed that she wanted a family, too. Even though the evening was going along so smoothly, Kyla felt she had to tell Terence what she heard from the women in the sauna.kiss oh yes.pngAs dinner was over, they both stood up to clear the dishes, and before she knew what was happening, Terence pulled her in for an embrace. When they pulled away, she told him there was something she had to tell him.i want you.png“Terence, I was chatting with some of the other women at the spa today and they told me that sometimes you don’t get pregnant on the first try. And sometimes you don’t get pregnant at all and are removed from Newcrest. I heard rumors that if this happens, they send you back to the Wasteland. And because we are both adults, we have less time to try for a baby.”

“I am sure they were exaggerating,” replied Terence.

“No, they told me we would both be sent back to the Wasteland.”

“Kyla, it doesn’t matter. I have waited most of my life to be matched with someone, to have a baby, to have a family. It just feels right that you are here with me now. But, if for some reason, we can’t have a child, and we are sent back to the Wasteland, there is no-one I would rather be with than you.”oh yes i want to.pngKyla looked at Terence and couldn’t believe what he had just said. He didn’t care if she didn’t become pregnant, he wanted to be with her. With her! Even if it meant being sent back to the Wasteland together.1st kiss times 2And suddenly, with no warning, Terence kissed her. It was a sweet, tentative kiss. And all her worries and nervousness and fears seemed to leave her. All she could think about was Terence…being with Terence…and kissing Terence.it is time to try for baby.pngAnd afterwards, he gently caressed her cheek and looked longingly into her eyes and said, “Shall we Kyla? We have come all this way to be together. I feel we are the perfect match. Whatever happens doesn’t matter, but at least we can try. Shall we try for a baby, Kyla? It’s time.”be with me“Yes,” said Kyla quietly, “I want to try.” And this time, it was Kyla who reached for Terrence and kissed him.

Terence reluctantly released her. He suggested that she could go and get ready first and  that he would clean up. It didn’t take her long, and when she came out into the living room, Terence was already changed and waiting for her.a beautiful sweet kiss.pngHe looked at her and told her how beautiful she looked and that whatever happened, he would never leave her. They lingered over a romantic kiss together, and then Terence took her hand in his and led her into the master bedroom.her life was changing.pngAs Kyla stepped into the bedroom, she didn’t feel like the walls were closing in on her this time. Things just felt so right, and Kyla knew that her life was about to change.

* * * * *



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7 thoughts on “Wonder Child Challenge – Spa Gossip

  1. *dreamy sigh* I’m such a hopeless romantic. Despite knowing things are moving so fast because, well they have to, I think I would fall for Terrence too, he’s such a sweetheart, perfect. Almost TOO perfect, if that’s possible. I hope you don’t throw a wrench in the works and he turns out to be a jerk once she has the baby or something. lol

    The Spa you used is just gorgeous. I might have to put it in my game. I love how you give links to the venues/lots/houses you use in the story. Thanks!

    I think Terrence is right about Katrina and Nancy, they’re just jealous. What a couple of busybodies! Grrr! lol

    Great chapter, as always. Now, can’t wait to find out if Kyla gets pregnant the first time and if so, will it be a boy, a girl, twins, or…. *gulp* triplets? o.O

    Have a great week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. No, don’t worry, no wrench thrown in for Terence. He really does love Kyla, and by him saying that he would want to be with her in the Wasteland if they are sent there, shows that he really does love her. Terence has waited so long to be matched and have a baby and he just can’t believe he is so lucky to be with Kyla.


  2. Great Chapter – they are really cute together. I got strong “Handmaid’s Tale”-vibes when reading this – I don’t know if that’s a good thing for Kyla and Terrence – probably not 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Since this story is based on the rules of the Wonder Child challenge, where a couple live together as roommates and then have a baby and try to do everything to have a wonder child, I just added a bit more to make it a more dystopian society. As per the rules, only the 1st born can be a wonder child. With the surrogate, it is a nod to the 100 Baby Challenge. The Handmaid’s Tale is about the loss of women’s rights, but this story will be about love and hope and overcoming obstacles and empowerment.

      Liked by 1 person

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