Wonder Child Challenge – Who is Ruby Collins?

If you live in Newcrest, you are bound to be welcomed to the city by Ruby Collins and her family. She normally comes to visit and brings a gift of heirloom seeds, so that you can start a garden.

But who is she and why do sims hold her in such awe? Ruby Collins is one of the most respected sims in Newcrest. Not only is she a midwife who has delivered dozens of babies, but she is also a parental adviser and holistic healer.

Now that is very wonderful, but the real reason she is so revered is that her son, Martin, is the most successful wonder child in Newcrest. Yes, it’s true. And she didn’t just have one child, oh no, not Ruby, she had twins and raised them herself without any help from a “chosen one”. It was unheard of and caused such controversy in Newcrest, that her children were nearly taken away from her.

Ah….but let us start at the beginning, so that you will know her story, too…ruby collins as a young adult.pngRuby Collins lived in a city that now no longer exists. Her friends and family are all gone. The city itself was disintegrated by the blasts that plagued the world around her.the blasts came without warning.pngThe blasts came without warning, and Ruby was caught in the open. There was nowhere she could run for shelter.she couldn't outrun them.pngShe thought she could outrun the blasts, but she was wrong.badly burned.pngShe was hit directly by one of the blasts and she caught on fire.a brave scientist came and rescued her.pngA brave doctor, from Newcrest, was running to help some other fallen sims and saw her distress. If it hadn’t been for his quick action, she may have died.she was wounded.pngBadly burned and shaken from the blasts, Ruby collapsed to the ground unconscious. The brave doctor lifted her up into his arms and carried her to a waiting school bus. The school bus acted as a transport for the wounded, and with so many on-board, it left the city before the massive explosion rocked the city into oblivion.brought to a hospital.pngThe doctor brought her to a small clinic on the outskirts of Newcrest. There, Ruby stayed for several weeks remaining unconscious. many sims were injured in the blasts and he was well respected.pngEven though the clinic was very busy and short-staffed, as there were many wounded and recovering patients, the kind doctor visited Ruby to check on her everyday.getting to know you ruby.pngTo his surprise, one day, she was sitting up in bed and he came and sat beside her. Over the next few weeks, they found out more about each other. His name was Jacob Collins and he was the Chief Medical Officer for the clinic. Ruby could not thank him enough for saving her life and wanted to help him at the clinic as repayment for his kindness.started helping at the lab.pngAs Ruby grew stronger, she was able to help with the patients. Jacob saw that she was a natural at making sims feel at ease and she had a very, caring nature. She was also very intelligent and picked up medical procedures very quickly. He came to depend on her and their friendship quickly grew to something more.be mine jacob.pngAs her scars healed, he noticed that she was fertile by the banded tattoo she had. Even though he had feelings for her, he knew that Ruby deserved a younger sim to be her “chosen one”. He contacted the Director of Scientists, who told Jacob that Ruby had not yet been matched with someone.when she felt a bit better he asked if she had a place to stay.pngBut Ruby had a mind of her own and when he told her he had told the scientists she was ready to be matched, she flatly refused. She did not want to be matched. She enjoyed her work here and wanted to stay with Jacob and help at the clinic.he had been married beforeA few days’ later, Jacob was determined to convince Ruby that she should continue on with her life and be matched with someone. As he was talking to her, Ruby noticed that he also bore a “fertile” tattoo and asked him about it. He reluctantly told her that yes, he was fertile, and had been matched with someone a long time ago. Unfortunately, his “chosen one” had died in a cooking fire, and he had never applied to be re-matched. Ruby asked if he and his “chosen one” had had a child together. He told Ruby that they had tried, but he shook his head sadly and said no. Ruby looked into his eyes and told him that she had always wanted a child.reading medical jurnals.pngThe weeks passed and Ruby grew stronger and whenever Jacob came to visit Ruby, she was always reading one of his medical journals. She was fascinated with everything she read and asked Jacob lots of questions on medical practices.they had so many of the same interests.pngJacob came by to visit Ruby often and even slept on a cot at the clinic so he could be near her. He enjoyed Ruby’s company so much, and Ruby was always so excited to see Jacob. They talked for hours on end, and he had plans to help her become an intern.would you like to come for dinner tonight.pngRuby told Jacob that she thought he was the kindest sim she knew and owed him for saving her. She didn’t know if it was possible, but she wondered if somehow he could be matched with her. She knew they had quite an age difference between them, but she didn’t care, she was in love with Jacob and wanted to be with him and no-one else.

In his heart, Jacob was overjoyed to hear Ruby say she loved him. But Jacob wasn’t sure that they could do that. There were rules. Normally, the scientists had to run compatibility tests and they chose who the person was matched with.she was enchanting.pngJacob knew he was in love with Ruby and she had already told him she was in love with him. Jacob knew he shouldn’t go further with Ruby because soon she would be matched with someone else. He didn’t want to think about it. It was so unfair. They loved each other, why could they not be together? He had to do something. He didn’t want to see her with someone else. After all these years, he never thought he would feel this way. He never thought he would want to re-apply for a “chosen one”. But not just any “chosen one”. Only Ruby would do.their first kiss.pngOh plumbobs! He was determined to have this happen, and was going to head down the hallway to speak to the Director of Scientists. Jacob had a few favors to call in.a bit overgrown.pngThe next day, Ruby arrived at Jacob’s house at the appointed time. Jacob had asked her over because he had some news for her. She wondered why he asked her to come to his house, but maybe he wanted to tell her something in private, without everyone at the clinic knowing. She felt nervous and knew it could only mean that he had failed and she was going to be matched with someone else.

As she started up the walkway, she looked around. She thought to herself that this must have been a beautiful house at one time, but now it was very overgrown with neglect.they were matched.pngShe saw Jacob come out of the house and he practically ran to her. He told her he had done it. He had convinced the Director of Scientists that Ruby was to be his “chosen one”. Ruby couldn’t believe it! She was overjoyed.truly in love.pngShe ran to him then and hugged him. She was so happy that they would be together.pictogether.pngThey both ran into the house and Ruby wanted to take a picture of this perfect moment.within minutes after dinner was done they were kissing each other.pngJacob wanted to show her the house, their house. She was to live here now and could change anything she wanted. Ruby didn’t know if this was reality or if she was in a dream. She was so happy and put her arms around Jacob and kissed him tenderly. After months of uncertainty about their future, the joy of knowing they would be together forever overwhelmed them both. That tender kiss turned into a burning desire. Ooh la lahe was so in love with her.pngJacob was so in love with Ruby and Ruby wanted no one but Jacob. Ruby said there was time to tour the house later. They held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s eyes and almost said together that they wanted to try for a baby tonight.this was the last time he would be happy.pngJacob was so happy that he had another chance at having a family. He was the happiest man in the world right now.

Unfortunately, it would be the last smile we would see from Jacob.dying.pngYou see, Jacob had a heart condition and well, since he was an elder sim, trying for a baby was quite strenuous.he called out to her but it was too late.pngJacob called out to Ruby, but she didn’t hear him as she was fast asleep.grimmie takes him away.pngJacob collapsed at the foot of the bed and didn’t get up. Oh Jacob! It is your time. Grimmie appeared then to take Jacob away to the netherworld.he was gone.pngAnd with a flash of light, Jacob was gone. Fare-thee-well Jacob, you were a kind sim and Ruby deeply loved you.she was heartbroken couldn't go on.pngRuby was heartbroken that Jacob was gone. She didn’t know how she could go on. Jacob had left her the house so she had a place to live, but what would she do now?ruby was in anguish.pngJacob had been her soulmate. The only “chosen one” she would ever want. For two weeks she cried and lay in bed. One day rolled into the next and she didn’t know if it was day or night. She didn’t eat, she didn’t go outside, she did nothing, she felt so numb inside. When she slept, she had nightmares and woke up crying and calling Jacob’s name.for 2 days and nights.pngShe had lost so much weight and woke up one morning feeling sick to her stomach.estatic.pngShe thought that perhaps if she ate a bit of toast that she would feel better. But she couldn’t even keep that down and ran to the bathroom and was sick. Her stomach hurt and her head throbbed. She rummaged in the bathroom cabinet for some medicine and saw a pregnancy kit. How curious. Did Jacob buy this for her? Did he know they would try for a baby so soon?  Hmmm…. She had been so distraught with Jacob’s passing that it just never occurred to her that she might have morning sickness. She decided to take a pregnancy test and found out she was indeed expecting! She had mixed emotions when she saw the results. On the one hand, she was happy that she was going to have a baby, but on the other hand, so sad that Jacob wasn’t there to know that he would be a father.how would she survive.pngRuby looked at herself in the mirror. She was so pale and gaunt, and she so wished that Jacob could be here to share this moment. And then she realized…a part of him was here. He was part of her baby, too. So, Ruby made up her mind that from that moment on, she had a new purpose in life. She had to take care of herself and think about what she was going to do. Another life was counting on her. She needed to be strong for the baby’s sake. It is why Jacob fell in love with her. He always told her she had a strong will. She would keep herself busy, read more of Jacob’s journals and plant a garden. She had read a book about the benefits of herbal medicines and would learn more about it. Oh she had lots to do. Lots to prepare.martin.pngBefore Ruby knew it, the babies were born. Yes, babies! She had twins. Martin was the first born and Melissa the second. Since neither Ruby nor Jacob had had any children previously, there was a chance that Martin could be a wonder child.when she was feeding one the other one wanted to be changed.pngThe twins were quite a handful. When she was changing one, the other needed feeding. They certainly kept her busy. But they were such a delight and she was so happy to have them in her life.

There were other new mothers in the city and Ruby formed a New Mother’s Club. She invited all the new mothers to come to her house with their babies twice a week. They talked about all things baby and shared tips with each other. Ruby even invested in some parenting books and shared these with the other women in the group. She got to know the other women very well.the babies kept her busy.pngBut not everyone was happy that Ruby was living alone without a “chosen one” and had given birth to twins. Taking care of one baby was a lot, but twins! They didn’t think she could do it alone.she wasnt fit to care for a child.pngThey came to her house one night, the mayor, and two social workers. RUBY WAS SO INSULTED.pngThey said that no sim had ever raised a baby without a “chosen one” to help them. It was unheard of.

They said that Ruby wouldn’t be able to look after two babies by herself, and so they came to take them away.leave my children alone.pngRuby was in shock! Normally if you neglected a baby, social services could come and take the baby away. But she was taking good care of them. Both of them! How dare they come here and tell her that she couldn’t take care of two babies by herself. Ruby told them all that the babies were healthy and that they had better not touch a hair on their heads or she would report them to the Director of Scientists and tell him what was going on.HOW CSN YOU CARE FOR THEMThe mayor paled considerably when he heard the Director of Scientists mentioned. How did she know him?

After Jacob’s passing, Ruby had become a good friend of the Director of Scientists, who was also a doctor and had even delivered both her babies. The Director of Scientists held more power than the social workers and the mayor and he already knew that Ruby was a self-assured and determined sim who could do anything. He had great respect for Ruby.she was fiesty.pngThe mayor didn’t agree with this, but if the Director of Scientists already knew, there was nothing he could do. For now. He called the others and said they were leaving.WE WILL COME BACKThe female sim walked past Ruby and said that if Ruby neglected those babies, that she personally would be back to take them away! Ruby wanted to shout forbidden words at them, but she just stayed at the sidewalk and made sure they left.

She had won, but Ruby was so shaken by the incident, that she ran into the house and up the stairs and hugged her babies and told them that no-one, but no-one was ever going to take them away from her.BECAME QUITE THE GARDENER.pngYears passed, and Ruby was well-known throughout the neighborhood. Sims would come by if they were sick, and she always had some soothing herbs or teas to help them feel better. When a new couple moved to the city, she would always visit them and bring a gift of heirloom seeds and tell them to plant a garden. She told them that good things came from the earth.most adorable toddlers.pngHer babies soon grew to be toddlers and she could tell that Martin was a very intelligent child. soon they were toddlers.pngRuby knew that only the first born could be a wonder child, but she wanted Melissa to be equally skilled and so ensured that she spent equal time with both of them.grade school.pngMore years passed and soon they were in grade school. Martin got an A in school on the second day, and Melissa was not far behind him and got her A on the fourth day. While the twins were at school, Ruby would work at the clinic. She was even trained as a midwife in case one of the female sims couldn’t make it to the clinic and she would have to deliver the baby at home. Ruby was called, on more than one occasion, when this happened.the teen years.pngWhen they reached their teen years, Ruby took them aside to tell them about what may or may not happen when they reached young adulthood. First of all, they would be tested to find out if they were fertile. If they were, they were to be matched with a “chosen one” and encouraged to have their own wonder child. Ruby then told them the story of how she and their father were matched and their eyes lit up everytime she told them the story.having the talk.pngMartin had already decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor. He wanted to go out into the Wasteland and help those who lived there.

Melissa had decided that if she was fertile, she didn’t want to be matched with anyone, but she wanted to give couples who were sterile a child of their own. She had taken a keen interest in gardening and wellness skills and had already submitted her name to become a surrogate. It was an esteemed position in the city, and she would be generously compensated. If for some reason, she was sterile, she wanted to work at the Fertility Spa and be trained as a masseuse to give fertility massages. She also wanted to start a parenting class and daycare center at the spa.

Ruby was so proud of her children and the choices they would be making. She knew that Jacob would be proud of them, too. melissaOn their young adult birthday, they were tested and it was found that both Martin and Melissa were fertile. They were both banded. Martin was deemed to be the most successful wonder child in the city and a huge celebration was held.ruby in the garden.pngRuby was bestowed the title of Ambassador (Super Parent) by the same mayor who years ago said she wouldn’t be able to raise those babies by herself.reagan and martin.pngMartin was matched within days with his “chosen one”, and it was rumored that she was from a foreign land….maybe even a princess.the collins family.pngAnd this leads us to present day. Ruby is almost an elder. Martin and his “chosen one” are meeting for the first time, and Melissa is getting ready to be matched with her first couple.

And so now, you too, know the story of Ruby Collins. Let’s hope that Kyla and Terence meet her and her family soon.

* * * * *

Author’s Note: 

Jacob Collins was made in create-a-sim with the “play with genetics” icon. Ruby was aged down to a young adult and Martin and Melissa were aged down to  toddlers and teens for photo ops.

The story of the Collins family was done to give some background on the families who will appear in the Wonder Child Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it.


wren cottage.png

The house where the Collins family lives in Newcrest.


The clinic where Jacob takes Ruby. This is a room. The wheelchair idea is great.

the social workers.png

The social workers in the story.

mayir grant.png

The mayor in the story.


7 thoughts on “Wonder Child Challenge – Who is Ruby Collins?

  1. Loved reading Ruby’s story, thank you for this little interlude. I love how strong, spirited and determined she is and so helpful to all the other Mothers. She’s truly a community treasure. 🙂 I saw what was coming before it even happened to Jacob since he was an elder. So sad… Glad he was able to give her the twins though. His legacy will live on through them and Ruby.

    Love Jacob’s house too! What a beautiful cottage! I love Wrathofcath’s work and follow her on the gallery. She’s such a talented builder and a sweetheart. The hospital room is pretty cool too and the Sims you found to play the other roles for the story.

    It’s a wonderful love story and I enjoyed every bit of it. AND I loved that Jacob was wearing bunny slippers. hehe Cracked me up! It was a fun little thing that added just the right touch of light humor! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, unfortunately Jacob had to pass away as the story was about Ruby and how she alone raised twins without the help of a “chosen one” and to top it off had the most successful wonder child. So, yes, even in a dystopian society, where there are certain rules, Jacob and Ruby “bucked” the system, so to speak, and because of that, other sims hold her in awe. She and her family will be a great inspiration for Kyla and Terence. I love those bunny slippers. hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

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