Wonder Child Challenge/100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Couples Meeting

melissa getting a massage.pngMelissa Collins lay on the massage table and let the masseuse’s hands work out the knot in her neck. She tried to relax, but she kept thinking of what she was about to do. It was her choice, and she shouldn’t be as stressed as she was. But her mother’s words were haunting her. Even though her mother had seemed pleased that she had chosen to be a surrogate, it seemed that at every chance she got, her mother tried to talk her out of it.are you sure melissa.pngMelissa thought of their conversation this morning….

Are you sure this is what you want to do Melissa? You will be giving up your rights to be matched with someone. These babies you have…they will not be yours. The couple that you are matched with will take them away. You might never see them again. It will be hard on you. I have worked with other women who had lost their child, or a child had been taken away, and they were sad for a very long time. Some never got over it. I know that a surrogate is a high ranking position in the community and your desire to help sterile couples is admirable, but don’t you want a child of your own, Melissa? To be matched with someone who will care about you? Perhaps we can undo this before it begins…,” said Ruby.yes mother i am sure.png“Mother, I know that you and father had true love, but being matched with someone isn’t always like that. You were lucky. But don’t you see, mother, I want to help couples who can’t have a child of their own. That for some reason, they are sterile or unable to have a child, but still want a child. I want to help them, mother, so they aren’t shunned from society anymore. I plan on having many babies. Please be happy for me mother.”

“Alright, Melissa, if it is truly what you want, I will be happy,” sighed Ruby as she gave her daughter a hug.matched today.pngMelissa was jolted back to reality as her cell phone rang. She quickly looked and saw that it was from the surrogate agency. She sat up and excused herself to take the call and found out that she had been matched with a couple. She had just become a young adult, and she had been matched already! She hadn’t even had a chance to move into her own place yet, which was a requirement of being a surrogate.

Melissa listened carefully and learned that the couple wanted to meet her this afternoon! When she hung up, Melissa decided she had better head back home. She needed to get ready. She wanted to make a good impression.Melissa visiting the Fengs.pngThe car came precisely at 2pm and she was told she was going to San Myshuno to meet with Lily and Victor Feng. Melissa had never been to San Myshuno before and when she arrived at the apartment building, she was amazed at how tall it was. She even had to take an elevator to get to their apartment.felt like she was on top of the clouds.pngShe knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by a butler who led her to the dining room. Melissa looked around and it was an immaculate well-furnished apartment. She looked out the window and the view was breath taking. She felt like she was in the clouds.meeting lily feng.pngLily Feng was waiting for Melissa in the living room and told her that her husband would be home soon. Lily looked Melissa up and down and saw that Melissa had worn the traditional surrogate dress and necklace. Every surrogate wore the same traditional dress to honor them as a surrogate. Lily noted the fertility band on her arm and asked Melissa to sit down.

Melissa sat on the couch next to Lily and Lily pulled out a small tablet and started asking Melissa several questions, such as if she had ever been pregnant, if she was in a relationship with anyone and if any other couple had been matched with her. It was sometimes common that several couples would be matched with the surrogate. Melissa answered no to all the questions, and Lily seemed pleased.

Lily explained to Melissa that she and her husband were quite well-off and had concentrated on their careers, but now needed an heir to take over the family business in San Myshuno. Unfortunately, Lily and her husband were both sterile.

Lily told Melissa that they were very particular on who they chose, because heirs were very important to Lily and Victor. That is why they were specifically interested in Melissa. Not only was her mother an Ambassador, but Melissa herself was a twin and they would be extremely pleased if Melissa would produce a multiple birth for them. Lily said she wanted a lot of heirs so that they could run the business in various locations. In fact, Lily said that she and her husband were willing to pay Melissa double or triple if she had twins or triplets.kind of weird just meeting lily.pngMelissa was a bit taken aback by Lily’s frank discussion. Melissa never expected the conversation to go like this and felt a bit awkward speaking to Lily. Just then, Melissa heard the apartment door open, and in walked Victor Feng.melissa was a good choice.pngVictor walked into the living room and gave Melissa a quick glance and then turned to his wife and conversed with her momentarily.

“Lily,” Victor exclaimed, “She is superb. Just what we were looking for. You certainly have done your research my dear.” Lily nodded her head in agreement.very well off.pngVictor shook Melissa’s hand and gave her an appreciative look. He sat down and told Melissa that they had interviewed several other surrogates, but none had the potential that Melissa did.

“So, this would be your first pregnancy, Melissa?” Victor questioned, “Because we really want our heir to be the first born of a surrogate. And it would be even more wonderful if you could produce multiple heirs for us.”

Lily interjected, “Victor, I have gone over those requirements and she has passed them all.” Lily turned to Melissa, “Victor always wants to be hands-on in everything, but this time I have done the research. Not only have I researched all the surrogates, but also the donors. And, I just wanted to tell you that your genes, Melissa, coupled with the donor genes, will be truly amazing. We even have pictures of how the children could look like. Of course, this will all be done in the lab, but exciting none-the-less.”


As Lily showed Melissa the “family album”, Melissa thought that everything sounded too good to be true. Here was a couple that had obviously wanted a child so much that they had done research on the donors and surrogates and how their linked genetics would turn out. It was impressive.

“Did you tell her about the stipulation, Lily?” Victor questioned.

“Well, not just yet, Victor, I was getting to it,” explained Lily.

Melissa wondered what they were talking about and quietly asked, “What stipulation?”we will pay more if you have more than 1 child.pngVictor came and sat down beside her and explained that because of their careers, they couldn’t devote the time it took to nurture a child through the baby, toddler and teen years, so they wanted Melissa to look after the child until the child was a young adult. At that time, Lily and Victor would be ready to train their heir to take over the business.

“But, that is not part of the surrogate agency agreement. I am to have a child and then the couple collects the child and raises the child themselves,” said Melissa confused.victor and melissa.pngVictor patted Melissa’s hand, “Well, yes, you are right. But this would be a “special arrangement” just between you and Lily and I. We have already discussed it with the surrogate agency and they were quite open to the suggestion. Lily and I were hoping that a smart, young sim like yourself, would also be open to this option.” Victor said evenly.

“Of course, the heir would need to be versed in several skills, so we would pay for the best schools for the child, anything you needed, we would provide.” Lily said.

Melissa looked at Lily and Victor. They both seemed to have that expectant look on their faces like they were waiting for her to answer. The butler appeared again in the living room and announced that dinner was served.let us have some dinner and discuss it more.pngVictor and Lily asked Melissa to join them for dinner so that they could continue their conversation. They were very interested in Melissa and wished to have the contract signed tonight. Melissa thought about it as she savored the delicious dinner.

Victor continued to ask Melissa questions about where she lived and found out that Melissa still lived at home and hadn’t had a chance to even look for a place yet. Melissa confessed that she couldn’t really afford very much. Victor and Lily looked at each other across the table and shared a secret smile.they talked some more and Melissa said yes.pngLily turned to Melissa and said that if Melissa signed the contact with them tonight, that they would give her a retainer of $20K simoleons up-front. Just a small token to show their appreciation to her.

Melissa thought about this and realized that with those simoleons, she would be able to buy herself a small house.

Victor continued, “Melissa, you can be assured that we are taking this very seriously. Lily and I feel that you are the perfect choice for us. We, would, of course, come to visit to see how everything is going. Lily and I want to be an integral part of the heir’s up-bringing. We would be there to support you every step of the way. We will give you a few moments to think about it, but we would like a decision tonight. If your answer is no, then we can continue to look for another surrogate, but if it is yes, we would want you to get started right away. Sometimes, these procedures don’t work the first time.”thinking.pngVictor and Lily rose from the table and walked to the living room area. Melissa  remained at the table wondering what she should do. The agreement was certainly different from what she had expected. But, Lily and Victor seemed sincere and they were even going to pay her $20K up-front, and she wasn’t even pregnant yet. Melissa wished she had time to think about this, but they wanted an answer now. yes i will do it.pngVictor walked back into the kitchen and Melissa stood up when he entered.

“Melissa, I understand that you have concerns, but we are very anxious for this to happen with you. Lily and I feel very comfortable around you and I think this would be a wise choice on your part, as well. I know that it is unusual for us not to raise the child ourselves, but with our busy careers, the child would be with a nanny or babysitter, and that is not what we want. We want someone who can truly nurture our heir. Lily and I feel that you are the one who can do that. What is your decision, Melissa…will you become our surrogate?” asked Victor.yes i will do it again.pngMelissa looked at Victor smiling at her and nodded her head yes.

“Yes,” Melissa said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”how soon can you have the child.pngLily had heard the conversation and came running in the kitchen clapping her hands.

“Victor”, Lily said, “Go and get the contract!” Lily turned to the butler, “Paxton, fix us some drinks. It’s time to celebrate!”

Melissa sat down at the table with the contract in front of her. She had wanted to read it, but Victor told her it was just a standard contract similar to the one the surrogate agency provided, but just with the additional clause of Melissa raising the child until they were a young adult. Melissa took the pen that Victor held out to her and signed her name. As soon as she had, Lily whipped the contract from the table and handed it back to Victor.

“It’s settled then. You are the best fit for our needs. How soon can you have the child? We would want to start the procedure right away. I will schedule your fertility massage for tomorrow morning followed with an appointment at the clinic. Please take the pregnancy test immediately and call us to tell us either way. In fact, when you know, please come over to tell us in person.” Lily stated.

Suddenly, Victor and Lily were talking at once, making appointments for Melissa, telling her that she was their greatest asset, exchanging cell phone numbers, Lily telling Melissa that they would go maternity shopping together, telling her that they would be planning a party for her, on and on…it was mind-boggling.you have made us very happy.pngVictor came over and gave Melissa a hug and handed her an envelope, “As promised, $20K simoleons and I have called my real estate agent who has several properties. She will call you tomorrow so that you can set a time to tour the houses.”melissa would get the fertility massage tomorrow.pngLily escorted Melissa to the front door and gave her hand a squeeze and told her to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.do you think she suspects anything else.pngAs Lily closed the door behind Melissa, she turned to Victor, “Do you think she suspects anything?”

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Melissa Collins will be featured in a spin-off challenge, the 100 Baby Challenge #2. The $20,000 simoleons is the starting fund that a single sim starts with.

The Sims Wiki

Victor Feng is in the political career as a Representative, and Lily Feng is in the Business Career-Management as a CEO.

The Feng family is a pre-made family from The Sims 4: City Living, residing in San Myshuno. They live in the Landgraab Apartments in Uptown. Lily and Victor are ambitious, wealthy and powerful, and are planning to take over San Myshuno.

9 thoughts on “Wonder Child Challenge/100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Couples Meeting

    • Thank you Cathytea. Melissa Collins, as a surrogate, will actually be embarking on the 100 Baby Challenge. I have so many ideas for Melissa and so, she will be an off-shoot of this story. The next chapter will focus on Kyla and Terence again.


  1. Oh boy, I don’t trust Lily and Victor, something fishy is definitely going on here. Especially the heavy pressure job they put on her to sign the contract without reading it. The 20K simoleans bothers me too, it seems like a bribe or hush money. Hmmm… very interesting chapter! I can’t wait to find out what happens next! And yay for more Kyla and Terence soon. 🙂

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