100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Clinic Visit

melissa couldn't wait to tell everyone.pngThe next morning over breakfast, Melissa recounted what had transpired in her interview with the Fengs last night.i am going today.pngShe was so excited to tell everyone that she had been hired by the Fengs and that they had researched her and the donor and even had a “family album” of what their children might look like.

“And they picked me because I was a twin. They are so hoping that I become pregnant with twins or triplets, but, of course, no one can guarantee that will happen,” Melissa told them.i am so proud of you.pngMelissa told Reagan that Lily was going to go maternity clothes shopping with her and they were even hosting a party in her honor. Reagan thought that this was very exciting.it souns wonderful melissa.pngRuby told Melissa that the Fengs sounded like a wonderful, caring couple and Melissa was lucky to have been matched with them by the agency.

Melissa heartily agreed and was just about to tell her mother about the special contract she had with the Fengs, when there was a knock on the door. Her private car had arrived to take her to the spa.spa and clinic.pngIt was the same driver as the day before and as she settled herself in the backseat, her cell phone rang. It was Lily.

“Melissa, dear, I just wanted to call you before I headed off to work to wish you luck. And to let you know that I have arranged for you to go to a private spa. When you get there, you will agree, it is superb. It is smaller than the one you have in Newcrest, but it is more intimate and they cater to only the best clients. And, this is such an important day for us that I wanted you to have the best care. Plus, the fertility clinic is right in back of the spa, so you don’t even have to leave the facility to go somewhere else. Everything is just perfectly located,” explained Lily.

“Oh my! Thank you, Lily. I wasn’t expecting this,” exclaimed Melissa in surprise.

“No expenses spared, Melissa, just enjoy yourself,” Lily said as she rang off.

Melissa leaned back in the plush seat and smiled to herself. What a wonderful start to her day.very pretty.pngThe drive didn’t take too long, and when she stepped out of the car, she couldn’t believe how beautiful the place looked. It was small, but the spa was surrounded by trees and  flowers were blooming. It really was a lovely spa.phone rang it was lily.pngWhile Melissa was admiring the view, her cell rang again. It was Victor.

“Melissa, I wanted to ensure that you made it to the clinic alright,” Victor said.

“Oh yes, it’s so beautiful. I just arrived,” replied Melissa.

“Excellent. I may stop by later today as I have some business to attend to at the clinic. But if I don’t see you, Melissa, enjoy your day,” said Victor.

“Oh, I will, and thank you again,” replied Melissa quickly.

As Melissa hung up, she was thinking how nice it was for the Fengs to have called to ensure she was doing fine.a smaller spa but just so wonderful.pngShe entered the front door, and a massage therapist was just lighting some candles in one of the massage rooms. She smiled at Melissa and called her by name and told her that Lily Feng had called to let them know Melissa was their new surrogate. They were expecting her and had her day planned.

Clementine, the masseuse, asked Melissa to sit down and together they went over what her day would consist of. Clementine had prepared an herbal fertility tea which she offered to Melissa. Melissa sipped it slowly and Clementine told her that it would enhance Melissa’s chances of becoming pregnant. When they were done, Clementine told Melissa that in the next room were the change rooms and restrooms, and they would begin her day with some stretching exercises.victor was there was the spa.pngAs Melissa went down the hall, she heard a voice behind her. It was Victor!

“Melissa, I’m so happy to see you. My business concluded sooner than I had thought and I decided to see if you had started your day as yet,” Victor said.

“Oh, Victor, hi! I was just on my way to the change-room,” Melissa responded.

“I won’t keep you then. I just wanted to tell you again how Lily and I are both so grateful for being matched with you. This means a lot to both of us,” Victor said looking at her intently.

Melissa nodded her head and smiled at Victor as they said their goodbyes and he headed out the door.loosen upMelissa quickly changed and headed to the yoga mats and was led through a series of energy-centering stretching exercises.dominic fryesAfterwards, she headed to the steam room and met Dominic Fyres from Windenburg. They both relaxed and chatted amicably. Dominic chatted about his two daughters, and how different each of them was.  As he had to head off to a club meeting, he bid her farewell. Almost at the same moment, Clementine opened the door and said that it was time for Melissa’s fertility massage.all worth while.pngA different masseuse, Jordan, was going to be giving her the massage. Jordan had been specifically reserved by Lily and only gave elite members massages. Melissa had never had such a wonderful, relaxing massage and was so happy that Lily had booked Jordan. They certainly didn’t have a masseuse like Jordan back in Newcrest.private spa.pngOnce her massage was finished, Jordan told Melissa that she was to head to the spa lounge until they were ready for her in the clinic. chatting with mason before treatment.pngMelissa entered the lounge and was greeted by Mason, who had a pink drink waiting for her which he called Cupid Juice. Mason assured her that the wait would not be long, but if she was hungry there was a table stocked with some appetizers. Melissa looked over at the inviting array of food including some heart shaped cookies, apple slices and strawberries.

As Melissa nibbled on some strawberries and apple slices, she looked around the room. Behind her was a loveseat in front of a fireplace. Over the fireplace, a tv was switched on the romance channel, and a stereo was playing softly in a corner. There was also a small table for two in the other corner. It all seemed so romantic.waiting area.pngMason removed her empty glass and made her another drink. Melissa thought that these drinks were so good. She had never tasted anything like them before. They made her feel very flirty.

Just as she finished her second drink, Clementine came to get her and bring her to the clinic.i am going to prescribe some vitamins for you.pngInside the clinic, the doctor asked her a series of questions and examined her. He told her she was very healthy and that she was at a prime time to become pregnant. He explained the procedure to her and asked her to lay down on an examining table. He then went over to a refrigerated cabinet and removed a test tube vial.doctor told her he would let her rest.pngOnce the procedure was finished, the doctor prescribed some vitamins for her, gave her a pregnancy test kit and instructed Melissa to take the test in the morning. If the test was negative, she could come back in a few days. He shook her hand and wished her good luck. Melissa then headed to the change room to dress.it was quite late.pngIt was dark when she left the spa and her private car was waiting to take her home. As she was walking towards the car, her cell phone rang. It was the Feng’s real estate agent enquiring if Melissa was free tomorrow to view the houses. After they arranged a time to meet, the driver opened the car door and helped her inside. As Melissa sunk into the plush seat in the backseat, Melissa hoped that the procedure was successful and that she would have good news for the Fengs in the morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the Feng’s apartment…

oh this is exciting.png

“Lily, I just got the e-mail from the doctor and Melissa has just left the facility. He is almost certain she will have a positive result in the morning.” said Victor excitedly.

who is next.png“Victor, that is good news! But let’s wait until tomorrow to ensure Melissa is definitely pregnant. You know it’s not the first time those doctors have been wrong. Of course, we will act surprised when she tells us.” Lily said.

“I have a very good feeling this time, Lily. I do believe Melissa is the one we have been looking for.” replied Victor.

“I feel it too, Victor, but I will feel more excited when I know for sure she is expecting. You do remember what happened in the past….” said Lily trailing off in mid-sentence.

“Yes, Lily, that’s true….we will wait for the morning.” Victor said nodding his head.so devious.png“Victor, on the other matter, while you were at the clinic, did you have a chance to transfer those test tube vials?”, Lily questioned.

“For Donor 526347222? Of course, they are being transferred to our facility today. Six test tube vials in total,” replied Victor.

Lily gave Victor a secret smile and sighed contentedly, “Excellent, Victor, just excellent.”

* * * * *

Many thanks to the simmers who made these builds. The Corner Wellness Center and Doctor’s Office Hospital were combined in the build as well as a lounge that I created.



Doctor’s Office Hospital is a room.

doctors office.png

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