100 Baby Challenge # 2 – Melissa Collins – House Hunting

getting a call from victor feng.pngAlexa Valle was no ordinary real estate agent. With her multi-listing homes and multi-million simoleon sales, Alexa was one of the most sought after real estate agents in San Myshuno. She had the knack for matching her clients’ requests with the perfect house. So, when Alexa Valle got a call from Victor Feng, she couldn’t believe her luck. Victor Feng was a political representative and his wife was a CEO in San Myshuno. Alexa had a thrill go through her just knowing that he wanted to use her exclusively to find a house. She was already thinking of expensive listings for him and calculating the commission she would receive. When he told her the budget she had to work with, she almost dropped her phone.a few listings.png“Mr. Feng, I can’t possibly find you and Lily a house for that amount. You live at an exclusive address now in the Landgraab apartments and I have some listings that would make you the envy of everyone in town…”Alexa said as she pulled up some listings on her computer.

“Alexa, I know you are an important real estate agent and have many listings available, but the house is not for Lily and I. It is for our new surrogate. She doesn’t have a lot of simoleons to work with and she needs it right away. So naturally I want only the best for her and your name came to mind. I would certainly be willing to more than compensate you for your time and expertise.” Victor replied.listings of properties.png“More than compensate, Mr. Feng?”, asked Lily, looking around her office at the listings on the wall.

“Alexa, please call me Victor. Would you say that double your normal commission would be fair?” Victor questioned.

“Oh Mr….I mean, Victor…I think that would be a suitable compensation. I am, afterall, thinking of expanding my offices.” Alexa slyly added.

“I do have certain criteria that I would want met, and of course, it must be kept confidential.” Victor said confidently.

“Oh Victor, of course….and I would be happy to make sure they are all met….” Alexa replied almost purring into the phone. After a lengthy conversation where she jotted down several notes, she hung up.alicia bring those files in here now.pngThat was a few night’s ago and Victor had already sent a few rich clients her way. Well, she better get working on this listing as she was meeting this new surrogate this morning. Alexa glanced at her computer screen with the million simoleon listings and with a sigh closed that tab. She looked through the file folders on her desk, but shook her head. These wouldn’t do. She wanted Victor to be happy with her choice. If he was happy, it would mean more clients. More commissions. More simoleons.

Alexa buzzed her intercom, “Jessica, bring in the budget listing file. Yes, I want THAT file. Well, find it and bring it in here NOW!” Alexa shook her head at the incompetence of some of the staff. No wonder she had to do everything herself.


she was pregnant.pngMelissa was up bright and early the next morning. She had hardly slept at all last night thinking about her time at the clinic and waiting until she could take the pregnancy test. And when she did….eureka….she was pregnant! The Fengs would be so happy when she told them. i have some news for you.pngMelissa quickly went downstairs and called the Fengs’ number and told them the good news. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see her. In fact, Lily wanted to go maternity clothes shopping with her tomorrow and arranged a time for when a car would pick Melissa up.told her mother the good news.pngMelissa saw her mother standing in the library and she went over to share the news with her. Melissa wasn’t sure how she would react, but Ruby was overjoyed.They sat down together at the table and Melissa told her mother that she would be looking at some houses with the Fengs’ real estate agent today. Her mother was saddened to hear this, but she knew the rules of a surrogate dictated that a surrogate must live in their own house. Ruby hoped that Melissa could find a house close by so they could visit each other often. youll have the children longer.pngMelissa also told her mother about the contract she had signed with the Fengs. At first, Ruby thought it was a bit strange, but then her face lit up and she said that the Fengs were indeed smart. They knew they wouldn’t have time to care for a child with their busy schedules and knew that Melissa would do a wonderful job. And if the surrogate agency had approved it, then it most certainly was fine.

“And you get to keep the baby longer, Melissa. Watch the baby grow up to a young adult. How wonderful! And any time you need help, you know I will be there to help you. Oh this is indeed exciting news!”

Ruby gave her daughter a hug and they finished eating breakfast together. Ruby talked non-stop about all the things that Melissa would need for the baby. Ruby also suggested that Melissa start a new mother’s group with other new mothers in the neighborhood, just like Ruby had so long ago.

After breakfast, Melissa hurried off to get ready as Alexa Valle, the real estate agent, was picking her up shortly for their tour of houses.


1st property.pngAlexa Valle had several properties to show Melissa and the first was in Willow Creek. Situated near the waterway, it was a modular home with two-bedrooms that was a mere $13,663 simoleons.enthusing about house.pngMelissa toured the house as Alexa talked non-stop about the eat-in kitchen, nearby park with walking trails and lovely view of the creek. Melissa thought it was nice, but maybe a bit small.

“You’re so right, Melissa, this is just not the property for you.” said Alexa trying to mask her irritation. Apparently this was going to take a bit longer than Alexa thought it would.windenberg.pngThe next property they went to was in Windenburg, a lovely 2-bedroom Tudor-style house on a secluded lot.

“Lots of room to expand here and lots of wide open space for those children to wander around in,” exclaimed Alexa, “And a bargain for only $15,404 simoleons.”near the water.pngAlexa brought Melissa to a small picnic area with a waterfall that was close to the house. “Isn’t this so beautiful? asked Alexa, “Imagine coming here with the children. The air is so clean, the view is marvelous….”

Melissa did like the house and the park was very convenient. But it wasn’t Newcrest. She would be away from her family.

“Melissa, not a problem at all, we shall concentrate on properties in Newcrest,” Alexa said while crossing off several properties on her list with a flourish. Alexa couldn’t believe that Melissa would pass up this prime property. Luckily Alexa had another buyer who was viewing this exact same house tomorrow.combo living area.pngWhen they arrived at the next house, Melissa held her breath. It was beautiful. It was a 2-bedroom ranch just on the other side of Newcrest. There was a combo living and kitchen area. It even had a fireplace.

Alexa told her that it was a bit of a fixer-upper and it was on the market for a very low price of $17,609 simoleons.but the best part of all.pngAlexa brought Melissa to the back yard. Melissa couldn’t believe it. A fenced back yard!  It was spacious. Alexa told Melissa that there was a park across the street and not too far away was a children’s playground.

Alexa knew she could clinch the deal on this house, she was almost sure of it. But then Melissa enquired if Alexa had any 3-bedroom listings. Melissa liked the house, but she really needed more bedrooms

“I have another property to show you, Melissa. It’s a bit secluded on the north side of Newcrest, but I think you will really like it.” Alexa said hiding her disappointment. But the more Alexa thought about it, the more she was positive that the next house would meet all of Melissa and Victor’s requirements.when they pulled up to the next house.pngWhen Melissa stepped out of the car, all she saw was flowers. The whole front yard was covered with flowers. And there was even a fishing pond on the lot. Melissa was excited even before she looked inside.she saw them the garden planters.pngAs Melissa walked up the walkway, she saw two garden planters. “Good things come from the earth”, echoed in Melissa’s ears. It was something her mother was always saying. This was a sign.kitchen area 100 baby.pngAlexa went on to tell Melissa that it had 3-bedrooms, a park and playground nearby, good schools….the baby room 1.pngAs they wandered through the house, Alexa made sure that Melissa saw the baby room….

“…all this for only $19,878 simoleons!” enthused Alexa. Melissa sighed. It was almost all the simoleons she had.as melissa looked at the backyard, she knew this was the place for her.pngAnd as Melissa went out to the backyard, Melissa thought that this was indeed her perfect house.ill take it.pngAnd so without hesitation, Melissa told Alexa that she would buy the house. Alexa was happy and knew that Victor would be more than happy with this house, too.

“Of course, Melissa, we need the place cleaned, and I noticed there were some loose tiles in the bathroom, and a stain on the carpet in the bedroom, all that has to be fixed. The Fengs wouldn’t want it any other way. When the house is ready, I will call you and you can come to my office and we will sign the papers. Congratulations Melissa, I am sure you will be very happy here.”Alexa calling Victor.pngMelissa headed out the front door to admire the garden again, and Alexa told her she would be right out, but just had to use the restroom first. When the front door closed, Alexa made a quick call.

“Victor…yes, she made up her mind…she’s in Newcrest…yes….I know her family lives here….but she is on the other side…a rather secluded lot. Yes….very secluded….the only house around. I told her I would call her when the house was ready. Oh really? Oh yes, I have many listings in San Myshuno…all apartments….so convenient…certainly, I can wait a day or two. Spare keys? …of course…all arranged. And the other matter of the security cameras…she’ll never know they are here….”


* * * * *

Many thanks to the simmers who made these creations:

alexas office.png

Alexa Valle’s real estate office. This is a room.

family starter.png

The first house they toured in Newcrest. The other two were in-game houses by Maxis, Crick Cabana in Willow Creek and Rustic Residence in Windenburg.

pond starter.png

Melissa’s new house. I expanded the kitchen and kids’ room and added a small fenced backyard. Built on Asphalt Abodes ($2,000 simoleon lot) in Newcrest. I was torn between the last 2 houses, but decided on the latter one as it had a pond and it could be easily expanded. I didn’t have some of the packs used in the other build, and items were missing when it was downloaded (like toilet, bath, sink, and wallpaper).

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Hmmm…seems like an innocent enough thing to do installing security cameras. Maybe they just want to ensure that Melissa is safe..or maybe these are like nanny cams. I wonder…hmmm….


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