100 Baby Challenge # 2 & Wonder Child Challenge – Background Notes On The Society

My 100 Baby Challenge # 2 is a spin-off of my Wonder Child Challenge. Both take place in a futuristic, dystopian society. To better understand their society, I have outlined what it is like.


A war raged and sims were affected by the “blasts”. Newcrest and some other outlying cities were not affected by these “blasts”. The “blasts” made most of the sim population unable to have children. They are sterile.

To help re-populate the sim world, an agency composed of scientists developed a method for testing sims. The head of this agency is the Director of Scientists. Once a sim reaches young adulthood they are tested to determine if they are sterile or fertile. If they are  fertile, they are “banded” with a tattoo and they are known as a “chosen one”. The scientists then “match” random fertile sims together to have children. Sims do not have a choice to be matched with anyone, as the scientists have all the control. Scientists conduct computer-generated matching and this is how it is determined. Sims who are matched are each others “chosen one”.  Fertile sims normally have dark hair and eyes, but some have unusual traits, such as red or blonde hair. Sims with unusual traits, are very prized in the city.

In the Wonder Child Challenge, adult fertile sims are “matched” together by the scientists to produce a wonder child, which is the first born of the couple. As per the rules, they reside in Newcrest. As children are prized in this society, every whim and want of the child must be granted, and when the child reaches young adulthood, their score is tallied and it is determined if this child is the best Wonder Child yet. As a reward, the parents are made Ambassadors in the city.

For sterile couples or for couples who are “chosen ones” but can’t seem to have children, there is another way to have a child. There is an agency, called the surrogacy agency, which is a division of the same agency as above composed of scientists. Surrogates are fertile female sims who give up their right to be a “chosen one”, wear a designated surrogate dress and necklace. They are bound to the surrogacy agency by a contract. (They could be fertile male sims, too, but for the 100 Baby Challenge, they are female). They are very esteemed in the city in which they live and must live in their own house. (as per the 100 Baby Challenge rules, they start with $20K simoleons). The surrogacy agency matches a surrogate with a sterile couple and the surrogate (in a laboratory setting), produces a child for them. As part of the surrogate contract, when the baby is born, the sterile couple is given the child to raise as their own. A surrogate must bear children for different couples, and cannot bear more than one child (or twins or triplets), for the same couple twice. It is advantageous to have a surrogate in your city, as they offer parenting advice and are often trained as midwives and holistic healers.

Babies, children and teens are a rare occurrence and treated with the utmost care. Their every whim is catered to. When a baby is born, the whole city rejoices and normally there is much fanfare. It is unusual for a single sim to raise a child by themselves. In certain cases, if a single sim has the financial ability to raise a child themselves, or in the case of a surrogate, has the financial backing of a wealthy couple, then it is approved.

Not all sims have been tested by the scientists as a lot of sims still reside in the Wasteland. Teams of scientists travel to the Wasteland to try to find young adult sims who do not bear the tattoo and bring them in for testing. The Wasteland was the hardest hit by the blasts and is a barren expanse. Many of the survivors there band together in a colony. Their shelters are made from scavenged and found materials, but most are open to the elements. There is much hardship in the Wasteland, with little water and food. Most of the sims who live in the Wasteland are sterile, but not all.

As with any dystopian society, there is corruption, power and greed. Sometimes, knowing someone in power and calling in a favor, or simoleons changing hands, or other deeds, will grant a “chosen one” the fertile sim of his or her choice. Couples who neglect their child will have the child taken away from them by social services. They are then banished to the Wasteland for their neglect. Rumors run rampant in this society, and no-one really knows what is truth or fiction. It has been rumored that some fertile sims have been banished to the Wasteland when they do not produce a child. Rumors have been spread that some sterile couples are using multiple surrogates from the surrogacy agency in order to have as many children as possible. Other rumors are heard about wealthy sterile couples drawing up special contracts with their surrogate.

In the 100 Baby Challenge, Melissa Collins, our matriarch, is a surrogate who has a contract with the surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency matches her with sterile couples who want to have a child. Pregnancy happens in a lab. Her first match is with the Fengs, who are a wealthy sterile couple, and she enters into a special contract with them to keep their children until the children reach young adulthood.

And so our story begins…


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