100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Shopping Day

puttering in the garden.pngThe next morning, after breakfast, Melissa decided to head out to the garden to collect some seeds and cuttings as a starter for the garden at her new house. She wanted to have a huge garden like her mother had when Melissa was a child. Melissa had even thought about selling some of her produce to the local vegetable market. Her mother had said that having a garden was very profitable, and since Melissa couldn’t work away from home, this sounded like a good idea. Melissa was busy puttering away in the garden when all of a sudden her stomach decided to make itself known. morning sickness.pngOh she felt ill! Melissa knew what this was. Morning sickness! This is what her mother had talked to her about yesterday. But yesterday Melissa had felt fine. Melissa really hoped that this nauseous feeling would subside before she had to leave to go shopping with Lily. She remembered that her mother had told her that green tea would help, so Melissa went back in the house and made a cup.melissa collecting.pngOnce she finished her tea, she felt much better. So Melissa headed out again to do some more collecting. She collected all sorts of items, from frogs, to strawberries and lilies.greeting some neighbors.pngIt was a gorgeous, sunny day and as she went about collecting she took time to chat with neighbors…chatting with akira.png…and even some newcomers visiting from San Myshuno.reagan made lunch.pngBy the time Melissa got back to the house, her collecting basket was quite full. Reagan marveled at all the items that Melissa had collected and told Melissa that lunch was ready.sharing the news.pngOver lunch, Melissa shared her baby news with Reagan. Although Reagan seemed happy with the news, Reagan had been kind of quiet lately and a bit sad. Melissa knew that her brother and Reagan had tried for a baby every night since they were “matched” together, but still no luck. Reagan was still not pregnant. Her mother, of course, was putting Reagan on a natural fertility diet, and told Reagan that sometimes these things took awhile. Reagan always acknowledged this, but still looked worried. It would have been nice if Melissa and Reagan had been pregnant together, but maybe Reagan would be pregnant when Melissa was pregnant with her second child. Melissa was going to suggest that perhaps Reagan wanted to try the private clinic that she had gone to. But maybe not just anyone could go. She would ask the Fengs about it.lily happy.pngJust then there was a knock on the door and it was the driver picking her up for her shopping excursion with Lily. Saying a fast goodbye to Reagan, she got in the car and was whisked off to Magnolia Promenade where she was meeting Lily.

When she arrived, Lily was already there and told Melissa that she looked radiant. Lily told Melissa that she and Victor were so thrilled with the news of her pregnancy and they were already planning the party for her.

Lily enquired about Melissa’s house hunting and was happy that Melissa had found something so soon.so many choices.pngThey entered the store together and Melissa was at once overwhelmed. There were so many choices. Lily told her that she could try on anything she liked. Lily had already had a chat with the store manager and had picked out some suitable evening clothes for her for the party, which Melissa would try on later.shopping for maternity clothes.pngWhile Melissa was browsing the racks, she recognized several other women from Newcrest who were also shopping for maternity clothes. It looks like a baby boom was on!

(Author’s Notes: Pictured above is Kyla from my Wonder Child Challenge)maybw this one.pngMelissa went though the store and picked out a few outfits that looked comfortable and headed to the change room. When she came out to model the first outfit, Lily had a frown on her face.

“Melissa, that is a cute outfit, but really not what you should be wearing carrying our child. I mean, an expectant mother doesn’t have to look dowdy. Plus, that color is all wrong for you. Let me see your next choice.”

Melissa returned to the change room. Obviously that was a no.lily didnt quite like that outfit.pngMelissa came out in the next outfit and again Lily frowned and said it wouldn’t do.

“Those stripes…are so last year…and that hat, it hides your lovely face, dear. The only thing going for that outfit is the top, but, not in that shade!” Lily said as she examined the outfit.melissa tried on many outfits.pngAnd another one….again, it was a no from Lily.

“Too pale, dear, too pale. You blend into the carpet.” chastised Lily.we want you to look more um fashonable.pngMelissa had tried on every outfit that she had chosen and Lily said no to them all. Melissa was getting tired, and Lily told her that she should rest and asked the manager for a glass of water for Melissa.

“Melissa, dear, those outfits you chose were very…ummm…charming, but not what Victor and I had in mind. We need you to look…ummm…more stylish. You are already looking radiant, and Victor and I will be bringing you around town and really want to show you off. No loose fitting clothes for you. Oh no! Show off that baby bump. We want everyone to know that this is our baby, Melissa, and we are so proud of you and our future child. Now, once you have rested, we will head upstairs to try on the evening wear choices that I have selected for the party tomorrow night.”

While Melissa rested on a nearby sofa, Lily went over to the manager and chose several clothing items and placed them on the counter. Lily came back and sat beside her.

“It’s settled then, I have selected several appropriate outfits for you.” said Lily with a smile. Melissa could hardly believe it because some of the items she had seen laid on the counter were rather expensive.

“Thank you so much, Lily”, replied Melissa amazed. Lily asked if she was ready to head upstairs and Melissa nodded her head that she was.

Heading into the changeroom, Melissa gasped in awe as she saw the choices that Lily had made. Lily really had good taste. These dresses were beautiful.she really liked this one.pngMelissa headed out with her first choice. When Lily saw her, she clapped her hands together and told her that this is how she should look. Melissa wondered about it being a bit tight, but Lily insisted that Melissa should proudly display her baby bump for all to see.oh she liked this one.pngMelissa really liked the next dress she tried on. It wasn’t as tight in the waist, and Lily agreed that it did look rather nice on her.gorgeos melissa.pngLily chatted non-stop to Melissa while Melissa tried on the dresses.

“All of my friends are so excited to meet you Melissa. This party is more than a party. There will be many influential sims there and what you wear and how you look is of the utmost importance to Victor and I. We are so excited, we want to show you off. Well, you and your baby bump!” Lily smiled at Melissa.melissa wast sure on this one.pngMelissa wasn’t sure of this next dress. Lily looked her over and liked the basic design but not the cut-outs on the side. The manager came upstairs and Lily discussed the dress and the manager said that there was a one-of-a-kind designer dress that had just arrived and he went in the back to retrieve it. When Lily saw it, she had to have it.sales staff a coming.png“Melissa, I think we found the dress that you will wear tomorrow night. Now go on, try it on. My friends will be green with envy when you show up wearing this new dress. You will look stunning, Melissa, just stunning.”

Melissa glanced at the price tag and it was a whopping $7K simoleon dress. She almost fainted. Lily was unfazed at the cost and was asking the manager about jewellery and shoes to go with the dress and pretty soon all the sales clerks and the manager were waiting on them. When they finally left the store, Melissa was exhausted and Lily was beaming. The final bill had been several thousand simoleons and everything was being delivered to Melissa’s house later today.shopping with lily.png“Melissa, the driver will take you home. I have a few more items to purchase. Go and rest, dear, and tomorrow I will send my private car to pick you up around noon. I’ll help you dress and Victor is so anxious to see you. Oh I can’t wait! That evening dress is so divine. You will be the talk of the town Melissa. Yes, the talk of the town!” Lily said excitedly and waved goodbye to Melissa as Lily headed back into the store.

~~~~~~~~~~MODELLING THE NEW OUTFIT.pngWhen Melissa returned home, several packages were already sitting on her bed from the store. There were so many of them! As she carefully unpacked and hung up all her clothes, she decided to change into one of the new outfits for dinner. As she walked down the stairs and into the dining room, all eyes were on her. Reagan gave a little gasp and asked if that was a SimMiuMiuPrada top and Melissa said it was. Reagan, who was always well-dressed herself, said she definitely wanted to see all of Melissa’s other clothes that she bought.IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE.pngAs they sat down for dinner, Ruby and Reagan exchanged a look and turned to Martin and said that Melissa had something to tell him. Martin had been on a rotating shift at the clinic and hadn’t been home last night, and so didn’t know of Melissa’s news as yet.  With a smile on her face, Melissa told her brother that she was expecting. Martin couldn’t believe it.

“Didn’t you just go to the fertility clinic the other day? And you’re expecting already? That’s amazing, sis. I’m so happy for you,” said Martin smiling at his sister and giving her a hug.mofrllrf nre outfit.pngWith the baby news announced, everyone started talking at once, chatting about their day. Melissa told her mother how many seeds and plant cuttings she had collected. Ruby said that there were some new “chosen ones” who had moved into Newcrest, and she and Reagan were going to visit them tomorrow. Martin talked about preparations getting underway for the doctors-without-borders trip to the Wasteland, and some new interns who had just started at the clinic.

Ruby smiled at this and turned towards Melissa and asked, “So, who is going to delivery this baby? You know, a home birth is so much more relaxing, and we would all be there. Of course, Martin is at the clinic most days if you plan on having the baby at the clinic.”

Melissa really hadn’t thought that far ahead, but would discuss it with the Feng’s. It would be so wonderful if her mother could deliver the baby.ANOTHER PREGNANCY SOON.pngAs Melissa headed upstairs she spied her brother and Reagan embracing and her mother had a wistful look in her eye. Looking at them together reminded Melissa that she wanted to talk to the Feng’s about the possibility of Reagan going to the private clinic. It would be so wonderful if Reagan became pregnant soon.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

SimMiuMiuPrada – Not being a fashionista myself (nor could I afford to be), I was trying to come up with the name of a haute-couture designer who might have designed an embroidered jacket. I had already chosen a “designer” look that Lily had purchased for Melissa, and so when I did a google search, found the Miu Miu label, from Italian designer Miuccia Prada, which is a division of Prada. I mean how can you go wrong with Prada? Interestingly enough, there is a sweater in her current collection that looks a bit like the jacket. It’s a rose-embroidered mohair turtleneck jumper (pictured on left). All for the low cost of USD$1,600. Alrighty then, I’ll take a dozen! However, since the jacket looks Peruvian, it could also be from Peruvian designer Meche Correa (featured on right). Isn’t it amazing the things you learn playing the sims? lol




5 thoughts on “100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Shopping Day

  1. Love your story! I went to school for fashion design, and before that I had no idea about “trends” and how designers don’t just make stuff up off the top of their head.. they have to look at what is popular and what has the potential to be popular. If they didn’t do that, they could lose a lot of money by designing things that people don’t want to buy. After I learned a little about fashion marketing and trends, now I can’t help but notice what people around me are wearing. And how similar a lot of designers looks can be.
    Lily sure spent a lot of money for clothes that won’t fit Melissa for very long! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading my story. I had fun looking up fashion designers and was almost thinking…well, what if I actually find an exact jacket like that by a famous designer. That would be pretty awesome. I love that jacket anyway, from the jungle pack.


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