100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – The Party

baby bump.pngWhen Melissa woke up the next morning and looked at herself in the mirror, it was as if the baby had grown in size overnight. She turned sideways and looked again. Yes, she definitely had a baby bump now! She just hoped that the new dress she was supposed to wear to the Fengs’ party still fit her. Everything Lily wanted her to purchase was tight around the waist. Melissa really would have preferred looser clothes, but since Lily had paid for everything, she really couldn’t say no. Well, with the next pregnancy, she was definitely getting some looser, more comfortable clothing.

It had been two days since her house hunting with Alexa, the real estate agent. Melissa hadn’t heard from Alexa as yet, so they must still be working on the house. Melissa hoped the house would be ready before she had the baby. She was anxious to start her garden and get the baby’s room ready. Melissa knew that once the baby was born, she wouldn’t have time to do much of anything. Her brother, Martin, had offered to help her move and make sure everything was where Melissa wanted it. Martin didn’t want Melissa to do any heavy lifting while she was expecting.reading parenting book melissa.pngOnce Melissa got dressed, she decided to read some of the parenting books that her mother had left for her. She was also hoping to head out again and collect more wild seeds for her new garden. Her mother and Reagan had already left to visit the new neighbors in Newcrest and her brother had left for work, so she was alone in the house. As she read about how often a baby needs to be fed, every 2-3 hours, she realized that her life was definitely going to change.i want everythign to be perfect.pngPromptly at noon, the private car came to pick Melissa up. Melissa had decided to wear her surrogate dress and bring the evening gown in the protective bag it came in. Melissa had also slipped the shoes and jewellery in a bag and placed it at the bottom of the protective bag with the dress, so everything would be together. When Melissa arrived at the Fengs’ apartment, Lily was giving some instructions to their butler.you cant go to the party like that.pngLily was pleased to see Melissa and told Melissa that Victor was already changing upstairs. Lily said that she will help Melissa get ready and then head upstairs herself to change. She wanted to see Victor’s expression when he saw Melissa in her evening wear.u cant wear that dress dear.pngMelissa moved sideways to get her bag, and Lily let out a little squeal, “Melissa, do I detect a baby bump?” Lily said surprised looking at Melissa’s bump, “It wasn’t there yesterday!”

Melissa smiled and said that it sort of just appeared overnight. Lily and Melissa laughed together about it. In no time at all, Lily had Melissa ready for the party and had gone up to change.she looked at herself in the mirror.pngMelissa was left alone in the restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe how different she looked. The dress made her almost glow. melissa you look....beautiful.pngMelissa headed out to the dining room and Victor was ensuring things were running smoothly with the caterer in the kitchen. He stopped when he saw her.

“Melissa! You look…well…just so…just so…” Victor was quite speechless as he gave Melissa an admiring look.you look lovely.png“Just so stunning! Isn’t that what you meant, Victor? Doesn’t she look stunning in that dress? I am so glad that I bought it. The dress really is the winning touch,” Lily interjected as she entered the dining room, “All our friends will be so jealous that she is our surrogate. And that dress shows off her baby bump so well. I have never seen an expectant mother look as radiant as Melissa does. It’s definitely the dress…yes…the dress. Ahhh….here is Paxton with your drink, dear. Now Melissa it is a non-alcoholic drink, it’s better for the baby….and if you need anything during the evening, if Victor and I are busy, just let Paxton know and he will cater to your every whim.”

Lily moved to the living room with Paxton and the caterer discussing champagne, champagne glasses, candles and other things she wanted them to do.

Victor and Melissa were left alone in the dining room and Victor had not stopped gazing at Melissa since she came into the room. Lily called to Victor suddenly and Victor headed towards the living room. As he passed Melissa, he whispered to her, “Lily is wrong. It’s not the dress. You look stunning all the time….”

Melissa didn’t know why, but she felt herself smiling and blushing from Victor’s comment.first to arrive geoffrey.pngPretty soon, the party was underway, and the Landgraab’s were the first to arrive. Lily, of course, made all the necessary introductions.everyone wanted to feel the baby.pngSoon, all the guests had arrived, the Landgraabs, the Goths, the Altos and their neighbor, Diego Lobo.

Melissa was the hit of the party and everyone wanted to feel the baby. There was even a line-up! Of course, Geoffrey Landgraab wanted to feel the baby first, and Diego congratulated the Fengs on their wonderful choice of surrogate and their new baby on the way.

Lily told everyone that Melissa had become pregnant the very first time she went to the clinic and Bella thought that was amazing.morty feeling the baby.png“I think I felt a kick!”, exclaimed Mortimer Goth. Everyone responded with oohs and ahhs and crowded around Melissa to see if they could feel a kick, too.lily feeling melissas baby.png“Oh, Mortimer, really? Melissa, do you mind if I feel the baby? I have been wanting to all night.” said Lily as she cautiously put her hands on Melissa’s baby bump.

Melissa smiled down as Lily tentatively touched her belly. Afterall, this was the baby’s mother-to-be. Lily must be so excited, it made Melissa happy to be carrying their child for them.looks like mortimer might be first.pngDinner was soon served and there was a lot of baby discussion at the dinner table. Bella told Melissa how lovely she looked and how she had always wanted another child.

“But pregnancy just ruins your figure, and I have worked so hard to get mine to how it looked before I was pregnant.” said Bella.

“Oh I agree, Bella, I always hoped to have another child, too. A girl this time…” said Nancy wistfully, “But, you’re right Bella, you and I will have to have a gym day after all this delectable food we are eating!” laughed Nancy and everyone laughed with her.party was very successful.pngVeta Alto, on the other hand said she and Nick had always wanted another child, too, but they had hoped for a boy.

“Holly is just so different from us. We wanted an heir to carry on the business.” said Veta sadly.dont u agree mortimer.png“Oh Veta, I totally understand,” Lily replied agreeing, “And that is why we have Melissa. She is the perfect solution for us. We are just so thrilled that she is expecting. The answer to an heir for us. We can’t thank her enough.” Lily gushed.

“Yes, a surrogate is a great solution for having a child”, Mortimer replied thoughtfully.let's raise a glass to Melissa.png“Here’s to Melissa,” shouted Diego, and they all raised their glasses in a toast to Melissa.oh you are both interested.pngThe party was quite a success and everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was laughing, the food was delicious and the champagne was flowing.things were going according to plan.pngIn the kitchen, Lily surveyed the room. Melissa was indeed the star of the party.

Things are going according to plan,” Lily thought smugly.only the men left.pngIn the midst of a conversation, Nick Alto suddenly got up and cranked up the volume shouting that he loved this song. Pretty soon, everyone was up dancing and swaying to the beat. Geoffrey was even singing along to the chorus. Quite badly, but he was singing.everyone was there.png

veta and diego.png

veta had had too much to drink and was trying to pick up diegoUnfortunately, it seemed that Veta may have had a bit too much to drink and started flirting with Diego. veta was hoping they would have another child.pngNick thanked Victor and Lily for the lovely party and told Veta it was time to go. She didn’t look too happy about having to leave.nancy thought victor was so lucky.pngThe Landgraabs decided they were going to head out as well. Nancy told Victor that he was so lucky to have Melissa as a surrogate.she will be available.pngShortly afterwards, the Goths said their goodbyes, and Diego said it was time for him to leave as well. Victor thanked the last of the guests and walked them to the door.the agency had called.pngSuddenly, Melissa’s cell phone rang. It was the surrogacy agency. Melissa excused herself and answered the phone. She had been booked for another couples’ interview for tomorrow. Melissa couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t even had her first child yet, and she had another interview. How lucky was that. They would send a car for her tomorrow. Melissa thanked them and hung up the phone.they want you to go so soonMelissa told Lily who had called. Lily was in shock. How could the surrogacy agency have scheduled another interview for her so soon? This was preposterous. And why did Melissa have to go through the surrogacy agency anyway? All of her friends had told her they wanted Melissa to have another child for them. In fact, Nancy Landgraab had even texted her and told her they wanted to be next to have Melissa have their child for them. Melissa didn’t need the agency. All of Lily’s friends wanted Melissa.everyine wanted you.pngVictor had come back in the dining room and heard the conversation and asked what was going on. Lily told him about the agency calling to schedule an interview for Melissa and how Nancy had just texted her.

“It’s true, Melissa, you have had a profound effect on all of the guests. Everyone suddenly has baby fever. But they don’t want to have to go through the pregnancy themselves. They are thinking of going with a surrogate, and they were thinking that you would be the perfect choice.” said Victor agreeing with Lily.

“And you know, Victor could draw up a contract for…” Lily started.well ill think about it.png“Well, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I really want to stay with the surrogacy agency. My reason for becoming a surrogate was to help sterile couples have a child, like yourselves. Of course, I’d love to help couples have another child, too. But I think I will stay with the surrogacy agency for now and see how things go tomorrow.” answered Melissa.

“Of course, dear, I was just so excited that all my friends wanted you as their surrogate, that I just got carried away. I should be happy for you that you have another couples meeting so soon.”, said Lily disappointed.

“Yes, Lily was just over-excited. I mean this is an exciting time for us. We just want others to be as happy as we are. It’s so wonderful that you have a meeting tomorrow. I hope it won’t be too far a drive. Is it close by?” queried Victor quietly.

“Oh, it’s close. It’s actually in Newcrest, 101 Llama Lagoon Drive…” replied Melissa.melissa so beautiful.png


she must sign that contract.pngOnce Melissa had left in the private car to take her home, Lily turned to Victor, “We have a problem…” said Lily forcefully.

“Not necessarily, Lily.” answered Victor.

“Didn’t you hear her? She wants to go through the surrogacy agency. Everything was going so well. Everything was going according to plan, and now this!” Lily said angrily.really what are u up to.png“This may work to our advantage, Lily,” Victor said calmly.

“How so?” asked Lily, curious about what Victor was thinking.only good interview.png“Well, Melissa has only ever gone on one couples meeting. With us. I’ve heard that some of these couples meetings can turn into…well…bad meetings…” Victor reported.

“Bad meetings?” queried Lily.plan was working.png“Yes, Lily, bad meetings. And, if Melissa should have a bad meeting, well, she may think twice about your suggestion of being a surrogate to our friends. Of course I’ve just heard rumors about these bad meetings, Lily…just rumors…” said Victor thoughtfully.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Well, the “power” families seem to have been invited to the party. The Fengs’ neighbor, Diego Lobo, esteemed art critic, the Goths, the Landgraabs and the Altos. If you played Sims 3, the Altos are a wealthy, nouveau rich family, from the “city”, known for their unscrupulous business practices. They have a business feud with the Landgraabs and are enemies with them. Perhaps that all got cleared up at the party, because everyone seemed to be getting along….or was it just for show? Read more about them here:  The Alto Family

Thank you to these simmers for their wonderful creations.








3 thoughts on “100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – The Party

  1. Oooh… Another wonderful chapter, I think I am getting an inkling of what plan the Feng’s have but…. I will just have to wait to see if I am right or if they are even more dastardly then I believe…. So looking forward to finding out. 🙂

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