100 Baby Challenge #2 – Couples Meeting #2-The Phillips


(trigger alert – domestic violence)


TEA TIME.pngThe next morning, over a cup of herbal tea, Melissa mulled over the events of last night. The Fengs certainly had a lot of rich and powerful friends. She had heard about the Goths and Landgraabs before, but had never met them. The Goths lived in Willow Creek in a house that had been passed down through the generations, and the Landgraabs lived in a modern mansion in Oasis Springs.

Then, there was Diego Lobo, a famous art critic. Apparently, Lily was a patron of the arts and was one of Diego’s most avid fans. Whenever she was contemplating a new piece of art, she consulted Diego first.

The Altos were an interesting couple, although Nick didn’t seem too happy with Veta when they left. Melissa also felt a bit of tension between the Altos and the Landgraabs, but everyone seemed pleasant last night. The Altos lived in San Myshuno in their own Alto Apartments, and they also knew Diego Lobo, who was their neighbor.

All of them had been so excited to meet Melissa and welcomed her warmly. It was a very pleasant evening and thinking back on it now, it almost felt like a dream.BABY FOOD.pngWell, enough daydreaming and reminiscing for one morning, thought Melissa, as she grabbed a recipe book. Melissa had things to do starting with trying to cook some of those baby food recipes.


the only thing she could afford.pngThat afternoon, the surrogate agency car came to pick Melissa up for her interview with the new couple. The drive was quite far, farther than she was told it would be and soon they were at the outskirts of Newcrest in an area that Melissa hadn’t been to before.

When the driver dropped her off at the front door, Melissa thought she was at the wrong house. This didn’t look like any of the houses she had seen in Newcrest. All of those houses were clean and modern and welcoming. This house was rather run-down and the yard was littered with debris. It didn’t look like a very good place to raise a child.picture of front of propertyMelissa hesitated and wasn’t sure what she should do. She thought about asking the driver to double check the address, but as she turned around, the car was driving away. Melissa stood there for a moment and then decided that if the surrogate agency had sent her here, then she shouldn’t judge the surroundings. Perhaps the agency hadn’t been here as yet to get the house ready and the couple had been moved in early.

Melissa took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Afterall, she thought, the couple would have been checked by the surrogate agency, so they must be a wonderful couple.yah hey liked we want a boy.pngMae Phillips answered the door and ushered Melissa into the house. As Melissa stood looking around, Mae was busy picking up newspapers scattered on the floor and scraping some hardened residue from a plate into the garbage.

Mae invited Melissa to sit down and told Melissa to excuse the mess. Mae had been out all day and her husband wasn’t the best housekeeper.

Melissa looked around and noted that it was a small house, and could be quite a nice house with a touch of paint and some cleaning. She was sitting in the living room and sharing the space was a small kitchen on the other wall. There was an alcove that was overflowing with “stuff” and down the hall was a bedroom and the bathroom. How curious that the house only had one bedroom. Where would the baby sleep? Had the agency even inspected this house? Before Melissa had a chance to ask, Mae let out a whoop.oh ive always wanted one.png“Oh, honey, you’ve got a bun in the oven!” whooped Mae, “That sur-gate agency said they were sending us someone real special, but I didn’t know that they were sending us someone who was preggo. Trevor is gonna be stoked!”

Melissa looked around for Trevor and Mae said that he was having a nap, but would be up soon. Mae sat down beside Melissa and started telling Melissa how she and Trevor had wanted a baby for a long time.invited to sit down by mae.png“….and you see, well, Trevor, he’s very manly…yah, virile…so it’s really me that can’t have a kid. But we want one, see, and we just applied to that sur-gate agency. And we lucked out, like we won the lottery I guess, ’cause they sent you our way, so, you and Trevor can have a kid together…” Mae rambled on.

Melissa tried to explain to Mae that she and Trevor wouldn’t really be doing anything together and that it was all done in a lab. But before she had a chance to say anything, the bedroom door opened and in sauntered Trevor.the couple interview 2.pngMae introduced Melissa to Trevor and told Trevor that Melissa was “with child”. Trevor laughed heartily and said that the agency had sent them a good one.

Trevor looked Melissa over and gave her a knowing wink, “So knocked up already, huh? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait ’til the kid is born and then we can have a go. Did Mae tell you I had a bit of the old mojo?”

Mae laughed and told Trevor that she had indeed told Melissa that he was a manly man.  Mae suddenly looked around exasperated and said “Oh where are my manners…would you like something to drink, Melissa?” asked Mae politely, “I can make some tea.”

Melissa nodded and said that would be nice if it wasn’t too much trouble.

Trevor yawned and gave Mae a wink as she walked by, “Hey babe, make me a sweet and spicy drink while you’re up. Actually, make that two, so you won’t have to get up again.” Mae smiled sweetly at him as she went to the kitchen.

“Yah so Lisa…has Mae been telling you we want a kid? Me and Mae we’ve been trying everyday, and then she got tested and well, she ain’t gonna be giving me no kid anytime soon. So it’s up to you and me, Lisa. You gonna give me a boy?” asked Trevor.

“It’s Melissa”, said Melissa, “and as much as I would like, I really have no control over whether you will have a male or female sim baby.”

“What?”, bellowed Trevor, “Mae, you know about this?”mae broght over some tea for everyone.pngMae came over balancing the teapot and two glasses of sweet and spicy in her hands. “What, Trevor, what did you say?” Mae asked.

“She ain’t gonna give me a son, Mae. We spent all those simoleons to sign-up with that sur-gate agency, and she ain’t gonna give me a son!” shouted Trevor.melissa was nin the middle of some argument.png“Now Trevor, calm down. We talked about this,” said Mae smoothly, “Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a baby. Right?”

Trevor grabbed the drinks from Mae’s hands and mumbled a response that Melissa couldn’t hear.like why not.png“But I’ve heard that sur-gates know all kinds of tricks to have the baby you want to have. Like, I heard mention that eating carrots can give ya a boy. Is that true, Melissa?” questioned Mae.

“Well, there are certain things that you can do to try to influence the sex of the baby, but it’s not guaranteed”, replied Melissa truthfully.melissa had to get out of here.png“You holding out on us, then, Lisssa….so you can give me a son….but you just don’t want to…is that it? I told ya Mae that them sur-gates are uppity. They don’t want to have a baby for poor folks. They just want to be in with the rich folks. It’s all about the simoleons…I told ya Mae…she ain’t gonna help us…” Trevor shouted sloshing some of his drink on his shirt.

Mae went over and spoke to Trevor in a soothing manner and told him that there was still a chance that they would have a boy. Trevor seemed to settle down a bit and went over to the kitchen area and fixed himself another drink.

Melissa was beginning to feel uneasy and thought that maybe she should leave. Mae told Melissa to “never you mind Trevor” and said that everything was fine.

“He’s just grumpy when he first wakes up…know what I mean?” explained Mae as she put two chipped mugs on the table and happily started pouring the tea.what was she going to do.png“If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I just need to use the restroom.” Melissa said. Mae smiled at her and showed her where the restroom was. As soon as Melissa latched the door, she searched for her phone. She needed to call her driver and leave. She would call the surrogate agency in the morning and tell them that this was a mistake and she did not want to be matched with this couple.

Melissa searched her pocket. Nothing. She searched again. Where was her phone? Oh my gosh, it must have fallen out in the car. How was she going to get out of here? Maybe she could ask Mae to use their phone to call her driver. Alright, that is what she would do. Melissa took some deep breaths and tried to calm down.

As Melissa exited the restroom, she didn’t see Mae in the living room or kitchen. She sat down on the couch opposite Trevor.

“Where’s Mae?” Melissa asked Trevor looking around.well welll welll.png“Oh, she had to go to work, so just you and me now. What ya sitting way over there for? Come here and sit beside me on the couch and we can get to know each other better.” said Trevor leering at her.

Melissa stayed where she was. “Suit yourself,” said Trevor as he got up and came over to sit beside Melissa.left alone with trevor.png“Um…well, actually, Trevor, I was hoping to use your phone.” Melissa said slowly. She really didn’t want to be in this house alone with Trevor.

“We ain’t got no phone… Mae has our cell phone on her. I don’t like her driving without it in case that ole truck breaks down. Gotta keep her safe, like.” Trevor smiled broadly.

Melissa started thinking about what she was going to do. Well, she would have to walk home, somehow.nned to leave.png“Soes…you want a drink…I can fix ya a sssweeet and spicy…I just made one for myself….” offered Trevor inching closer to her on the couch.

Melissa shook her head, “No thank you. I really don’t think alcohol is good for the baby.” Melissa said firmly almost gagging at the smell of his alcohol breath.

“Hey there…no need to get so bent out of shape about it…juss wanna give you some hosss-pi-tality is all…” slurred Trevor as he took another swig of his drink.

Melissa looked around and saw seven empty glasses where Trevor was sitting and realized that he had drunk a lot more than just two drinks while she was in the restroom.

“I really think I need to leave, Trevor. It was nice meeting you and Mae,” Melissa said quietly as she was about to get up off the couch.wirst interview of her life.png“Hey, hold up there…we ain’t got to talking about having the kid together. How much longer ya got to go with that one?” Trevor pointed to Melissa’s stomach, “…I wasss hoping we’d get together real soon….ya got a house ’round here…I can come visit ya…” said Trevor as he gave her a lascivious wink.

“Um, Mr. Phillips…I don’t think that you understand. There won’t be any actual physical contact between us, it’s all done in a lab….” Melissa explained as clearly as she could.started yelling at Melissa.png“What ya saying? That we’re not good enough for ya? Ya make my Mae right sad if she hears that she won’t get that baby she’s been hankering after. If it weren’t for those infernal blasts, my Mae, she would have had a bunch of kids by now. But no, we have to go through this sur-gate agency and pay to have a kid. And now you are being so uppity with me, telling me that you know ways of having a boy, but maybe you don’t. You think we ain’t good enough for ya…huh? Is that it? Not rich enough. Thatisit…” Trevor shouted pointing an accusing finger at her.

“I really need to go, I don’t think we are a match, Mr. Phillips, I’m sorry. I hope you find someone else….” Melissa got up to leave.

come here uTrevor grabbed Melissa’s arm and twisted her towards him shouting brusquely at her, “You ain’t going nowhere girlie. We paid for your services…and I ain’t wasting my simoleons…!”please dont hurt me

“Please….please…don’t hurt the baby….,” whimpered Melissa.


Victor drove up to the house and squinted in the darkness trying to make out the address. Yep, this was it. 101 Llama Lagoon Drive. He rolled down the window to take a closer look at the house….and then he heard the scream….victor coming over.png

victor heard a scream and he banged on the door.png

im calling the police.png

“Take you hands off of her!” shouted Victor.

dont get me mad.png

victor was shocked.png

no dont.png

get yiur hands off of her.png

vistor fought the bad guy

dont hurt the baby

running away.png


im ok vistor.pngVictor came running back inside almost out of breath.

“I couldn’t grab him, he fled down the street. Are you alright Melissa? Did he hurt you? Is the baby ok?” Victor asked as he walked over to where Melissa was standing.crying melissa.png“I’m…I’m fine….Victor….no, no….he didn’t…hu…” Melissa’s voice trailed off and she felt weak all of a sudden. Her hands were shaking, and her legs felt like they were about to give out from under her.

Victor sensed she was going to fall and caught her in his arms and helped her sit down on the couch.

“Rest here a moment, I’ll get you a glass of water…” Victor said in a comforting voice.melissa lets get out of here.pngMelissa looked up when he brought the glass to her, “How did you….how did you know I was here?” she asked on the verge of tears.

“You gave me the address at the party. Remember? I had heard some rumors about couples’ meetings going “bad” and Lily insisted I drive over here and make sure things were on the up-and-up….” Victor replied.if you hadnt come i dont know what would have happened.pngMelissa couldn’t believe how fortunate she was….“Oh Victor! I didn’t know what to do…I lost my phone….and if you hadn’t come when you did, I don’t know…I don’t know what would have happened…,” Melissa sobbed, her words almost indistinghuishable.

Victor got up and went over to Melissa and held her. “Oh Melissa, don’t cry. There. There. Everything’s all right now. I’m here now, everything’s fine. Shhh….it’s ok….” Victor said in a reassuring manner.melissa dont cry.pngMelissa looked up at Victor and saw the concern in his eyes. There was the sting of tears on her cheek, and Victor wiped away a tear.im falling for him.png“Melissa, don’t cry. Everything’s fine now. He’s gone. I’m going to call the police and have them meet us at the apartment. It’s already late and you have been through so much. I want you to stay at the apartment tonight. There might be some other matters to take care of in the morning. And I want a doctor to check you over and make sure the baby is fine.” said Victor as he dialed 911.

Melissa felt so weak and drained, all she could manage was a soft-spoken “Yes”.oh vistor ty.pngWhen Victor finished the call, he asked Melissa if she was able to walk to the car and she nodded that she could. Victor then took Melissa’s hand in his and guided her gently out the door. Their eyes locked for a moment and in that instant Melissa turned to Victor and hugged him.

“Thank you, Victor,” Melissa whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she fought to hold back the tears, “Thank you.”

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Many thanks to the following simmers for these great creations.

trevor phillips.png


cute blonde

A few changes and we have Mae Phillips.

run down shack

The house where Mae and Trevor Phillips live.


































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    • Thank you Aema Simming for reading and commenting. I do appreciate it. Yes, Victor did happen to come at the right time, didn’t he? Thank goodness for that! Poor Melissa, though.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting Lisabeesims. I wanted to treat this chapter the same way you did with the date gone bad in your Bachelorette Challenge. Of course, I don’t have mods and can’t edit my photos to sepia tone, but I thought I did ok. Thanks again 🙂


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