100 Baby Challenge #2 – Baby Incoming

pre parental panic.pngFrom the time Melissa announced that she had gone into labor, things went into overdrive. Officer Parker said he would give them a police escort to the hospital, but Melissa said she wanted a home birth and wanted her mother to deliver the baby. Lily told her that she wouldn’t make it back to Newcrest in time, and they certainly didn’t want their child delivered in the back seat of their car. Meanwhile, Victor was running here, running there and generally having the pre-parental panic attack. Everyone seemed to be talking at once and it was a little bit chaotic at the Fengs.melissa in labor Finally, Officer Parker gently led Melissa to the elevator all the while Lily telling them that they should take the stairs. What if the elevator got stuck? Who knew how to deliver a baby? What if they had to deliver the baby in the elevator? Another tenant in the apartment got on and found out that Melissa was in labor and promptly got off at the next floor down. And during all this chaos, who should call Victor wondering why Melissa wasn’t answering her phone? Yes, it was Alexa, telling them that the house was ready for move-in. Great timing! melissa aloneWith sirens blaring, Officer Parker gave them a police escort to the hospital, and in no time at all, Baby Amy Feng-Collins was born. ahh melissa looking at alec.pngAs the baby was premature, Melissa had to stay at the hospital for a few days. During that time, her mother, Martin, and Reagan had gone over to her new house to get it ready for her homecoming. Martin had carried in all the moving boxes and placed them in the various rooms, while her mother and Reagan unpacked them. Martin also moved the picnic table and bar-b-q to the backyard. Her mother had weeded her garden and planted some seeds for her, while Reagan readied the babies’ room, putting sheets on the crib, stacking diapers on the change table, and placing all the baby gifts in the room. One gift was a really huge, stuffed bear from an Officer Parker. Reagan smiled when she read the card. little amy became her life.pngWhen Melissa arrived home and saw how organized the house looked, she was so thankful. Her family had done so much work and her mother had even planted her garden. After hanging up the baby’s birth certificate and placing Amy in her crib, the house was so quiet. Even though her new house was everything she had hoped for, and she now had a baby to look after, Melissa missed her family.

congrats from adam

Her phone pinged with an incoming text message. It was from Officer Parker. A smile escaped her lips as she thought of him. If it hadn’t been for Officer Parker, she might not have made it to the hospital in time. She looked at the message again…oh, his name was Adam. She hadn’t even known his first name! She repeated his name softly to herself…Adam…

As Melissa stood there daydreaming, she decided that what she needed was to have everyone over for dinner. Her family, the Fengs, and…yes, she would invite Adam, too. You know, to thank him for the baby gift. It would give the Fengs a chance to meet her family and she could ask Lily about Reagan using the private fertility clinic. Yes, what a great idea. She would call everyone over for dinner. Now she just had to decide what to make. MELISSA HAPPY COOKING.pngAs Melissa started to prepare dinner, there was a knock on the door, and it was Adam. She invited him in and as she prepared the various dishes, they chatted and got to know each other better. melissa and adam talking.pngJust then, there was a noise from the baby’s room. Amy was awake and her crying became louder. Melissa still had food to prepare and Adam said that he would be happy to check in on Amy.

As Melissa put the finishing touches on her dessert, it was suddenly very quiet in the house. She wiped her hands on a tea towel and headed in to check on Amy and Adam. As she opened the door, she saw Adam feeding Amy her bottle.she was a bit ungry.png“She was a bit hungry,” Adam laughed.

Melissa laughed, too, and looked at Adam holding Amy in his arms. Amy seemed very content being cradled in Adam’s arms. eyes locked.pngAs Adam laid Amy back in her crib and placed the bottle on the nightstand, his hand brushed Melissa’s arm and for an instant, their eyes met. It was only for a fleeting moment but it seemed to last for ages. reagan and martin with gift.pngThe slam of the front door brought them back to the present as she heard her brother yelling “Hey, anyone home? Where’s the food?”

Melissa and Adam were just about to head out of the baby’s room when the door opened and in walked Reagan and Martin.

“Oh, hi there, were we interrupting anything?” Martin looked from his sister to Officer Parker. He and Reagan had met Adam at the hospital.

“Oh ummm…we were just giving Amy her bottle,” Adam said as he shook Martin’s hand, “For being so small, she’s got quite an appetite.”

They all laughed at that and everyone started talking at once. Martin had brought yet another gift for the baby, this time a giant llama. Melissa laughed when she saw it and said that they were going to spoil the baby. Martin just winked and said that Amy was worth spoiling. VICTOR WAS TALKING TO REAGAN.pngSoon everyone arrived, and once the Fengs arrived, Melissa introduced them to her family. Everyone was getting along and Melissa’s dinner was a hit. LILY AND REAGAN CHATTING ABOUT THE CLINIC.pngMelissa had a chance to talk to Lily about the possibility of Reagan using the fertility clinic, and Lily said that of course, it could be arranged. Lily went over and chatted with Reagan for a bit. you must become pregnant right away.pngLily caught Melissa’s eye and asked if she had a moment to speak in private. Melissa led Lily to her bedroom. When the door was closed, Lily told Melissa that she had made an appointment for her at the clinic tomorrow. Melissa seemed surprised that it would be so soon.

“Well, Nancy is anxious, of course, and the sooner you go, the better. You were lucky this time as it only took one visit, but it may take longer the next time. So, it’s best to start right away after the birth.” Lily said logically. Melissa nodded her head in agreement, and Lily said she would arrange for her driver to pick her up. her mother had taken quite an interest in parker.pngWhen their meeting was over, Melissa headed back into the living room and looked around and wondered where her mother and Adam were. And then she saw them sitting together outside on the picnic table. Melissa joined them and it seemed that her mother had taken quite a shine to Adam.

Inside, Victor and Lily had slipped away from the gathering to take a peek at their  newborn daughter.she could have been mine victor.png“She could have been mine, Victor. We wouldn’t have needed a surrogate. I could have had a child, if…” Lily said as she gazed down at the baby in her arms.

Her voice trailed off and she looked up at Victor, then, and he thought he could see tears glisten in her eyes. But, in an instant, her expression changed and her eyes hardened.

He knew what she meant. “Yes, my darling, I know. But she is still ours. Yours and mine. She is a Feng. She is family.”yu will rule the world one day my sweet.pngVictor took the baby from Lily’s arms, “We have plans for you, Amy. You are destined for greatness, little one, and I will not let anything stop that from happening.” Victor kissed Amy on the top of her head and placed her back in her crib. He then smiled at Lily and took her hand and led her out of the room. RUBY TALKING TO ADAM.pngIn the living room, her brother and Adam were on their second helpings and chatting up a storm. They really seemed to be getting along. Her mother was asking Adam all sorts of questions about his likes and dislikes. EVERYIONE WAS HAVING A GOOD TIME.pngAs it was getting quite late, the Fengs announced that they had some early meetings and had to leave, but thanked Melissa for the hospitality. Lily told Melissa that they would come to visit Amy again soon. MARTIN AND ADAM CHATTING UP A STORM.pngHer mother and Reagan departed soon afterwards, which left her brother and Adam working on their third helpings. They were slowly emptying out her fridge.

“Martin…is that your third helping?” Melissa looked at her brother in astonishment.

“Yah, well, I was telling Adam here what a good cook you were and he wanted to sample everything. So, I didn’t want him to eat alone, you know.” Martin said in between bites of grilled cheese.

“It was a really great dinner, Melissa. Can’t remember the last time I had a real home-cooked meal.” Adam said.

“Yah, and sis…he was wondering if you wanted to go on a da….” Martin started as Adam elbowed him in the ribs.

Adam cleared his throat. “Ummm…I think what your brother was trying to say was that maybe I could repay you for this feast and take you out for dinner sometime.” stammered Adam.

Martin perked up at this, “And Reagan and I can babysit Amy anytime…” said Martin smugly.

“Oh….ummm…sure, that would be nice, Adam,” Melissa said smiling as she felt her cheeks getting hot. ADAM THANKED MELISSA FOR THE LOVELY DINNER.pngAdam got up to leave, “Well, I have to be going. Thanks again for the great dinner and congrats on baby Amy. She’s an angel.” Adam came over and gave Melissa a hug good-bye. Out of the corner of his eye, Martin was watching his sister and Adam. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw them together.


this is what i wnated.png“Well, Victor, we now have a daughter. I would say that the way you are smiling, you are more than pleased.” Lily said as they entered their apartment.

“Yes, Lily, she is so utterly perfect. I had hoped that Melissa would give us more than one child, but she will, in time.” Victor replied.

“Now Victor, remember what happened in the past. Let us follow with our current plan. I have already made an appointment for her at the clinic for tomorrow.” Lily said quite matter-of-factly.lily and victor.png“So soon?” Victor asked raising his eyebrows.

“Why yes. Melissa wanted to have lots of babies, and we have many potential donors, so it’s perfect. Geoffrey Landgraab is our next donor father.” Lily smiled smugly.

“Yes, a good choice, a very good choice”, said Victor intently, looking out the window at the city lights of San Myshuno. He turned to Lily, “I also heard a rumor about another possible Landgraab,” said Victor quietly.another idea.png“Another Landgraab? Who?” Lily questioned.

“A sim named Johnnie Zest. Young adult, single, hasn’t been matched. Apparently, Zest is his stage name, but his real last name is Landgraab.” replied Victor firmly.

“How did you find this out? Is Johnnie Nancy’s son? How did I not know this?” Lily exclaimed.

“I could not get a firm confirmation on this. But, apparently, he has been disowned by the Landgraab family, either Nancy and Geoffrey or another branch of the Landgraab’s. But he is still a Landgraab.” Victor explained.all under contract to us.png“Hmmm….that is quite interesting. Perhaps we should have another party. There are so many single male sims who want to be fathers. It’s a shame that some of them are not yet matched, but I am sure they would be interested in having an heir. Don’t you agree, Victor?” mused Lily as she smiled knowingly at Victor.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Babies will be named A-Z until I run out of letters. I will then decide on another naming method. I have already rolled random traits for the babies based on Melissa’s and the donor father’s traits.


8 thoughts on “100 Baby Challenge #2 – Baby Incoming

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I thought Amy sounded good and I love to look up name meanings, too. Hehe Didn’t know it was your name. Yes, Officer Adam Parker is the good guy in the story.


      • ^^ it’s okay that you didn’t know, when I click random name button Aimee and Alex and Amy seem to show up alot for my Sims when Im doing a “click it once , no rerolls” thing.
        I’m looking forward to more Adam. And also curious what exactly the Fengs plan is. It’s rather mysterious still.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know, but I don’t want to give too much away at the start…lol…Adam, of course, is a detective, so he’s on the case. Hopefully Melissa can give birth to 19 more babies before she becomes elder.


  1. I am really loving this. With the Fengs running the show and Melissa own altruistic wish it really gives a whole new purpose to this challenge. And then we have the Fengs master plan leading a whole mysterious air to it. Always makes me excited to see what happens next.


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