100 Baby Challenge # 2 – Sifting Through Clues

adam looking at reports.pngAdam Parker sat at his desk at the precinct trying to study the latest crime reports that popped up on his screen. But his mind kept drifting to the night before thinking about Melissa and Baby Amy. Maybe he was still on an emotional high because ever since he became involved in this case, his world seemed to revolve around Melissa. Taking her to the hospital when she was in labor, visiting her and Baby Amy when she had to stay in the hospital for a few days, and being invited over to dinner as a thank you for being there when he was and for the baby gift.

He was happy that everything turned out fine for Melissa and the Fengs. And that should be it. Right? She was their surrogate and now she would become someone else’s surrogate. End of story. The only time he should ever need to speak to her again was if there was any new evidence on her case. Right? So why did he have this urge to just call her up to say hi or to see how Amy was doing, or ask her if she’d like to have a picnic in the park, or if she’d like to….officer long.png“Parker….Parker…Earth to Parker!”

Adam came out of his daydream and realized that Detective Jonah Long was standing in front of his desk.

“Parker, I’ve been standing here a whole five minutes and you have been staring off into space,” Long said in exasperation. Officer Long had been the officer who had gone over to the Fengs’ apartment the first night to question the Fengs and Melissa.

“Umm…yah…just thinking about this case…” Adam mumbled a reply.murdock telling a joke.png“Oh right! More like thinking about a certain hottie named Melissa!” shouted Murdock and the other officers gave a hearty laugh.the chief.png At that moment, the Chief came out of his office, “Long…didn’t I tell you to get Parker and head over to that abandoned house on Freezer Bunny Way? And take that new recruit…what’s her name…oh yah, Jackson with you…who knows, she may find a clue since you two bright boys haven’t. And Murdock, I see you’re in a joking mood today, why don’t you take your funny self over to the fingerprinting area and get to work!”

A chorus of “Yes, Chief” filled the room, and Long grabbed Parker as they hurried out the door.long and parker chat.png“Who the heck is Jackson?” asked Adam.

“Well, she’s new, just graduated top of her class. Been in the Chief’s office every day pestering him about being part of a team on a case. Chief musta got tired of her, and just assigned her to us,” said Jonah shaking his head.

“Great…just what we need, another rookie. Does she have any fieldwork?” asked Adam hopefully.

“None whatsoever,” replied Jonah laughing, “but she may be getting her hands dirty with this one. Crime investigative team is still there and they haven’t uncovered any identifiable prints. That place is a mess. We might be spending our day dusting for prints.”griffin the new recruit.pngAs they rounded the corner, standing at the entrance was a young officer with a crisp uniform and polished boots.

Adam came up to her and shook her hand, “Officer Jackson, I presume.” After introductions were made, they walked over to Adam’s cruiser and headed to the crime scene.


talking to the investigative team.pngWhen Officers Parker, Long and Jackson arrived at the scene, Adam immediately went up to the officer in charge and asked if any other clues had been found. She shook her head no, and said that they had a lot of area to cover, and what made matters worse, was that the place was littered with debris to start with.

“We’ve had to sift through all the items in the closet over there and we haven’t even started on the front lawn area.”

“Mind if we look around?” asked Parker.

“Be my guest, we can use some help on this one.”

Adam went over to Officers Long and Jackson and said that they should work a grid line outside starting at the front near the sidewalk and working back towards the house. He also wanted any evidence photographed and documented. He handed them some gloves and told them to call him if they found anything. took an evidence picture.pngAdam went back inside and looked at the dirty floor in front of the fridge. He thought he detected something on the floor. He took a quick photo and then carefully picked it up and placed it in an evidence bag and labelled it.gotcha.png He then saw something on the floor and photographed it and placed it in another evidence bag. There was no telling if these items were here already or if they were left by the imposters. After going over other areas and dusting for prints, it was already afternoon and they hadn’t found one intact print.found a discarded to go cup.png Out on the lawn, Officer Long was calling Adam over. They had found something. A discarded to-go cup that had an intact fingerprint on it. Officer Jackson had spotted it and had taken a few shots. There were also some footprints near the wooden table.officer found a clue.png Officer Jackson showed him the photos. “Good work Jackson!” Adam was impressed by her thorough reporting. She may indeed be an asset to his team.ill get that analyzed as soon as possible.png“I’ll get that analyzed as soon as I get back to the precinct”, said Officer Long, “We’ll see if it matches anything in the database. May take a few days for a confirmation, though.”

“Call me the minute you have anything,” said Adam as they headed back towards the cruiser.

~~~~~~~~~~~he had a craving for grilled cheese.pngWhen Adam got home that night, he was mulling over the day’s events in his head. It was a slim chance, but this might be the clue they have been looking for as to the identity of the imposters. He could only hope. As he changed out of his uniform, his stomach growled, reminding him that he had skipped lunch. He had a sudden craving for grilled cheese, and although he made quite an excellent sandwich, it just didn’t taste the same as hers. Not the same as Melissa’s. Ah, yes, Melissa…why couldn’t he get her out of his head? There was no chance of him ever being matched with her. She had given up her right to be matched and chose the life of a surrogate. And he had given up the right to be matched and had chosen the life of a police officer. They lived in two separate worlds. not the same as melissas.png So, why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? What was so special about her? It’s not like he didn’t know other women. He knew lots of women, and he had even gone on a few dates. But no-one seemed to hold his interest. He hadn’t found a spark with any of them.

Maybe if he had met Melissa earlier, things might have been different. He thought about Melissa and her eyes and her smile and the way she cooed at Amy….just then his phone rang and it was ruby collins wondering if he was free tomorrow to come for dinnerHe was brought out of his reverie by his phone ringing. It was Ruby Collins wondering if he was free to come for a family dinner on Sunday night. She was making her famous apple pie so he just had to come and try some. Adam laughed and said that sure he would be there.smiling that melissa would be there.png As Adam hung up the phone, he smiled to himself at the thought of seeing the Collins family again, but even more so at the thought of seeing Melissa again.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to these simmers for their wonderful creations. In some cases, I have renamed the characters and changed traits. I wanted a diverse police squad and this is what I came up with.

police station.png

The Police Station where Adam Parker works. I changed this to residential and added a kitchen, and have all of the police force living there (except Adam Parker).

chief of police

Police Chief Walter Harden. Changed his hair color to grey. Nerd Brain, Active, Loves Outdoors, Genius.officer mary hunter


Officer Mary Hunter. Angling Ace. Glutton, Non-Committal, Slob.

Officer Pedro Gonzales

Officer Pedro Gonzales. Friend of the Animals. Loves Outdoors, Outgoing, Self-Assured. In charge of the K-9 unit.

cop and llama.png

Officers Sierra Moss and Dave Richardson. These two are undercover officers. Sierra: Renaissance Sim, Self-Assured, Ambitious, Active. Dave: Bodybuilder, Athletic, Hot-headed, Erratic.

officer murdock.png

Only 1 sim used. Second from right. Officer Owen Murdock. Bodybuilder, Athletic, Romantic, Goofball.

police duo.png

Officers Jonah Long and Kerry Jackson were made by me. Both are random sims.  Jonah: Computer Whiz, Neat, Perfectionist, Genius. Kerry: Bestselling Author, Athletic, Clumsy, Cheerful. adam parker bioAnd of course, Officer Adam Parker. Another random sim that I created. He lives in Agave Abode in Oasis Springs. Friend of the World, Family-Oriented, Good, Loves Outdoors.



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    • Yes it is a good one, and there is also another one I am using, because it has a kitchen, gym etc. in it. But those first shots were taken in hers. The other ones were taken when Adam was doing the detective career. lol

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