Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 1 – Melody Coffey, Gen 1 Matriarch


I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have started another challenge, and yet another 100 Baby Challenge. This one is on the Facebook Sim Addicts Anonymous Group. So maybe if I have some group support, I will actually make it through the challenge. If you are interested in joining, please do.

Here are the rules for the 100 Baby Challenge 100 Baby Challenge Rules.

And let’s begin…100baby challenge.pngHere she is, our first Baby Mama, Melody Coffey (Traits: Family-Oriented, Goofball, Creative). Aspiration-Freelance Botanist.

Thanks to a gift of a random drawing by LisaBeeSims An Era of Charming Tales, I won a copy of the Seasons pack. I decided to download Seasons before I started this challenge.

I started with Spring and decided to have her move to Windenburg at the Rustic Residence. A light snow is falling as I plop her down on the lot. She is so not dressed for the weather. planting holly.pngI wanted to build a little greenhouse and try out flower arranging, so I bought two seed packs and set her planting right away. This is holly, and its seasons are fall and winter.her shed.png This shed is a pre-made room available from build mode, Flowerbed Shed For $2,972 simoleons. I sold a bunch of items but purchased Burtie’s Bee Box and an indoor planter. Mushroom, spinach, green pepper, and chrysanthemum planted.  Lot traits are On Ley Line, Great Soil and Homey.renovated living room.png Knocking down some walls and a little reno to Rustic Residence. The lot size is 30 x 20 so great to expand. It also has 2 bedrooms. One of the new items I bought was an Umbri Umbrella Rack for $80 simoleons. Sims can take an umbrella from here. I figured this was a good investment since I will be having her out in the reno.png The boom room.pngThe boom-boom room. I upgraded her bed. I deleted all the furniture in the second bedroom, but otherwise, no changes. I sold the shower and bought a tub for the bathroom. melogy has plans for you.pngMelody doesn’t have to go very far to find her first Donor Dad. In fact, he comes to her with the Welcome Wagon. Meet Gunther Munch, a pre-made young adult sim (traits Creative, Bookworm, Clumsy) He has a job as a Writer’s Assistant at Walrus Books. Oh yah, Melody has plans for you! you can leave im preggers.pngI don’t think they ever left any fruitcake, but Gunther did leave a little surprise for Melody. And she’s preggers with Baby # 1. Ok, Gunther, go home now.

“Hey Gunther, don’t look so surprised. We did “try for baby” you know.”attempting her first flower arrangement.pngWith Gunther gone, and 4 days to wait until the birth of Baby # 1, I have Melody work on some skills. I have her make the cheapest flower arrangement, bluebells. She kind of looks a bit confused.bring me a gift.png Melody bonds with the bees, gathers the swarm and has them bring her a gift. I so love this feature because I didn’t find a lot of items when I sent her out scavenging for collectibles. Here she is in her cute cold weather outfit heading to The Shrieking Llama Bar to line up her next Donor Dads. spring fling.pngI created a holiday for her, Spring Fling, and had her invite some guests, hunt for eggs and the Flower Bunny came, too. “Hunt for egg” is very cool and the eggs are hidden under couches, shrubs, etc. on your household lot. Cha-ching, more simoleons. I think Melody is getting tips here on raising a large family.

bunnies.pngHow Many Bunnies Can a Rabbit Have?

getting stung by bees and pregnant.pngLife for Melody. Pregnant, always uncomfortable and being stung by bees. And she doesn’t even have any kids yet! Sheesh! gunther in pre-parent panic mode.pngAnd it’s time. Here is Gunther in his pre-parental panic attack. The doctor is Yusun Polk, an intern. She is going to get lots of practice with Melody around. Ana Coffey-Munch.pngBaby # 1 – It’s a GIRL! Ana Coffey-Munch. Ana’s name was randomly generated. I will start with the A-Z naming for now.

“Welcome to the world, little one. I hope you like lots of sisters and brothers.”ana

And so ends our first chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Switch your aspirations to get more reward points. Melody may have started with the Freelance Botanist, but when the Welcome Wagon came, I just paused and switched to Friend of the World. Want to tell some jokes? Switch to Joke Star. Do this with other activities to get those points.

With the Seasons pack, if you complete a holiday successfully, you get reward points. Create a holiday every day if you want. There are holidays on the calendar already, but have fun and create your own.

While pregnant, line up your next Donor Dads, so the minute your matriarch gets home from the hospital, and if there is room in the household, invite them over and get busy.











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