Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 2 – Worst Date Ever


In our last chapter, Melody has her first baby, Ana Coffey-Munch with Donor Dad Gunther Munch.gavn richards next in line As soon as she gets home, she calls up Gavin Richards, who she met at The Shreiking Llama bar. Gavin Richards is a pre-made young adult Sim who lives in Oasis Springs in the Roomies Household. His traits are neat, bro and creative and he is a Writer at Walrus Books. Same place that Gunther is employed. She is wasting no time here. Gavin looks concerned. Yah, you should be!gavng richards reaction.png And Gavin has that same perplexed look, like how did this happen?

“Um Gavin, yes, once is enough to get preggers. Congrats you’re going to be a Dad.”ana is such a happy baby.pngMelody hopes that all her children are as sweet as Ana. This baby hardly cries at all. Isn’t she adorable?on a date.png It is still Spring in Windenburg. I left the Seasons at the default setting of 7 days. Today is Love Day, a scheduled holiday. Traditions include romantic spirit, give flowers and go on a date. After looking over Melody’s relationships, I see that she has a bit of pink with Jacques Villareal. Since he is an elder, I figure that maybe Melody should ask him out on a date and see what happens. I really wanted to have Melody have babies with all the elder pre-mades first, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Well, no time to waste, let’s do it. Melody heads to The Old Quarter Inn bar in Windenburg for their date. It starts off well…but it seems that jacques is having a better time talking to a wooden llama.png…but it seems that Jacques is more interested in talking to a wooden llama than he is Melody.melody fell asleep on the date.png And when he does talk to her, well, let’s just say it was not the most exciting conversation. Yep, there she is, asleep on the floor.the dte just keeps getting better Oh but wait, the date just keeps getting better and, yep, Melody pees herself on the date. She gets a funny pop up notice.

bladder fail

This date is definitely not going in the direction I had hoped for Melody. All the time that this is going on, Jacques is oblivious and talking away to the wooden llama.any chance of romance on this date are done for.png I have Melody give it her all, and she asks if he is single and gets rebuffed. Melody tries to give him a romantic gift.pngI am not sure if there is any way Melody can salvage this date, but I am determined that Melody stays on this date until the bitter end. I have Melody carry on and she gives Jacques a romantic gift. A snapdragon perhaps? I see the thumbs down sign over Jacques’ head and know that perhaps this isn’t the best gift to give. Oh, I hope that snapdragons don’t have any hidden meanings. he surprises Melody and gives her a rose.pngMuch to my surprise, and Melody’s, Jacques gives her a rose, and she gets this pop-up notice.

there is hope just not for this date

Well, perhaps there is hope, just not on this date. With that, the date is over. Thankfully. Melody gets a book as a consolation prize. Before she heads out, she heads to the restroom and tries to wash up.melody stinky but working on baby daddy #3.png And even though she was stinky, she was still on the prowl. Perhaps Marcus Flex will be Donor Dad # 3? He certainly likes to feel the baby. this is my sim constantly.png Back at home wandering around the house in her hospital gown. I am not sure why she is wearing the hospital gown, but I guess it’s comfy, if not a bit drafty. She really needs to take a shower.melody's perpetual state.png Melody is constantly in the “red” and she just has one baby. She is either stinky, passed out or has peed herself. Here she is in the greenhouse, passed out while bees buzz around her. Poor Melody. I had just bought another planter and wanted her to plant some items from her inventory. I guess this is her way of saying no.

If you have the lot trait of Great Soil, apparently it only works in the planters. Why else would I spend $200 simoleons on a planter box? Outside, Melody has also planted some fruit trees, apple, plantain, lemon, and cherry. The lemons and cherries were harvested from wild trees nearby.peed herself again.png She finally wakes up only to pee herself. Oh, Melody!

You might notice that the greenhouse is now attached to the house. Yes, I have already done a bit of a reno. Just makes it easier to get to. The box you see beside the flower arranging table is another cool item in the Seasons pack. It’s the Attic Stack Decoration Box which costs $80 simoleons. In here are decorations that you can put up on your house for various holidays, and you can also “rummage” for various season decorations and sell them if you want. Another little simoleon-maker.melody dirty.pngMelody is not a very hardy sim. I will need to upgrade the bed and shower very, very soon. Here she is eating some cheese crackers.

Do you see that nice flower vase sitting on the fireplace mantle behind her? It’s a Princess Cordelia Corset Vase worth $330 simoleons which was rummaged from the decoration box. Nice find!gavin richards pre-parent attack.png And here we go again. An uncomfortable Melody in labor at the hospital with Gavin Richards in the pre-parental panic mode. Why do they always panic and then disappear into thin air?here i am again givinhg birth.png Melody will soon be able to give tours of the hospital. She really does know her way here. A great shot of Melody anxiously waiting to see her nooboo. brittani coffey-richards.pngBaby # 2 – It’s a GIRL! Meet Brittani Coffey-Richards. Britanni doesn’t look too thrilled to be here. Look at that face! But Melody loves her little angel. Brittani is magically whisked home and Melody follows.

brittani name

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Have your baby at the hospital. If you are debating whether to have the baby at home or at the hospital, go to the hospital. The benefits are that once your sim has her baby, all her needs are filled and green again. This works very well for Melody who is always in the red. You do get a birth certificate, but they are worth 0 simoleons. I think I will make a collage wall of all the birth certificates, once I am done the challenge.

Up-grade your matriarch’s bed and shower as soon as you can. This way she gets that needed sleep and takes a shower faster.

A tip for the Seasons pack is to buy the decoration box. Some of those rummaged items are worth more than going out to scavenge. Plus, they help beautify the home.









3 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 2 – Worst Date Ever

    • I love Seasons. Just downloaded it so haven’t had a chance to explore it fully as yet. I love all the holidays. And, yes, her belly is huge. Can’t tell if she’s having one or multiples. lol


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