Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 3 – Summer Rain


Was it only a chapter ago that Melody was preggers and had a baby? Um, yah, that is the theme here. Perpetually pregnant. So, in the last chapter, Melody had baby # 2 – another girl, Brittani Coffey-Richards with Gavin Richards. My thought was to hyphenate Melody’s last name with the Donor Dad’s last name, but there is a limit to how long a Surname you can have. 15 letters to be exact, so Brittani does not have a hyphen in her name. I may have to rethink this with Generation 2, but for now, I shall trudge marcus flex It is now Summer, and Melody has a cute little hot weather outfit on. Marcus thinks it’s cute, too and soon they are having their first kiss. Marcus Flex is an adult pre-made sim who lives at the Partihaus household in Windenburg. His traits are bro, non-committal and active. You would think that he would have a job, but he is unemployed.marcus flex next.pngWell, it’s not like Melody is going to get any child support payments, so Marcus Flex becomes Donor Dad # 3. Umm…did you notice the bed? I upgraded it. he was excited.pngFor a sim who is non-committal, Marcus is really excited about the news that Melody is expecting.

“Ok, Marcus, just show yourself out. I’m going to sleep now.”baby 1 & 2.pngWell, Melody’s plan was to sleep, but she had to attend to Ana and Brittani. Their room is empty except for a different wallpaper on the wall. actually not passed out.pngHere is Melody, actually NOT passed out. She is cloud gazing to get inspired. Another cute outfit from the Seasons pack and you can see her baby bump.the flower arranger.png Once inspired, I have her work on her flower arranging skills. Making a bluebell and chrysanthemum arrangement. There are different choices of vases you can add once it’s finished and you can add scents.getting the cooking skill up.png Working on meal preparation while inspired to make those excellent meals, and switching to the Food-Master Chef aspiration to get those reward points. I tend to have her make family meals so she can use leftovers from the fridge.windenberg in the rain.png It is raining and I have Melody head out to scavenge. You would think that this raincoat and rainhat outfit would be enough to protect against the rain, but she gets a bad moodlet from being soaking wet. windenberg fallsSo I have to send her back home to get an umbrella. See that red plumbob…oh she is not happy with me. melody looking for items in a thunderstorm.png Even with the umbrella,  she is still not in a good mood. She is out in a thunderstorm with lightning all around. Do you think it’s safe to say that she won’t get struck by lightning if she is pregnant? Just guessing here.

Since the first day, she has found only one frog, so I was hoping to have her find another frog so she can make some simoleons with frog breeding. Luckily she found one. Why else would I have her out on such a miserable day?bees bringing melody a gift.png Once she is home and changed, I have her send her bee swarm to get her a gift. A much drier way to scavenge.

Oh and look, she now has a tv. There was a random holiday, Rebate Day, and she had to purchase something for $500 simoleons and she got a reward for this. I had enough reward points and purchased the Observant Trait for her.raining cats and dogs.png Look at this shot of her house in the rain. It’s a thunderstorm. She now gets frightened everytime a thunderstorm rolls around and Melody does not want to go outside.the roast em party.png Well, the forecast for tomorrow is more rain, so I decided to create another holiday and called it a Roast Em Party. I invited guests, lit a fire in the fireplace, danced, had drinks, and went streaking. [Note – see the passed out sim? That’s our Melody!]going streaking.pngUm, yah. Well, a lot of neighbors must have had the same party, because when Melody was out and about, she saw other sims streaking. Ok, well, we might not do that time and in labor.png Back at the house, chatting with Mila Munch and Katrina Caliente. These two sims were so helpful with the babies. And then, Melody goes into labor. Party over. in the rain at the hosp.pngAnd there is Marcus doing the pre-parental panic dance in the rain. baby 3 3 cameron coffey-flex.pngBaby # 3. It’s a BOY! Cameron Coffey-Flex arrives and starts complaining about the rainy day. He is whisked off to his dry home. For some reason, Melody has changed into her raincoat and hat. Time to brave the rain again.cameron name

And so ends our chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

No matter what packs you have, it’s really important to try to work on your cooking skill. Your matriarch will be making a lot of meals, and it’s so much better to have an excellent quality meal versus a poor quality meal. Get inspired before you attempt cooking by cloud watching, stargazing, taking a thoughtful shower, wearing a chicken hat or playing with a lump of clay.

There are so many other ways, and here is a link to get you inspired.

Carl’s Guide to Get Inspired



8 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 3 – Summer Rain

  1. Great chapter! Yeah, the rain gear is one of the very few disappointments I have with the Seasons pack. Why make all these cute outfits to wear in the rain, but they don’t keep you dry? It makes no sense… It would be nice if they patched in a ‘Rain’ clothing category in CAS. Especially since it seems to rain a lot, no matter what season it happens to be.

    Anyway, poor Melody. She already has her hands full and it’s just the beginning. I’ve never tried this challenge before and probably never will. I’d be tearing my hair out! lol You’re brave for taking on this challenge, looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I was disappointed, too, with that rain gear. The only way to keep dry is with the umbrella. And yes, the game is so dark when it rains or is overcast. Wish there was a way to brighten it up. lol This is through the Facebook group, so I am hoping this keeps me motivated. After I started this, I heard of an ABC Baby Challenge, one matriarch and 26 kids all named after a letter of the alphabet. That seems doable.


    • Yes, those hats are for different things, the cow is flirty, the chicken hat is inspired. In a later chapter, I actually just made her another outfit with the chicken hat in it and then she could just change outfits. Much faster than cloud gazing, etc.


  2. OMG how funny, I’m playing a 100 babies challenge as well and my sim’s third kid was also a son with Marcus Flex who I named Cameron! ^^ I’m really enjoying reading through your challenge so far. Poor, poor Melody.


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