Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 4 -Dinner Date


In the last chapter, Melody had her first boy, Cameron Coffey-Flex with Marcus Flex. Then Melody headed home in the rain and wasted no time in recruiting Donor Dad # 4. She had initially called Jacques Villareal, but he didn’t come over. I have no idea why. Hopefully, he’s still alive and kicking, so on to a backup plan.roast em party.png I checked out her relationships and saw a townie in there with a little pink. Oh, right, she met him at The Shreiking Llama. Wasting no time at all, she invites him over. And soon….the first kiss. Meet Nobuya Yoshida, an unemployed adult townie. Traits are neat, cheerful and creative. What is with all these creative sims that Melody is meeting? The only one who doesn’t have the creative trait is Marcus daddy 4.png So after a quick invite into the bedroom….and, some romance time, Melody tells Nobuya that she is expecting. Nobuya didn’t stay long after that. I wonder if it was something she said? *chuckle*melody and grilled fruit.pngNo problem. Melody has places to go, things to do. Like using the bar-b-q in the park for the first time and making some fruit kebobs. Yum!dozing off again.pngAnd more scavenging. Doesn’t it look like she’s going to sneeze here? But we know better. Nah, she’s going to pass out. AGAIN! But at least she’s not peeing herself because I bought her the steel bladder trait with aspiration points! Yes! Now, I have to save up her aspiration points to get the hardly weary trait.dont be around her in the kitchen.png I was trying to complete level 2 of the Master Chef aspiration and Melody needed to complete a dinner party at the silver level. So a nice pic of her preparing some dish for the dinner party. Whoa! Look at those knife-wielding skills.dancing while melody is cooking.png Maybe this was a mistake, but I did it through the calendar as an event. She did achieve the silver level getting a nice hanging Master Chef Pot Rack. But, when I looked at the Master Chef Aspiration, the dinner party is not completed. Strange! Anyway, I guess she will have to try again.

dinner rewards

hamburger cake.pngHer guests were Mila Munch and Nobuya Yoshida. She also asked him to be her boyfriend. Why? For those aspiration points, of course.pre-paretal panic.png Shortly after the event, she went into labor. Must have been from the excitement of getting that pot rack.

And here is Nobuya giving us the pre-parental panic look.this corridor looks familiar.png Melody doesn’t look too happy going down this hallway yet again. But her doctor looks absolutely thrilled.

“Now come on Melody, perk up, let’s have another baby, shall we?”baby deja.pngBaby # 4. It’s a GIRL! Little Deja Coffey-Yoshida. These are randomly generated names and when Deja came up, that was the one. I was thinking  dé·jà vu myself! (meaning: dé·jà vu: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation). Um, yah, Melody can relate to that! Here is a little tidbit about this name as well.

“It was a name popular in the US in the 1990s used by Southern Americans. It is a short form of the name Dejanira (from Greek mythology the second wife of Hercules). The name means “Already”. (From It’s Spanish and French and the meaning is “Remembrance” or “Remember”.” (From name

I think I will add a little note about the baby’s name meaning when they are born. I am going to backtrack and do that now.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

I just found this out today and had to share. For those simmers who have the Seasons pack, there is a money tree! A what? A money tree! Yes, you heard right. And you can get this money tree for a mere 5,000 aspiration points. To find it, when you click on the rewards, choose ALL, and it’s there. I would never have found it because I am always looking at the traits. There is nothing in the rules that says you can’t buy a money tree.

From the 100 Baby Challenge Rules: “Any other in-game rewards that you’ve earned by completing aspirations/whims and throwing social events may be used. You earned them fair and square, there’s no reason why you should not be able to enjoy the benefits that you’ve done the work to unlock.”

The money tree grows in all four seasons, takes 7 days to grow and with a normal plant can rake in $8,000 simoleons daily!

money tree





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