Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 5 – Toddler Chaos


Ok, something is wrong. By now, some of these babies should have aged up to toddlers, but they are stuck in Babyland. No birthday notice, nothing. I could have just aged them up, but I didn’t want to break any rules. So, I figured that I should do a repair game to see if that might help, look at the settings, etc. I did that and sure enough, it worked. Their birthdays are now on the calendar, and horror of horrors, it’s like Melody had quadruplets, as they are all going to age up to toddlers on the same day! And today’s the day! Yikes!omg 4 babies aging up to toddlers today And where the heck did Summer go? It’s Day 3 of fall already. I did get a nice shot of Windenburg, though, with the fall colors. It almost looks like there are sheep grazing on the hill. If I did this again, I would make the seasons longer, perhaps 14 days.windenburg countryside Ok, back to the reality of babies aging up. I did a bit of a room reno so the toddlers would have some beds. At the time I did this, there were only 3 birthdays on the calendar, and then when I logged back in, there were four. Making up for lost time, I reno getting read for toddlers.png So right now just three beds in the room. another shot of the room.pngI also bought a dollhouse, 3 potty toilets, and some blocks.look at that dirty sink.png I upgraded the bathroom and bought a combo bathtub/shower. Will you look at that dirty sink!upgraded bed again.png And I up-graded her bed daddy club Because I thought I would need help with all these babies, I created a club. I named it the Baby Daddy Club. Originally, I thought of having all male sims in it, sort of have all the potential donor dads in a club, so I can summon them whenever and then replace them with new donor dads. However, I had some female sims who were just too helpful to ignore, like Mila Munch. Mila Munch has grandmother status to Ana Coffey-Munch, plus she is so good with those babies.made a club.png Anyway, the living room got another couch for all those club members congregating at the house.  With her club points, she bought a social skill boost and had enough club points to add another member. Well, with all that splurging done, Melody only has $141 simoleons left, and wouldn’t you know that the bills were delivered right after. So, she also has no funds for the $482 simoleon bill.collecting and selling honey.png Harvesting and selling honey netted her some more simoleons. She now has $621 simoleons, enough to pay the bills. Yes!the 3 dads jogging in the rain.png So I thought it would be nice to invite the four Dads over on the day the kids aged up to toddlers. Well, that didn’t work. As soon as they got to the lot, they all went jogging in the rain and never came back. I tried again later on, but they all left after a few minutes. In fact, Nobuya showered first and then in babysitters with the club members.png Well, I have my club members who help look after the babies. They are like built-in babysitters. I also put cleaning as one of the things the club members do, so free maids, too.victor feng baby daddy.png One of my Baby Daddy Club members is Victor Feng. Victor is an adult sim who lives in San Myshuno and works as a politician. His traits are materialistic, perfectionist and genius. Yes, new traits! He is married to Lily Feng, who has the “hates children” trait, but he loves them, it seems. He also cleaned that dirty bathroom sink (from a few pics ago). A keeper for sure. preggers again.pngSo, in no time at all, Melody used her charming ways on him, and she’s pregnant again. Here she is making a beeline for a piece of hamburger cake. Ahhh….cravings.2 babes.pngWaiting for these babies to age up….Ana on the left, Britanni on the right.2 babies.pngDeja on the left, Cameron on the right. waiting for the babies to age up.pngWait, wait, wait. Gee, it takes a long time waiting for these babies to age up. Might as well get some beauty rest.ana and britanni.png But, surprise! They do age up in the evening. Well, 3 of them do. On the left with the blonde hair is Ana Coffey-Munch who rolled Wild. On the right is Britanni Coffey-Richards who rolled Independent.cameron and stinky deja.png Cameron Coffey-Flex on the right rolled Inquisitive. And in the crib complaining and stinky is Deja Coffey-Yoshida.britanni making a mess cameron playing in toilet.png And as Melody is making some food in the kitchen, Britanni is making a mess on the floor in the living room. ana splashing in toilet.pngAna is splashing in the toilet.cameron passed out on the bed.png And Cameron is thankfully passed out on the bed (he takes after his mother!)the coffey clan Ahhh….such a lovely family! The Coffey Clan. I look at the calendar again, and it looks like Deja will age up tomorrow. So Melody changes Deja’s diaper and puts them all to bed.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you are ever unsure of when a baby or toddler or child or teen are supposed to age up, here are the stats:


(Courtesy of

Since the 100 Baby Challenge is played on normal lifespan, a baby should age up in 3 days, NOT 3 seasons like what happened in my game!

As per the rules, “Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday (not the one saying it is almost their birthday; it has to actually be their birthday).” Toddlers need to reach Level 3 in all their skills, and children and teens need to get an “A” before they are aged up.

Another tip, if you have the Get Together pack, make a club. Club members can help out around the house with the kids, help clean, and help with homework. You can create the club and cater it for what you want club members to do. When they have a gathering, you can earn reward points. Bonus!

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    • Oh thanks for reading and commenting. I am 2 chapters ahead of this one and it only gets worst. I had to shut the game off last night because I was getting stressed! lol And this is just the start!


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