Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch.6 – Where are the leaves?


In the last chapter, three of the four babies aged up to toddler and Melody is pregnant with Victor Feng’s baby.

Today, Deja is supposed to age up and it’s also the Lottery, a random holiday. Of course, Melody buys a lottery ticket. I mean she could win 1 million simoleons, so it doesn’t hurt to try.  To do so, just wait until the day of the lottery (you have to do it on the actual day), and choose to buy the lottery ticket from the phone or computer. Lottery tickets cost $100 simoleons each.lottery day of course she buys a ticket

this is the pop up

This is the pop-up she received after buying one. Hilarious!eating fruit salad.pngMelody having some fruit salad with Britanni. Doesn’t it look like Melody is balancing that fruit bowl on her head?camerons stinky diaper Changing Cameron’s diaper! It’s stinky.cameron working on potty skill.png Melody decides to start Cameron on potty training right away.britanni and cameron autonomous hug.png An autonomous hug between Cameron and Britanni. So cute!how nice

And Grandma Mila has sent Ana a gift. In fact, Gunther also sent Ana a gift, and Gavin sent Britanni a gift as well. They are coming in the mail (turns out they were all toys). Ok, what about the other dads? Show me the gifts!deja aged up.png And suddenly Deja Coffey-Yoshida ages up and rolled Clingy.almost the end of fall and there are leaf piles everywhere.png So while Melody waits for the birth of the next baby, she decides to take the toddlers outside. It is almost the end of autumn, and I wanted to find some leaves for her to rake, and maybe for the toddlers to play in. Then I see them. All these piles of leaves everywhere.raking leaves.png I have Melody rake up a pile of leaves. I also made a new club to enjoy the seasons. I was only going to add the family, but then Melody got a call from Gunther Munch applying to the club, and so he is part of it now, too.playing in the leaves.png Deja is the first one to discover a leaf pile and starts to play in it.leaves.png They don’t have a fenced backyard, but I figured they would be alright if Melody stayed outside.walking in the leaves.png I thought this was a nice fall picture of Melody walking down the roadway with the fallen leaves all around.burning leavs.png Leaf piles give you some choices. Woohoo, play in, rake leaves or burn leaves. I have Melody burn the leaves, and she nearly sets herself on fire.ffirey leaves.png Melody has had enough fun with the burning leaves. Time to head inside and see what the toddlers are up to.ana destoying the dollhouse.png Ok, well, inside Ana has decided to destroy the dollhouse. Not sure why, but here she is with Deja watching.and then she cries.png And then Ana starts crying. After calmly disciplining Ana, Melody gives Deja and Ana a snack. They now all have the sad moodlet from the destroyed dollhouse.cute but stinky.png Meanwhile, outside, Brittani is having a terrific time being on her own because of the Independent trait. Stinky but happy.huffing and puffing.png With all the excitement of the day, Melody goes into labor.victor at the sidewalk.png She barely makes it to the hospital in time, with only 30 minutes to spare. There is Victor on the sidewalk doing the pre-parental panic dance. Melody has no time to even say hi as she rushes past him into the hospital.will she make it to the delivery table in time.png Melody stops in the hallway of the hospital and I think she is going to give birth there. But, she makes it to the delivery room…with minutes to elise.png Baby # 5 It’s a GIRL! Elise Coffey-Feng.elise baby name

she didnt win thoughAlmost as soon as she gives birth, Melody gets the notice that the Lottery was over. now im hungry for a cupcake.pngI didn’t get any pop-up that she won, but she received a terrific gift anyway. Little Elise.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Once a toddler reaches level 3 in their skills, you can age them up. So, my advice is to work on those toddler skills right away. Especially, potty training, then they can go to the bathroom themselves. I love those toddlers who have the Independent trait because you can have them go potty by themselves. Potty training just goes to Level 3, all the other skills go to Level 5. There are four toddler skills, Creativity, Motor, Social, and Mental. We’ll see how Melody does with her houseful of toddlers and see if they can all reach Level 3 in all their skills. Toddlers auto age-up in 7 short days on normal lifespan, so Melody has to get busy.






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