Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 7 – Harvestfest


Have you ever played the game Nanny Mania where you control a nanny working against the clock to complete so many duties during the day, all the while a toddler is destroying the house after she cleans it?nanny mania real one

Well, that is how Melody is feeling today. Melody is trying to be super Mom trying to beat the clock to get all her toddlers’ skills to level 3 AND find a new Donor Dad. Time to call the Baby Daddy Club over for help. The house is a mess! fixing the dollhouseWhen Melody arrived home from the hospital, she repaired the dollhouse and it seemed all the toddlers were awake. Here they are in line, (well, almost, Brittanni is making her escape), to see the new baby. And, both Ana and Deja have the moodlet that they are sad about having a new sibling, while Cameron and Brittani are happy about it. Melody then puts everyone to bed.a neautiful day in windenburg.png The next morning was Harvestfest, which is a set fall holiday on the calendar. Harvestfest goals are decorating, Holiday Gnomes, Grand Meal, and Thankful Spirit. The day before she had decorated the outside of the house. What a beautiful day.the gnomes have arrived Well, it was beautiful until the arrival of the gnomes! They woke up the kids!its harvestfest the gnomes are here.png There were three of them, one inside and two outside. Apparently, Melody had to appease them by giving them something. When you clicked on the gnome, you had a variety of items to choose from to give them, like coffee, toy, pie, etc. It didn’t seem so bad.gave some pie and he was pleased.png Melody decided to tackle the one in the house first and gave him some apple pie. Oh yeah! He liked it and got this angelic circle around his head.gave a salad and he didn't like it.png Melody then went to the one near the front door and gave them some salad. Oops! Wrong choice! A red fire comes out of the gnome’s head and her stereo cracks and needs to be repaired. Oh no! These gnomes can break things.gave a toy and he liked it.png The third one, Melody gave a toy and they were happy. Hmmm…maybe she could go back to gnome #2 and get a second chance.pleads for forgiveness.png Melody decided to plead for forgiveness. That might have been a mistake.this was his anwer.png This was the gnome’s response. Well, fine then. I won’t have Melody go near these things again today. I went into build mode and moved them out to the lawn, but they move around to different places and eventually end up in the house again. Aside from the stereo, the gnome also broke the bathroom sink. I have watched Let’s Plays and it could have been worse. The good gnomes leave seed packets.melody and the chicken hat.png So forgetting about the gnomes, Melody carries on with the day. Now that the toddlers were up, Melody needed to make some food for them, but she needed to get inspired. I decided that I would change one of her outfits and have her wear the chicken hat with that outfit. I could then simply change into that outfit when I wanted her to get inspired. It was way faster to do it like this, rather than cloud gazing or star gazing.

Here’s a link to the other hats and their emotions.

Sims Online Guide to Awesome Animal Hats & Emotions

cooking a grand breakfast

She had to make a Grand Meal to complete the Harvestfest goals. Since she doesn’t have a lot of simoleons, I decided that Melody should make the Grand Breakfast. And, she had some fruit, so she got a discount! Bonus 🙂harvestfest.pngI was going to have the feast out-of-doors, but then it started to rain, so had to move everything indoors. I temporarily put the couches in the house inventory so she would have some room.decorated for harvestfest.png I love that table, which is called “The One” for a mere $50 simoleons. You can change the tablecloth to reflect the different holidays. My thought here was that Melody would place all the toddlers in the highchairs and give them their grand meal that way and then get a family pic.

I also realized that she couldn’t complete the Thankful Spirit goal unless she invited a sim over because they had to talk about being thankful and of course toddlers only babble. So she invited Dominic Fyres *wink wink* over to share the day. Perhaps he would be Donor Dad #6? Dominic is a pre-made adult sim, who lives in Windenburg, and is married to Moira Fyres and they have two daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. He is a stay-at-home Dad who has the music lover, self-assured and neat traits.calling to breakfast.png Come and get it! See how those gnomes snuck in the house again! Sheesh!chaos land As I said, that was the plan. I think Melody got one in the highchair. Once Dominic came over, she called everyone to the meal, and they ran to get the food, left full plates all over the place. I was getting pop-up messages that they were all “hangry” and one was “ravenous” and Melody needed to feed them before they were taken away. Ana broke the dollhouse again, and they all needed baths. I thought any minute that the social worker would walk through the door and snatch the kids away.ana the terror child.png Needless to say, I called my Baby Daddy Club to help out. But just so you know they don’t help with the toddlers, just the baby. Melody’s needs were all in the red and she kept passing out, so she couldn’t make more food. It was crazy!

Finally, Melody made another meal and just set it on the table and called them to the meal. Forget about those highchairs. They ate their food in bed. She didn’t care about crumbs in the bed — at least they were fed.keeping them enthralled with her reading.png While the Baby Daddy club members cleaned the house, Melody gathered the toddlers and read them a riveting story. They were enthralled. Melody then put them all to daddy next.png With the house clean, and kids in bed, Melody ended the club meeting. They all went home except Dominic, who Melody invited to stay the night.

Melody: “Dominic, please stay. Don’t leave me alone with these toddlers!”

Dominic: “A sleepover? Sounds great.”yes lets have a baby.pngPretty soon, Melody and Dominic are discussing baby plans, and….yes donor dad # 6.pngYes, Melody is preggers with Dominic’s baby! Doesn’t it look like she’s winking here, like she’s saying, “Told ya so!” Now Melody needs to get some rest.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

My advice is to save your simoleons and not buy a highchair. You can just make some food, put it on the counter or table, and the toddlers can reach up and grab a serving. Of course, they leave the plates everywhere, but it is a lot simpler. It just takes too long to put them in the highchair, feed them and then take them out of the highchair again. And having more than one toddler and trying to put them all in a highchair can take most of the day!



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