Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 8 – Are We There Yet?

#SAA100BabyChallengeelise is supposed to age up today.pngIt’s the last day of fall today and Elise is supposed to age up to toddler. Didn’t Melody just have her? And, Melody is expecting to give birth anytime. Time is just flying.

Looking at the next few days, on Winter Day 3, there are two birthdays on the same day, Ana’s and  Brittani’s. On Winter Day 4, it’s Cameron’s birthday and Winterfest on the same day. Then the very next day is Deja’s birthday. Melody has her work cut out for her to get those toddlers’ skills up.

I have already made Winter Day 3 an event day and will be inviting the Donor Dad’s over to help celebrate their birthdays. Let’s check to see how the toddlers are doing on their skills. Melody really hasn’t had a chance to help them with any skills, except potty and reading them one story, so this is all their own doing.

Ana, the wild child, needs a bath right now. Melody has to work with her on Potty, Imagination and Thinking to get them all to Level 3.

And look at Brittani’s skills! It’s that independent trait at work. She just needs to work on Potty skill and Thinking.

Cameron, our inquisitive child, just needs help with Potty and Thinking.

And Deja, the clingy child, needs help with Communication, Movement, Potty, and Thinking. But her birthday is on Winter Day 6, so still time to get those done.

Melody has to concentrate on the two who will be having a birthday first, Ana and Brittani. The Thinking Skill seems to be low with all the toddlers. Thinking Skill can be learned through flash cards, nesting blocks, and the tablet. The Wabbit Tablet costs $500 simoleons, which Melody doesn’t have right now. She will also have to spend time with them on flashcards, but I don’t know how she’s going to do it. Flashcards take time.

When a toddler has Level 3 in all their skills when they age up to the child stage, they get the Happy Toddler Trait and they get a jump start on skills for the child stage. Well, we’ll see how they do.she gets up early.png I have Melody get up early to start cooking food for the toddlers. As she does this, she reaches Level 10 on her cooking skill! Yes! Melody also has a chance to clean up all the plates in the house.

Since the toddlers are still sleeping, I figure that this would be a good time for Melody to do some harvesting and make some simoleons.vaccuming the weeds.png So I have her start indoors, umm….vacuuming the weeds, collecting honey and harvesting. I get this pop-up that she found a frog in her flowerbeds while weeding. Bonus!why are these bees after me in the house She gets attacked by her bees on the way to the restroom. Why are these bees attacking her in the house? Oh she got stung! Ouch!

Maybe it’s because she took all their honey! Since tomorrow is winter, the bees will be sleeping (dormant) and won’t produce any honey either.cold outside.png After having a bite to eat, Melody heads outdoors to harvest everything and get the outdoors in order. It is cold and cloudy, so she bundles up.last day of fall and cloudy.png While weeding outdoors she finds another frog! Yes! She harvests everything and I re-arrange the trees in the yard so they are at the back of the lot.tired leaf raker.png Melody is very tired from all her yard work and falls asleep in a leaf pile. I guess the leaves won’t be raked today, so I have her head indoors ana a bath.png Ana is awake and leaving green stink trails all over the house, so Melody decides it’s time to give her a bubble bath. I then have Melody change into another outfit.cameron in a cloud of dust.png Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Cameron is playing in the cupboards autonomously.ana destroyed the dollhouse deja making a mess.png As soon as Ana was out of the bath, she destroyed the dollhouse again. Ana is the only toddler who destroys the dollhouse. I really don’t know why. And here is Deja making a mess. I was so fed up with Ana destroying the dollhouse, that I temporarily put it into the house inventory and re-arranged all the toys. It gives all the toddlers a sad moodlet when the dollhouse is destroyed. Melody disciplines Deja and Ana calmly. teaching to stack.png Melody teaches Cameron to stack blocks while Deja does some dance moves. I also placed some toddler books on the floor so they can look at a book. This also helps with the Thinking Skill. I figured that it might be safe to take the dollhouse out of inventory again and repair it, so I re-arrange things again and have Melody repair the dollhouse.super efficient baby care

Well, it was worth it, because she got to Level 10 in Parenting. I tried the Super Efficient Baby Care interaction on Elsie, and it is so funny. Melody basically threw the baby up in the air and boom, everything was done. I don’t know much about the Full Parent mode, but it can help with Melody’s needs. So that’s a good thing.they grow up so fast.png Melody and Elise – they grow up so fast.elise aged up angelic.png Yes, they do! And just like that Elise Coffey-Feng is now a toddler and she rolled the ANGELIC trait.ana and elise.png Ana, who wasn’t happy with Elise’s arrival, ran over and gave Elise an autonomous hug. They look like twins here! I will probably change Elise’s hairstyle later.maybe ana needed someone to play dolls with.png Ana and Elise playing dolls together. Ahhh…..maybe Ana just wanted to have someone to play dolls with and nobody would and that’s why she smashed the dollhouse all the time. She seems happier now.5 toddlers and preggers

Melody is still pregnant as the day draws to a close, so hopefully tomorrow she will give birth.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

~ Gardening winter preparation ~

If you have the Seasons pack and you have outdoor harvestables, don’t forget to harvest any fruits, vegetables or herbs on the last day of the season they grow in. For instance, any fruits, vegetables or herbs that only grow in other seasons (summer, fall, spring), will not bear fruit in the winter, unless they are under shelter in a greenhouse. When the harvestables are in a greenhouse, they are not affected by the seasons and will continue to produce.

Luckily for Melody, she has Lemon trees and holly outdoors, which will produce in the winter.

Also, if you have bees, whether they are indoors or outdoors, bees will go dormant in winter and they won’t produce any honey. So harvest that honey on the last day of fall. You can still collect the swarm and have them bring you a gift, though. A good thing because Melody can sell those gifts and get simoleons.


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