Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 9 – Double Trouble

#SAA100babyChallengestarting to snow 1st day of winter.pngIt was Winter Day 1 and with it came the snow. Look at it falling gently to the ground. The first snow! Oops. That leaf pile is still sitting there as Melody never did get a chance to finish raking it. Oh well, it will soon be covered so we won’t see it anymore.melody now level 10 cooking'.png Melody was up early making some breakfast. Watch out! She is wild with those knives! Melody is playing the waiting game today waiting for the baby to be born. Any time…any time.crying and cold.png Poor Deja woke up crying and cold. It’s freezing out, and cold in the house, so Melody uses the thermostat for the first time.outting up the temp everyuone is cold.png Then everyone is happy and gets a happy Central Heating moodlet.

central heating.png

However, Melody’s bills will go up by 10% by using the thermostat. Well, she can’t have the toddlers be cold. There is a Frugal Trait that you can purchase with the aspiration awards for 2,000 rewards which will help lower the household bills. Right now, Melody has a total of 7,460 aspiration traits and I am trying to figure out which traits to get her. I will probably wait and do this next chapter. rummaged for winter decorations.png Since it was Winterfest in just two days, Melody decided to rummage in the decoration box and see what she could find. She also decorated the house with lights. They still needed a tree, though, and Melody was planning to take everyone out tomorrow to purchase a tree at the market (an undecorated Christmas tree costs $190 simoleons from buy mode), and then attend the Windenburg Tree Lighting Ceremony. Melody was pretty excited about this and hoped the toddlers would be, too.the ground is white.png Melody looked out the window again and snow had covered the ground. It was a winter wonderland.

Melody gets a pop-up notice that Victor sent Elise a gift.

Gunther called and asked if he could come over, and Melody said yes. Gunther was the only Donor Dad who ever wanted to come over.BIT OF A RENO.png In anticipation of the birthday parties and Winterfest coming up, I decided Melody needed a bit of a house renovation. I knocked down some kitchen walls and built a little expansion. This was all she could afford. I put out some items that had been in the house inventory, and it looked nice and cozy.ANOTHER VIEW OF RENO.png I also knocked down the hallway wall and moved the couches against the wall to give a bit more room. Eventually, I hope to do a reno so she can have a dining room, another bathroom, and a room for every child. But not today, as she is broke, as usual.elise playing in the snow.png At the sight of the first snow, Elise runs out the door and plays in the snow.gunther teaching flash cards to ana.png Ana is warm and comfy inside and Gunther is teaching her flashcards.BAAKO COMES FOR A VISIT LOOK AT FROSTY BREATH.png Baako comes for a visit. Look at how frosted the window is and you can see Baako’s breath in the picture. So realistic. Burrr….. Just close that door please to keep the heat in!STINKY DIAPER ELISE.png Stinky diaper time. Melody helps Elise with potty training. Melody is feeling pretty tired today and calls the Baby Daddy Club over.GUNTHER AND BRITTANI.png Brittani and Gunther having some “babble” time.WHAT IS HAPPENING.png What the heck is happening here? Ok, well one of the toddlers with green feet is tearing up a book from the bookshelf. Hmmm…I wonder…looks like green boots or green foot pajamas. And there is only one toddler who has both! Elise! I guess she decided to play in the bookcase.TODDLER TELING A STORY.png Deja seems to be telling a story or joke. Look at that expressive face!C;UB TIME.png And she has quite the audience listening to her. It must be a good story!melody trying to build a snowpal.png It was almost the end of the day, and I send Melody outside to make a snowpal. She doesn’t finish it and passes out beside it. When she wakes up, she was in labor. I figure that she has some time before she needs to go to the hospital, so I try to have her plant some holly berries beside the house, but she is just too uncomfortable and passes out again. But, when she wakes up again, I get the following notice.

free cribWhat baby on the way? Oh nooo…..MELODY DOESNT MAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL.pngOh my gosh! It is too late to go to the hospital! And she’s outside in the freezing cold! Do you see her looking at me, like, “I told you I was in labor, but you said no problem. Melody has time….NOT!”HAVING THE BABY OUTSIDE.pngAnd as soon as I get that pop-up notice, Melody starts those deep breathing exercises ready to give birth.U CANT HAVE THE BABY POUT HERE Of course, Dominic Fyres comes running outside in a pre-parental panic. Can you just hear him shouting, “Melody, what are you doing? You can’t give birth in the snow!”in the freezing cold she gives birth to twins.pngWell, too late Dominic, she did. Welcome, Felicity Coffey-Fyres, but wait….Oops, she does it again! Welcome, Fiona Coffey-Fyres. TWINS! Melody gave birth to her first set of twins!

coming to see the new babies.pngAnd here come the toddlers to see their new twin sisters. I wonder if they will like them? (Front L-R:  Ana, Brittani, Deja; Back L-R: Cameron, Elise)everyone is happy about the new siblings except ana.pngWell, it seems like they are all happy about having new siblings. Ummm…wait! No, it seems that Ana is very unhappy about it. Look at her face!passed out again.png And with her job done giving birth to twins, Melody once again passes out in the living room. The good news is that Melody does not have to get pregnant again until Ana is ready to move out. The Coffey household now has 8 sims and is a full house.

5 toddlers and 2 babies full house.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Melody’s home birth was not planned.  I was planning on having her have all her babies at the hospital as her needs all go green afterwards. Well, they don’t do that when you have a home birth.

Now, if you don’t do anything and let the home birth happen naturally, Sim Social Services will provide a free bassinet. If you click “Have Baby”, then the game will say, you need to have a bassinet. So, just let your sim go into labor naturally to have the baby without prompts from you, then the free bassinet will appear. You also get a free bassinet when you deliver at the hospital. And, the good news is that when the baby ages up to toddler, you can sell the bassinet for $150 simoleons. And then repeat the above for home birth without any prompting from you or a hospital birth, and voila, another free bassinet.

She does have the On Ley Line lot trait (from the City Living pack), and it was mentioned that you can get multiple births if you have a home birth. All the time I thought it was when she did the “Try For Baby” interaction that sealed your fate to singles or multiples. But I may have been wrong, or, who knows, it may all be random. There has been much discussion on the forums about the On Ley Line lot trait and the fertility trait (which you get from aspiration rewards). Not always 100% multiples.


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    • oh yes, we get free bassinets with hosp births, too. I will change that. I think I was half asleep when I wrote that. But if you want to give a home birth and click have baby, the game says you need a bassinet. But if you do nothing, free bassinet. I will re-write that, as it wasn’t clear.

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